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immelmann loop immemorial cult immemorial custom immense famine immersed submanifold immersed submanifolds immersed surface immersed tube immersed tubes immersed tunnel immersion baptism immersion blender immersion boiler immersion cinema immersion exhibit immersion heater immersion heaters immersion in boiling water immersion journalism immersion lithography immersion microscopy immersion oil immersion oils immersion protection work suit immersion schools immersion suits immersion survival work suit immersion workshops immersive advertising immersive art immersive audio immersive digital environment immersive digital environments immersive environment immersive environments immersive interfaces immersive virtual realities immigrant absorption immigrant colonization immigrant criminality immigrant deaths immigrant groups immigrant health care immigrant labor immigrant languages immigrant life immigrant population immigrant populations immigrant rights immigrant settlement community immigrant ship immigrant smuggling immigrant worker immigrant workers immigrate for the purpose of founding a family immigrated illegally immigrated manpower immigration and colonization immigration and nationality immigration arrangements immigration bill immigration category immigration control immigration controls immigration debate immigration detention immigration detention centers immigration detention centre immigration detention centres immigration detention facilities immigration economics immigration exclusionism immigration fraud immigration from many countries immigration inspector immigration is coming mainly from abroad immigration judge immigration law immigration laws immigration literature immigration of people from that area immigration plan immigration policies immigration policy immigration protests immigration quota immigration quotas immigration rallies immigration rates immigration reduction immigration reductionism immigration reductionist immigration reductionists immigration reform immigration reform protests immigration removal centre immigration restriction immigration restrictionist immigration status immigration surplus immigration to the region imminent lawless action imminent return imminent swarming imminent threat immiscible fluids immiscible sulfide liquid immissio penis immobilised metal affinity chromatography immobilization on solid phase immobilized enzyme immolate themselves immolated himself immolating herself immoral sexual acts immortal "soul" immortal cell line immortal charge immortal for all time immortal game immortal inscription immortal losing game immortal soul immortal strand hypothesis immortal zugzwang game immortality elixir immortality of the soul immortality project immortalized cell lines immortalized line immotile cilia syndrome immovable feasts immovable property immune adjuvant immune cell immune cells immune competence immune complex immune complex disease immune complex glomerulonephritis immune complexes immune compromise immune defense immune defense system immune defenses immune deficiancy immune deficiencies immune deficiency immune deficiency disorders immune disorder immune disorders immune disregulation immune dysfunction immune enhancing agents immune factors immune from prosecution immune function immune genes immune hypersensitivity syndrome immune mechanism immune mechanisms immune mediated immune mediated inflammatory diseases immune mediated polygenic arthritis immune memory immune modulation immune network theory immune privilege immune reaction immune reactions immune receptor immune receptors immune recognition immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome immune response immune responses immune sensitization immune sera immune suppressants immune suppression immune surveillance immune surveillance system immune system immune system adapts immune system attack immune system cells immune system diseases immune system disorders immune system problems immune system reactions immune system recombination immune system rejection immune system tolerance immune systems immune thrombocytopenic purpura immune to aging immune to prosecution immune tolerance immune types immune-mediated disease immune-mediated diseases immune-mediated disorder immune-mediated inflammatory disorder immune-mediated thrombocytopenia immune-system deficiencies immunisation programme immunisation programmes immunised according to the primary schedule immunity from arrest immunity from prosecution immunity from prosecution international law immunity from suit immunity in exchange for his testimony against his subscribers immunization schedule immuno-suppressive agent immunoaffinity chromatography immunochemistry of gluten immunocompromised hosts immunodeficiency syndrome immunodeficient mice immunofluorescence assay immunoglobulin domain Ig domain immunoglobulin Ig domain immunoglobulin domains Ig domains immunoglobulin Ig domains immunoglobulin (Ig)-domain immunoglobulin (Ig)-like domains immunoglobulin allotype immunoglobulin binding protein immunoglobulin domain immunoglobulin domains immunoglobulin fold immunoglobulin joining region immunoglobulin light chains immunoglobulin superfamily immunoglobulin variable (IgV)-like immunoglobulin variable region immunohistochemical staining immunologic adjuvants immunologic disorders immunologic receptor immunologic response immunologic suppressor factors immunologic tolerance immunological adjuvant immunological findings immunological homunculus immunological memories immunological memory immunological neutrality immunological reactions immunological research immunological response immunological studies immunological synapse immunological synapses immunological system immunological test immunological tolerance immunologically privileged site immunomodulating agent immunoperoxidase staining immunoproliferative disorder immunoproliferative disorders immunoreactive trypsinogen immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motifs immunosuppresive drug immunosuppresive drugs immunosuppressant agents immunosuppressant drug immunosuppressant drugs immunosuppressant medications immunosuppressive agents immunosuppressive drug immunosuppressive drugs immunosuppressive factor immunosuppressive therapy immutable laws immutable object immutable