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back-formation analogous to pea-from-pease back-of-the-envelope calculation back-office support back-pass rule back-pressure regulator back-projection and reconstruction back-propagation algorithm back-rank defense back-rank mate back-row forward back-seat drive back-strap looms back-to-back feature back-to-back houses back-to-back housing back-to-back life sentences back-to-back slum housing back-to-back station back-to-back user agent back-to-back wins back-to-the-land movement back-up gun back-up power back-up singers back-up singing back-up vocalist back-up vocalists back-up vocals backarc spreading backblast area backbone cabal backbone central-tunnel backbone chain backbone chassis backbone network backbone nodes backbone of backbones backbreaker drop backbreaker rack backbreaking labor off-piste backcountry skiing off-piste skiing backcountry off-piste skiing backcountry camping backcountry canoeing backcountry huts backcountry powder skiing backcountry skiers backcountry skiing backcountry snowboarding backdated stock options backdating stock option backdoor breaking ball backdoor listing backdoor pilot backdoor pilot episode backdoor pilots backdoor programs backdoor slider backdrop hold backdrop suplex backdrop suplex, neckbreaker combination backed blade backed blades backed by gold backed out backed up backed with backer board backface culling backfired in the long term backflip kick backflow preventer backflow prevention backflow prevention device backflow prevention devices backgammon chouette backgammon notation background and genesis of topos theory background artist background artists background character background characters background check background checker background checks background choir background color background debug mode background expectancies background extinction background field method background from light scattered by the air background group background hiss background history background image background independence background independent background investigation background investigations background joke background level background levels background library music background light background looping background magic background matching background microwave radiation background mode background music background noise background noise suppression background noises background performers background process background radiation background radioactivity background reduction background score background screening background selection background singer background singers background source background sources background stars background stories background story background survivors background talent background to the case background vocal background vocalist background vocalists background vocals backhand chop backhand chops backhand shot backhanded compliment backhanded compliments backhoe fade backhoe loader backhoe loaders backing band backing bands backing chorus backing clean backing fabric backing group backing members backing musician backing musicians backing paper backing singer backing singers backing storage backing store backing track backing tracks backing up backing vocal backing vocalist backing vocalists backing vocals backlash against the new "hip-hop" culture of the league backlash from students backless dress backlit animation backlit digitizer backlot town backpack helicopter backpack thing backpack trips backpacker hostel backpacker murders backpacker shotgun backpass rule backplate and wing backpropagation algorithm backpropagation neural networks backpropagation or other neural networks backscatter of email spam backscatter peak backscattered electrons backside bluntslide backside bus backslash escape backslash key backslide pin backspace key backstage heat backstage interviewer backstage pass backstage passes backstage worker backstay insulators backstop technologies backstrap looms backstreet abortion backstreet abortionist backstroke flags backstroke swimmer backtracking line search backtracking search backup and recovery backup and restore backup archives backup band backup bands backup brain backup camera backup cameras backup dancer backup dancers backup data center backup devices backup generator backup generators backup knot backup lamps backup mirror backup musicians backup power backup power source backup power station backup rotation backup rotation scheme backup sensor backup series backup singer backup singers backup software backup solutions backup unit backup utilities backup utility backup vocal backup vocalist backup vocalists backup vocals backup weapon backward action backward bending supply curve of labour backward castes backward causation backward chaining backward class backward classes backward classes commission