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climbing rangers climbing rhyme climbing rocks climbing rope climbing ropes climbing roses climbing route climbing routes climbing salamander climbing salamanders climbing shoe climbing shoes climbing specialist climbing specialist climbing specialists climbing speed climbing swamp mouse climbing system climbing technique climbing techniques climbing term climbing trains climbing trees climbing wall climbing walls clinal gradation clinal patterns clinal variant clinal variation clinch and pound clinch bolts clinch fighting clinch hold clinch holds clinch work clinched the league championship clincher rims population genetics cling film cling wrap clinging clara clinging to their helicopters clinic employees clinic escort clinic to clinic clinical alert clinical and counseling psychology clinical anger clinical assays clinical assessment clinical assistants clinical attachment clinical audit clinical biochemistry clinical biology clinical breast exam clinical cardiac electrophysiology clinical care clinical cases clinical chemistriy clinical chemistry clinical clerkships clinical data clinical death clinical decision support clinical decision support system clinical decision support systems clinical depressed clinical depression clinical depressions clinical dietitians clinical drug trial clinical drug trials clinical ecology clinical effects clinical endpoint clinical engineering clinical epidemiologist clinical epidemiology clinical ethnography clinical events clinical examination clinical examinations clinical experience clinical feature clinical fellow clinical fellows clinical finding clinical findings clinical geneticist clinical genetics clinical genomics clinical governance clinical guideline clinical guidelines clinical histology clinical history clinical hypnosis clinical immortality clinical immunologist clinical immunology clinical improvisation clinical informatics clinical information system clinical instructor clinical instrument clinical investigation clinical investigator clinical knowledge clinical lab science clinical laboratory clinical laboratory science officers clinical lancing clinical latency clinical linguistics clinical lycanthrope clinical lycanthropy clinical medicine clinical negligence clinical neurologist clinical neurophysiology clinical neuropsychologist clinical neuropsychologists clinical neuropsychology clinical nurse leader clinical nurse specialist clinical nurse specialists clinical nursing standards clinical nutrition clinical nutritionist clinical observations clinical pastoral education clinical pathologist clinical pathology clinical pharmaceutical trials clinical pharmacology clinical pharmacy clinical practice clinical practice guideline clinical practice guidelines clinical prediction rule clinical prediction rules clinical protocol clinical protocols clinical psychiatrist clinical psychiatry clinical psychologist clinical psychologists clinical psychology clinical psychopharmacology clinical psychophysiologist clinical psychotherapy clinical radiology clinical reasoning skills clinical research clinical research associate clinical research informatics clinical research trials clinical researchers clinical resistance clinical rotation clinical rotations clinical scholarship clinical science clinical scientist clinical series clinical services clinical sexologist clinical sexology clinical sign clinical signs clinical social work clinical social workers clinical specimens clinical studies clinical study clinical supervision clinical surveillance clinical symptom clinical symptoms clinical terminology clinical testing clinical therapy clinical thermometer clinical torpor clinical treatment clinical trial clinical trial agreement clinical trial management clinical trial management system clinical trial protocol clinical trial registeries clinical trials clinical trials information service clinical undergraduate medicine clinical use clinical wastes clinically "died" clinically dead clinically depressed clinically insane boat building clinker brick clinker built clintonian triangulation clints and grikes clionasterol acetate clip an angel's wings clip art clip in extensions clip joint clip joints clip planes clip point clip show clip shows clip strips clip tested clip-on earrings clip-on jewelry clip-on tie clip-on ties clipboard history clipboard manager clipboard managers clipeus virtutis clipless pedal clipless pedals clipped in green hedges clipped speech clipper bow clipper chip clipper route clipper ship clipper ships computer graphics clipping divider clipping path clipping paths clipping plane clipping problem clique complex clique cuts clique graph clique number clique problem clique tree propagation cliquet options clit ring clitic -'s clitic doubling clitic host clitic pronouns clitoral body clitoral corpus cavernosum clitoral crura clitoral enlargement clitoral frenulum clitoral glans clitoral hands-free vibrator clitoral hood clitoral hood piercing clitoral hypertrophy clitoral massage clitoral orgasm clitoral pump clitoral recession clitoral reduction clitoral sex toy clitoral stimulation clitoral vacuum pump clitoral-vaginal index clitoris enlargement clitoris piercing clitoris piercings clivus suburanus cloaca maxima cloacal duct cloacal exstrophy cloacal glands cloacal membrane cloacal opening cloacal protuberance cloacal tubercle cloak and dagger cloak and sword cloak herself cloak of invisibility cloak rooms cloake board cloaking device cloaking devise cloakroom facilities clobetasol propionate clobetasone butyrate cloche hat cloche hats clock algorithm clock and water tower clock chime clock circuit clock code clock crystals clock cycle clock cycles clock distribution network clock divider clock doubling clock drift clock drive clock face clock faces clock frequencies clock frequency clock gating clock generator clock generators clock genes clock ident clock industry clock jitter clock maker clock making clock management clock move clock movements clock multiplier clock network clock pulse clock radio clock radios clock rate clock rates clock reaction clock recovery clock server clock signal clock signals clock skew clock solitaire clock speed clock speeds clock synchronisation clock synchronization clock tick clock ticks clock tower clock tower murders clock towers clock tree clock-frequency competition clocked sequential systems clocking in clocking information clockless logic clockmaker-type bearings clocks per instruction clockwise and counterclockwise clockwise or counter clockwise clockwise or counter-clockwise clockwise or counterclockwise clockwise traveling lanes of a roadway clockwork artisan clockwork computer clockwork or motorized clockwork orange clockwork organs clockwork radio clockwork radios clod hoppers clodronic acid clofenamic acid clofibric acid clofilium phosphate clog dancer clog dancers clog dancing clogged with traffic Welst step dance cloisonné enamel cloisonné enamels cloister bell cloister of nuns cloister school cloister walk cloistered emperor retired emperor cloistered retired emperor cloistered don cloistered emperor cloistered emperors cloistered religious communities cloistered rule cloistered ruler cloistered women religious clomifene citrate clomiphene citrate clomipramine hydrochloride clonal colonies clonal colony clonal diversity clonal diversity model of hematopoietic stem cells clonal expansion clonal organisms clonal population clonal reproduction clonal selection clonal selection theory Java method Linux system call clone army clone brush clone by clone sequencing clone city clone commando clone commandos clone companies clone scuba troops clone soldiers clone tools clone town clone towns clone trooper clone troopers clone warriors clone wars cloned animal cloned probes cloned tissue clones of bacteria cells clonewheel organ clonewheel organs clonic seizures cloning & gene expression cloning animals cloning of a human being cloning of animals cloning of human beings cloning stage cloning vector cloning vectors clonogenic assay clonogenic assays clonorchis sinensis clootie dumpling clootie wells clopen set clopen sets clopen subsets cloral betaine cloramfenicol pantotenate complex clorindanic acid closable gates close air fire support close air support close and controversial contest close back compressed vowel close back rounded close back rounded vowel close back rounded vowels close back unrounded close back unrounded vowel close back vowel close binary close call close caption close captions close central compressed vowel close central compressed vowels close central rounded vowel close central unrounded close central unrounded vowel close combat close communion close companion close connection close cooperation close corporation close economic and military cooperation close election close embrace close encounter close encounter of the fifth kind close encounter of the first kind close encounter of the second kind close encounter of the third kind close encounter three close encounters close fielding positions close friendship close front compressed vowel close front compressed vowels close front rounded close front rounded vowel close front unrounded close front unrounded vowel close front unrounded vowels close harmony close harmony duets close hauled close helm close his mind close in age exception close in age exceptions close in age exemption close in weapon system close miking close miking technique close of the war close ones close order close order drill close packed close packed lattice close packing close pair close panelling close quarter battle close quarter combat close quarters close quarters battle close quarters battles close quarters combat close quarters fighting close ratio close reader close reading close readings close scrutiny close season close shots close similarity close studding close substitutes close support close support fire close talker close to the wind close up close up magic close up magic tricks close vector problem close vowel close vowels close-harmony quartet close-in air support close-in defence close-in defense guns close-in guns close-in gunsVulcan close-in weapon system close-in weapon systems close-in weapons support close-in weapons system close-in weapons systems close-mid back rounded vowel close-mid back unrounded vowel close-mid central rounded vowel