backward communities backward compatibility backward compatible backward delete backward difference backward e-pawn backward echo backward excitatory conditioning backward induction backward integrate backward masked backward message backward pass backward pawn backward point backward propagation of errors backward reasoning backward resoning backward square leg backward tape backward vertical expansion backward wave oscillator backwards analysis backwards compatibility backwards compatible backwards echo backwards induction backwards masked backwards masking backwards message backwards messages backwards played guitar backwards prediction backwards reasoning backwards through time backwater butterfly ray backways cove backwiring boards backwoods enthusiasts backyard and beach cricket backyard bred backyard breeder backyard breeders backyard breeding backyard cricket backyard federation backyard furnaces backyard pastime backyard photos backyard railroad backyard railroads backyard railway backyard wildlife habitat backyard wrestler backyard wrestling bacon and eggs bacon bits bacon cheeseburger bacon chips bacon fat bacon sandwich bacon sandwiches bacopa monniera bacteremic salmonellosis bacteria and yeast bacteria in the gut bacteria in the human body bacteria live at depths far greater than previously believed bacteria resistance bacteria suspected to cause cancer bacteria-free milk bacterial artificial chromosome bacterial artificial chromosomes bacterial blast bacterial blight bacterial cell bacterial cells bacterial chemotaxis - general bacterial chemotaxis - organism-specific bacterial chromosome bacterial chromosomes bacterial cloning bacterial cold water disease bacterial colonies bacterial conjugation bacterial contamination bacterial culture bacterial cultures bacterial diarrhea bacterial diseases bacterial display bacterial dysentery bacterial endocarditis bacterial filtrates bacterial flagella bacterial flagellum bacterial flora bacterial fruit blotch bacterial gastroenteritis bacterial genetics bacterial genus bacterial gill disease bacterial gliding bacterial growth bacterial growth medium bacterial indicator bacterial infection bacterial infections bacterial leucyl aminopeptidase bacterial mat bacterial mats bacterial membrane bacterial multicellularity bacterial outer membrane protein bacterial overgrowth bacterial oxidation bacterial plaque bacterial pneumonia bacterial polysaccharides bacterial prostatitis bacterial protein bacterial resistance bacterial sexually transmitted diseases bacterial shell disease bacterial skin diseases bacterial skin infection bacterial smear bacterial spores bacterial strain bacterial toxin bacterial transformation bacterial translocation bacterial vaccines bacterial vaginosis bacterial vegetations bacterial virus bacterial water analysis bacteriochlorophyll b bacteriocin release protein bacteriological analysis bacteriological attacks bacteriological centre bacteriological code bacteriological nomenclature bacteriological stain bacteriological war bacteriological warfare bacteriological weapon bacteriophaeophytin b bacteriophage lambda bacteriophage therapy bactrian camel bactrian camels bad actors bad air bad apples bad art bad batch of capacitors bad beat bad beat jackpot bad beats bad behaviour bad bishop bad block re-mapping bad blocks bad boy bad breath bad character evidence bad check bad checks bad cholesterol bad cluster bad conduct discharge bad conduct or dishonorable discharge bad cook bad cop bad debt bad debt expense bad debts bad decision-making bad disease bad dream bad ending bad endings bad faith bad fall bad fiancé bad forces bad form bad girl bad girl art bad girl comics bad girl genre bad girl movies bad girls bad guy bad guys bad habit bad joke bad language bad lawyer-wig bad light bad loans bad luck bad luck of number bad manners bad metal bad movies bad multitasking bad omen bad painting bad part of town bad player bad publicity bad quarto bad quartos bad reaction bad reduction bad science bad sector bad sectors bad seed bad shape bad taste bad thing bad things bad tidings bad trip bad trip psychedelic crisis bad trips bad weather bad wolf bad-lad split bad-smelling gases bada talaab bade navas-gulburg badge engineered badge engineering badge man badge of honor badge of honour badge of office badge of shame badger baiting badger game badger games badger mole badger mum badgering the witness badges of merit badges of shame badly behaved badly damaged badminton competition badminton court badminton courts badwater snail baeil janchi baek kimchi bag and mask ventilation bag boy bag filters bag gloves bag house bag in a box bag knot bag ladies bag lady bag limits bag man bag method bag model bag of devouring bag of holding bag of investigative tools bag of tricks bag of words bag of words model bag of words models bag people bag pipe bag piper bag pipes bag tag bag valve mask bagadoù, pipe band bagadou stourm bagara baingan bagel man baggage arias baggage car baggage carousel baggage carousels baggage cars baggage cart baggage carts baggage check baggage checked baggage claim baggage coach baggage handler baggage handlers baggage handling bagging hook baggy green baggy jeans baggy pants baggy pants and backward caps baggy trousers bagh nakh baghouse filters bagler sagas bagoong monamon bagoong terong bagpipe chanter bagpipe player bagrid catfish bagrus catfish bags for life bags of holding bagworm moth bagworm moths blown metal pipe wooden trumpet bahn mi baigan ka bharta baihua vernacular baijiu distilled from rice baiju parthan bail bond bail bonds bail bondsman bail bondsmen bail enforcement bail hearing bail mainprise bail money bail offences bail out bail surety baila funk baile de los pollos baile funk bailey bridge bailey bridges bailey castle bailey panels bailli or regent bailout ration bain marie baingan bharta bairdi crab bairros típicos baisha xiyue luring substance bait al-mal bait and bleed bait and switch bait attractant bait bucket bait bulls bait by anglers bait car bait cars bait casting bait fish bait fisheries bait loop bait ship bait shop baitcasting reels baited a lion baiting bulls baiting by dogs baiting missions baja bug baje shibpur bajo quinto bajo sexto bajo sextos bajourou music bajra flour bajra or pearl millet baju kebaya baju kurung baju melayu baju panjangs bak chor mee bak kut teh baka bomb bake lights bake neko bake sale bake sales bake shop bake the tape baked alaska baked apple baked bean baked bean juice baked beans baked enamel baked goods baked milk baked pork chop bun baked potato baked potatoes baked rice bakers percentage bakers percentages bakers yeast bakery algorithm bakery bombing bakery ‘lab’ bakewell tart baking banana baking chocolate baking mixes baking parchment baking powder baking powders baking power baking sheet baking sheets baking soda baking soda and vinegar baking tray baklalı yaprak dolması bakuhan taisei bal granmoun bal maiden bal mithai bal musette bal tashkhit bala shark balaclava mask balada ranchera balalaika guitar balance beam balance bicycle balance board balance books balance bridge balance chair balance disorders balance disruption balance locks balance of contract balance of interests balance of nature balance of payments balance of payments crisis balance of payments data balance of power balance of power balance of power balance of power equilibrium balance of power in international relations balance of power theory balance of powers balance of probabilities balance of probablities balance of system balance of terror balance of trade balance organ balance plough balance scale balance scales balance shaft balance shafts balance sheet balance sheet analysis balance sheet assets balance sheets balance spring balance springs balance suicide balance the ticket balance theory balance training balance transfer balance transfers balance wheel balance wheels balanced arm lamps balanced armature balanced audio balanced audio connector balanced binary search tree balanced binary tree balanced budget balanced budget amendment balanced budget multiplier balanced budget requirement balanced budgets balanced cantilever balanced cantilever bridge balanced category balanced circuit balanced compound balanced copper cable balanced diet balanced expression pedal balanced federal budget balanced field takeoff balanced flow balanced flue balanced form balanced fund balanced genetic polymorphism balanced growth balanced hand balanced hands balanced inclines balanced incomplete block design balanced inputs balanced job complexes balanced k-way merge sort balanced line balanced lines balanced literacy balanced merge sort balanced model reduction balanced multiway merge balanced multiway tree balanced or differential signaling balanced outputs balanced pair balanced pairs balanced polymorphism balanced prime balanced quicksort balanced rearrangements balanced reciprocal balanced repeated replication balanced rudder balanced scorecard balanced scorecards balanced search trees balanced sets balanced signal balanced spool valve balanced steady state free precession balanced ternary balanced ticket balanced translocation balanced transmission line balanced tree balanced trees balanced two-way merge sort balancer shaft balances of power balances on one tire balancing a tire balancing beams balancing coalition balancing double balancing lake balancing lakes balancing mechanism balancing network balancing out balancing power balancing problems balancing scale balancing selection balancing shafts balancing test balancing tests balanitis circinata