close-mid central unrounded vowel close-mid front rounded vowel close-mid front unrounded close-mid front unrounded vowel close-mid near-back unrounded vowel close-mid vowel close-mid vowels close-order and exhibition drill close-out netting close-packed array close-packed crystallographic close-packing of spheres close-quarter combat close-quarter fighting close-quarters battle close-quarters combat close-range defense close-ratio transmission close-up artistry close-up lens close-up magic close-up magicians close-up shots closed position waltz position closed waltz position closed 2-manifolds closed adoption closed and exact differential forms closed and open closed and unbounded closed angle glaucoma closed back rounded closed ball closed basin closed beta closed beta test closed bolt closed bounded interval closed braid closed canopy closed caption closed caption subtitling closed captioned closed captioner closed captioners closed captioning closed captions closed category closed cell foam closed circuit closed circuit broadcasting system closed circuit cameras closed circuit equipment closed circuit mixture rebreather closed circuit rebreather closed circuit television closed circuit television closed circuit television cameras closed circulatory system closed cities closed city closed class closed class words closed classes closed communion closed concept closed cone closed contracts closed control loop closed control loops closed convex function closed convex hull closed country closed couplet closed couplets closed court closed curve closed curves closed cycle closed dialing closed dialing plan closed differential forms closed disc closed disk closed disks closed down closed ecological system closed ecological system or systems closed ecological systems closed economy closed ecosystem closed elimia closed end closed end mutual fund closed end products closed ended questions closed expression closed extension topology closed fellowship closed file closed form closed form analytic solutions closed form expression closed form expressions for sines of multiples of 3 degrees closed form solution closed forms closed formula closed formulas closed frame closed fuel cycle closed game closed games closed gates closed geodesics closed geometric form closed graph theorem closed guard closed hashing closed household economy closed immersion closed immersions closed interval closed intervals closed kinetic chain exercises closed loop closed loop control closed loop feedback closed manifold closed manifolds closed map closed mapping closed maps closed market closed military area closed model categories closed model category closed monoidal category closed numbering system closed off closed one-form closed operator closed operators closed or partly-closed studbooks closed orbit closed orbits closed ordered walks closed party list closed placket cuff closed point closed polygonal chain closed port closed position closed positions closed primaries closed primary closed psychiatric ward closed questions closed railway closed rhyme scheme closed sentence closed session closed set closed sets closed settlement closed shell closed shell configuration closed shop closed shops closed sink closed society closed source closed source software closed standards closed string closed strings closed stud book closed stud books closed subgroup closed subgroups closed subscheme closed subschemes closed subset closed subsets closed subtitles closed surface closed syllable closed syllables closed system closed systems closed technology closed telephone numbering plan closed terms closed test procedure closed the radio stations closed through tectonic activity closed time loops closed time-like closed time-like curves closed timelike curve closed timelike curves closed timelike loops closed toll collection closed toll expressways closed topologist's sine curve closed town closed tube closed unbounded set closed under closed under isomorphisms closed unit ball closed unit disk closed universe closed unsink closed vector measure closed village closed walks closed waveguide closed with a twist closed word class closed word classes closed world assumption closed world assumptions closed world reasoning closed-angle glaucoma closed-basin lake closed-cell foam closed-chest cardiac defibrillator closed-circuit apparatus closed-circuit cameras closed-circuit networks closed-circuit security closed-circuit security cameras closed-circuit television closed-circuit television camera closed-circuit television cameras closed-class words closed-cone pine forest closed-cone pines closed-end fund closed-end funds closed-end leasing closed-ended fund closed-eye hallucinations closed-fist injuries closed-form expression closed-form expressions closed-form formula closed-form solution closed-form solutions closed-loop feedback closed-loop guidance closed-loop information systems closed-loop marketing closed-loop poles closed-loop system closed-source software closed-string tachyon condensation closely coordinated closely identified closely related closely related but morphologically diverse species closely related key closely related keys closely related linguistically closely related