balanitis xerotica obliterans balas ruby balay sa dwendi balche tree balconette bra balcony access balcony collapses bald arch bald assistant bald cap bald cypress bald eagle bald eagles bald face bald face markings bald genius bald ibis bald man paradox bald mountain bald-faced hornet bald-faced hornets baldness folklore baldness treatments bale grappler bale hooks bale sling hitch bale spear bale tossing balearic house baleen plates baleen whale baleen whales baleen whaletortoise balete trees balik bayans balik kampung balikbayan box baling twine baling wire baling wires balisong knife balkline and straight rail balkline games baseball statistics ball ammunition ball and chain ball and claw ball and socket ball and socket joint ball and socket joints ball back ball badminton ball bags ball bearing ball bearing motor ball bearings ball becomes dead ball bonding ball bowling ball boys ball bullet ball cactus ball cap ball caps ball carrier ball cartridge ball change ball clay ball closure ring ball club ball cock ball connection ball control ball court ball courts ball culture ball dancing ball de bastons ball de gitanes ball detent ball diamond ball diamonds ball differential ball drop ball dropping ball field ball four ball gag ball gags ball game ball games ball gown ball gowns ball grid array ball grid array ball grid arrays ball gunner ball handling ball head ball hockey ball hog ball is alive ball is dead ball joint ball jointed ball joints ball juggling ball lens ball lighting ball lightning ball lock ball mastery ball mill ball mills ball moss ball nose cutter ball of fire ball of lightning ball of the century ball of the foot ball of wax example ball on ball or compass ball or strike ball park ball peen hammer ball pen ball pens ball pit ball pits ball point ball point pen ball point pens ball pool ball python ball pythons ball race ball racks ball runs ball screw ball screws ball sinker ball skirt ball spinning ball sports ball stretcher ball stretchers ball tampering ball terminal ball the bastons ball turret ball turrets ball under ball valve ball valves ball washers ball-and-socket joint ball-and-socket joints ball-and-stick model ball-and-stick models ball-by-ball commentaries ball-jointed doll ball-jointed dolls ball-peen hammer ball-pein hammer ball-point pen ballad dancing ballad meter ballad opera ballad operas ballad stanza ballad verse ballads from the borders ballan wrasse ballast load ballast pond ballast regulator ballast regulators ballast tamper ballast tampers ballast tamping machine ballast tank ballast tanks ballast tractor ballast tractors ballast water ballast water exchange ballasting system balled up ballerina dancer ballerina length balles de poussiéres ballet adaptation ballet au court ballet boot ballet boots ballet comique ballet companies ballet company ballet corps ballet d'action ballet dancer ballet dancers ballet dancing ballet de cour ballet d’action ballet en pointe ballet flat ballet folklórico ballet glossary ballet lessons ballet master ballet master in chief ballet movie ballet music ballet of the same name ballet performance ballet position ballet positions ballet school ballet score ballet shoes ballet slipper ballet slippers ballet steps ballet teacher ballet teachers ballet technique ballet techniques ballet terminology ballet tutu ballet tutus ballets de cour ballets roses balletto a cavallo balletto delle donne ballgame player ballistic annihilation ballistic armored vests ballistic blankets ballistic calculator ballistic camera ballistic cap ballistic coefficient ballistic coefficients ballistic computer ballistic conduction ballistic cordura ballistic electron emission microscopy ballistic elevation ballistic fingerprint ballistic fingerprinting ballistic fingerprints ballistic galvanometer ballistic gel ballistic gelatin ballistic glass ballistic helmet ballistic knife ballistic knives ballistic length ballistic mathematician ballistic missile ballistic missile defence ballistic missile defense ballistic missile defense system ballistic missile early warning ballistic missile submarine ballistic missile submarines ballistic missile's ballistic missile-based ballistic missile-carrying ballistic missiledefense ballistic missiles ballistic missle ballistic nuclear missiles ballistic nylon ballistic parachute ballistic pendulum ballistic performance ballistic photons ballistic protection ballistic recovery system ballistic reentry ballistic shield ballistic shields ballistic stretching ballistic stroke ballistic strokes ballistic trajectory ballistic transistors ballistic transport ballistic vest ballistic vests ballistic-missile submarines ballistically deployed parachutes ballistics gel ballistics tests ballock knife balloon act balloon angioplasty balloon animal balloon animals