primates closely tied closely watched by closeness relations closer ratios closer relationship closer to the hardware closes down closest distance closest pair of points closest planets closest point of approach closest point problems closest points closest river closest vector problem closest-packed arrangement closet case closet drama closet dramas closet dryer closet fan closet flange closet homosexual closet play closet screenplay closeted bisexual closeted homosexual closing argument closing arguments closing ceremonies closing ceremony closing costs closing credit closing credit sequence closing credits closing diphthongs closing documents closing episode closing in closing lemma closing logo closing loop closing membranes closing minutes closing of unneeded military bases closing off the main road with artillery fire closing passage closing pin closing pitcher closing pitchers closing play closing price closing remarks closing statement closing the distance closing the feedback loop closing titles closo cluster clostridial alpha toxins clostridial necrotizing enteritis clostridium difficile clostridium perfringens computer science closure algebra closure algebras closure by stealth closure of epiphyses closure of military bases closure operator closure operator of sets closure operators closure orders closure phase closure phases closure plan closure properties closure relations closure system closure under conjugation clot formation clot gated oxide clot-busting drugs cloth and metal insignia cloth cap cloth diapers cloth fibers cloth filter cloth filters cloth making cloth manufacturing cloth menstrual pad cloth menstrual pads cloth merchant cloth merchants cloth model training exercises cloth modeling cloth of arras cloth of gold cloth of silver cloth production cloth simulation cloth simulators cloth text cloth weaving clothed female, naked male clothed female, nude male clothed male, naked female clothes closet clothes dryer clothes dryers clothes free clothes free beaches clothes free movement clothes hanger clothes hangers clothes horse clothes iron clothes line clothes moth clothes moths clothes outfit clothes peg clothes pegs clothes shop clothes valet clothes washer clothes washers clothesline off the top rope clothing accessory clothing allowed clothing and fashion clothing belt clothing brand clothing companies clothing design clothing designer clothing fashions clothing fetish clothing invention clothing label clothing line clothing manufacturer clothing of monks clothing optional clothing optional beach clothing optional beaches clothing products clothing retailer clothing size clothing sizes clothing store clothing stores clothing styles clothing terminology clothing trends clothing-free opportunities on public lands clothing-optional activities on public lands clothing-optional beach clothing-optional beaches clothing-optional bike ride clothing-optional bike rides clothing-optional recreation clotted cream clotting blood to powder clotting cascade clotting factor clotting factors clotting mechanisms clotting status clotting time clotting times cloud albedo cloud bands cloud base cloud bases cloud ceiling cloud chamber cloud chamber bowls cloud chambers cloud classification system cloud computing cloud condensation cloud condensation level cloud condensation nuclei cloud cover cloud ear fungus cloud feedback cloud field cloud forcing cloud forest cloud forests cloud formation cloud formations cloud fraction cloud height cloud of dust cloud of electrons cloud of gas cloud of points cloud of pyroclastic material cloud of smoke cloud of witnesses cloud physics cloud point cloud properties cloud rat cloud seed cloud seeding cloud services cloud sponge cloud storage cloud street cloud streets cloud suck cloud top cloud tops cloud tower cloud watching cloud water droplets clouded leopard clouded leopards clouded windows clouded yellow butterfly clouds of neutral hydrogen cloudy atmosphere cloudy vision clove bud clove cigarette clove cigarettes clove hitch clove hitches clove nutmeg clove oil cloven feet cloven hoof cloven hoofs cloven hooved cloven hooves clover clamp clover dodder clover-stack interchanges cloverleaf exchange cloverleaf interchange cloverleaf interchanges cloverstack interchange clow cards clown alley clown anemonefish clown beetle clown beetles clown bicycles clown bikes clown car clown doctors clown fish clown frogfish clown knifefish clown loach clown name clown roles clown sailfin pleco clown tang clown therapy clown triggerfish clown walk clown white Amphiprion percula clozapine-induced agranulocytosis club badge club basher club best and fairest club best-and-fairest club best-and-fairest award club captain club captaincy club car club champion club championship club championships club circuit concerts club class club coupe club cricket club cricketer club culture club dance club dancing club director club djs club drug club drugs club fan club field club fields club fighter club football club fungi club fungus club girls club goods club hammers club hops club house club juggling club kid club kids club level seating club level seats club longevity records club mascot club mix club mixes club moss club mosses club music club naiad club night club nights club or cudgel club owners club passing club play club points club pro championship club professionals club promoter club racers club races club rally club record club records club remix club root club sandwich club sandwiches club scene club seating club seats club secretary club set club sides club skifield club skifields club snowfield club soda club sports club subset club swinging club teams club teas club theatres club tour club transmediale club venues club weapon club wear club website club-style weapons club-tailed dragonflies clubbed foot clubbed thumb clubbing baby seals clubbing blows clubbing of the fingers clubby electronica clubman racing clubnose guitarfish clubs shop clue cells clum babies clum baby clump grassland computer science clunium inferior medialis clunium inferiores cluster analysis cluster balloon cluster ballooning cluster bomb cluster bombed cluster bombing cluster bomblet cluster bombs cluster chemistry cluster chord cluster chords cluster compound cluster compounds cluster computer cluster computers cluster computing cluster decay cluster decomposition theorem cluster description theory of names cluster expansion cluster file system cluster genealogy cluster homes cluster homology cluster housing cluster hypothesis cluster impact chemistry cluster impact fusion cluster lizard cluster management process cluster munition cluster munitions cluster of clusters cluster of computers cluster of differentiation cluster of differentiation 5 cluster of galaxies cluster of stars cluster of up to three consonants cluster pine cluster pines cluster point cluster points cluster property cluster random samples cluster rocket cluster sampling cluster school's cluster size cluster state cluster study cluster systems cluster tree cluster variation method cluster-correlated data cluster-like object clustered bellflower clustered computing clustered file server clustered file system clustered sample clustered sampling clustering algorithm clustering algorithms clustering applications clustering architectures clustering coefficient clustering coefficients clustering free clustering illusion clustering method clustering technologies clusters of consonants clusters of differentiation clusters of galaxies clutch ability clutch control clutch fan clutch hitter clutch hitting clutch lever clutch moments clutch pedal clutch performance clutch play clutch size clutch sizes clutching construction clutchless manual clutchless manuals clutter factor clutter suppression cluttered speech cluytyl alcohol clydesdale horse cnn chief cnote e co-Lipschitz map co-articulated consonants co-axial cable co-axial escapement co-axial rotor co-axial weapon co-best men co-channel analog television interference co-channel interference co-curricular activities co-curricular activity co-decision procedure co-educational comprehensive co-educational school co-executive producer co-extrusion welding co-generate electricity co-generation plant co-lead vocals co-location services co-moving frame co-musical director co-news anchor co-official language co-official languages co-op apartments co-op farms co-op gameplay co-op grocery store co-op housing co-op mode co-op movement co-op program co-op store co-op supermarket co-operative association co-operative bank co-operative banks co-operative breeders co-operative breeding co-operative commonwealth co-operative development agency co-operative economics co-operative education co-operative educational co-operative enterprises co-operative federalism co-operative federation co-operative federations co-operative games co-operative housing co-operative housing societies co-operative identity co-operative individualism co-operative movement co-operative multiplayer co-operative multitasking co-operative play co-operative principles co-operative retailing co-operative societies co-operative society co-operative stores co-operative supermarket and postoffice co-operative union co-operative wholesale societies co-operative wholesale society co-operatively multitask co-operatively scheduled co-opt pagan feasts and reorient them co-orbital moons co-orbital satellites co-ordinate chart co-ordinate covalent bond co-ordinate system co-ordinate systems co-ordinated bomb attack co-ordination chemistry co-ordination compounds co-ownership of newspapers and broadcast licenses co-ownership scheme co-publishing rights co-regency co-residential college co-stimulatory molecules co-written series co-wrote the track coa de jima coach and horses coach bomb coach bus coach cars coach class coach gun coach guns coach house coach of the month coach of the year coach of the year awards coach seating coach section coach station coach steven coachbuilding company coaching house coaching inn coaching inns coaching sports coaching staff coaching stop coaching town coaching tree coachwhip snake coactive games coactive media coactive music coactive radio coade stone coadjoint action coadjoint orbits coadjutor archbishop coadjutor bishop coadjutor bishops coadjutor brother coagulability of blood coagulase test coagulation cascade coagulation disorders coagulation disturbance