balloon artist balloon ascension balloon barrage balloon bomb balloon bombs balloon buster balloon busters balloon carrier balloon carriers balloon catheter balloon competition balloon convention balloon debate balloon dilatation balloon effect balloon festival balloon festivals balloon fiesta balloon flight competition balloon flight contest balloon flower balloon flowers balloon frame balloon framed balloon framing balloon help balloon idents balloon knot balloon loan balloon loop balloon loops balloon mail balloon modelling balloon observer balloon operation balloon payment balloon payment loan balloon payment mortgage balloon payments balloon photography balloon post balloon rocket balloon satellite balloon sculpting balloon septostomy balloon sinuplasty balloon swallower balloon swallowing balloon tamponade balloon tanks balloon tire balloon tires balloon track balloon tyres balloon valvuloplasty balloon vine balloon-carried light effect balloon-carried light effects balloonist theories balloonist theory ballos syrtos ballot access ballot access law ballot box ballot box stuffing ballot boxes ballot initiative ballot initiatives ballot letters ballot line status ballot measure ballot measures ballot paper ballot papers ballot proposition ballot propositions ballot questions ballot receipt ballot reform ballot resolution process ballot status ballot stuffing ballot tampering ballot title ballot variations ballpark effects ballpark for ballpeen hammer ballpoint pen ballpoint pens ballpoint tattoo ballroom dance ballroom dancer ballroom dancers ballroom dances ballroom dancing ballroom formation ballroom gown ballroom style ballroom style dances ballroom tango balls and strikes balls put into play percentage ballu tundu balneo mariae balneological treatment baloneros boricuas baloney sandwich balsa surfboards balsa wood balsa wood bridge balsa wood trees balsam fir balsam poplar balsam poplars balsam resin balsam root balsam squaw-weed balsam wood balsam woolly adelgid balsam wooly adelgid balsamic vinegar balti belt balti houses baltimore club baltimore oriole balungan mlaku balungan nibani bambaiya hindi bambara nut bambi bucket bamboo "wind" instrument bamboo band bamboo bands bamboo cannon bamboo cannons bamboo charcoal bamboo charm bamboo coral bamboo flooring bamboo flute bamboo fluteor bamboo flutes bamboo fly rods bamboo flying top bamboo huts bamboo lemur bamboo mosaic potexvirus bamboo mosaic virus bamboo music bamboo rat bamboo rats bamboo rod bamboo scroll version bamboo shark bamboo shoot bamboo shoots bamboo sticks bamboo stove bamboo tree of one-hundred sections bamboo vinegar ban 50 caliber ban against sea trade ban and deciban ban ballot ban conspicuous religious symbols in schools. ban flag burning ban gay marriage ban gays from military service ban indoor smoking ban of atmospheric nuclear tests ban of private gold ownership ban of the empire ban of the entire empire ban on alcohol ban on assault weapons ban on common semi-automatic weapons ban on fox hunting ban on fox-hunting ban on gays serving in the military ban on lead content ban on overseas trade ban on publication ban on recording ban on semiautomatic weapons ban on smoking ban on smoking in public places ban on smoking tobacco ban on television ban on tobacco smoking ban or restrict shechita ban polygamy ban smoking ban smoking in bars ban the construction of minarets ban tulsi banais ríghi banal nationalism banal ovens banality of evil banana belt banana boat banana boating banana boats banana bond banana bonds banana bread banana chip banana chips banana clip banana cloth banana connectors banana daiquiris banana daquiri banana drum banana flour banana flower banana foliage banana fritter banana growing banana hammocks banana jacks banana ketchup banana leaf banana leaf rice banana leaves banana money banana oil banana pancakes banana paper banana passionfruit banana peel banana peels banana plantations banana plug banana plugs banana pudding banana republic banana republics banana sauce banana seat banana slug banana slugs banana split banana splits banana tail ray banana tree banana tree stem banana trees banana yucca bananular phone bancha tea bancha twig tea band 3 band 3 protein band 4.1 band association band bending band brake band brakes band camp band cell band cells band clamp band collar band courses band diagram band director band discography band dispertion band forms band gap band gap energy band gaps band geek band geeks band government band hall band insulators band leader band manager band managers band matrices band member band members band moiré band music band musician band name band of brothers band of heroes band of outlaws band of the eponymous name band of the same name band of the same title band offsets band organ band organs