objects immutable storage immutable types immutable values imp gal imp gallon imp of the perverse impact sprinklers knocker sprinklers impact knocker sprinklers impact analysis impact and aftermath impact and evaluation of colonialism and colonization impact and hardness tests impact and injury impact assessment impact attenuators impact basin impact basins impact bias impact boosting impact breccia impact breccias impact calculus impact crater impact cratering impact craters impact crusher impact depth formula impact diabetes impact driver impact ecology impact energy impact evaluations impact event impact events impact extruded impact factor impact factors impact fee impact fees impact force impact glass impact ionisation impact ionization impact litigation impact melt impact of colonialism impact of contraceptive pills impact of emissions impact of falling debris impact of global climate change on agriculture impact of meat-production on the environment impact of mines on the civilian population impact on popular culture impact on the sustainable consumption impact on upward social mobility impact origin impact parameter impact physics impact plate impact play impact player impact predator populations impact printer impact printers impact rating impact records impact sprinkler impact strength impact structure impact structures impact test impact theory impact trauma impact turn impact vests impact weapon impact weapon blocks impact winter impact wrench impact wrenches impacted teeth impaction of intestine impaired driver impaired driving impaired glucose tolerance impaired kidney impaired liver function impaired memory impaired renal function impaired skin integrity impaired smell impaired theory of mind impaired waters impairment in intellectual functioning impairment of alcohol impairment of hearing impairments of health impalement arts impaling on a stake impar ligament imparted righteousness impartial game impartial games impartial government impeached and tried impeachment and criminal prosecution impeachment case impeachment evidence impeachment hearings impeachment of the president impeachment proceedings impeachment proceedings against the president impeachment referendum impeachment resolution impeachment trial impeccable source impedance analyzers impedance bridging impedance divider impedance match impedance matcher impedance matching impedance mismatch impedance mismatches impedance of free space impedance scaling impedance-balanced lines impede herbivory impediment of clandestinity impediment of speech impediments of matrimony impeller drive impeller jets impeller pump impeller wedge impending collision impending conflict impending death impending landing there impending nuclear attack impending operation impending repressions impending strike impending war by default imperative features imperative interjectives imperative language imperative languages imperative logic imperative mood imperative moods imperative paradigm imperative programming imperative programming language imperative programming languages imperative programs imperative sentences imperative statements imperative style imperative verb imperative view imperfect aspect imperfect authentic cadence imperfect basis imperfect cadence imperfect competition imperfect consonance imperfect contrition imperfect duties imperfect duty imperfect fungi imperfect information imperfect knowledge imperfect market imperfect rights imperfect self defense imperfect self-defense imperfect tempus imperfect tense imperfect tenses imperfect time imperfective aspect imperfectly elastic bodies imperforate anus imperforate errors imperforate hymen imperial "we" imperial academy imperial agent imperial arms imperial army imperial ascension imperial aspirations imperial authority imperial ban imperial bodyguard imperial castle imperial censor imperial chaplains imperial cicle of portuguese history imperial circle imperial cities imperial city imperial civil calendar imperial civil service examination imperial civil service examinations imperial concubine imperial consort imperial council of state imperial court imperial crown imperial crowns imperial crypt vaults imperial cult imperial cults imperial decree imperial demesne imperial designs imperial diets imperial doctrine imperial dynasties imperial dynasty imperial eagle imperial embassies imperial embassy imperial era imperial estate imperial exam systems imperial examination imperial examination system imperial examinations imperial exams imperial expansion imperial factor imperial family imperial federation imperial feet and inches imperial fluid ounces imperial folio imperial fora imperial forums imperial free cities imperial free city imperial gallon imperial gallons imperial geological institute imperial government imperial guard imperial guardian lions imperial guards imperial harem imperial historiographer imperial house imperial household imperial immediacy imperial insignia imperial judicial power imperial kingdom imperial legate imperial lily imperial line imperial majesty imperial mammoth imperial mass culture imperial measurement imperial measurements imperial measures imperial might imperial minister imperial monarch imperial monarchy imperial moth Eacles imperialis imperial musicians imperial nautical mile imperial ordinance imperial overreach imperial palace imperial palaces imperial parliament imperial pattern imperial period imperial pigeon imperial pint imperial pints imperial policies imperial policy imperial possessions imperial power imperial powers imperial presidency imperial pretensions imperial prince imperial princes imperial procurator imperial provinces imperial purple imperial reform imperial reform bill imperial regalia imperial regime imperial rescript imperial resident imperial roof decorations imperial rule imperial ruler imperial régime imperial seal imperial staircase imperial states imperial stormtroopers imperial studies imperial system imperial system of units imperial times imperial tons imperial unit imperial units imperial universities imperial university imperial university system imperial venus imperial vicar imperial vicars imperial year imperialist aggression imperialist conquests imperialist countries imperialist forces imperialist war imperialistic past imperiled species imperishability of matter imperium in imperio imperium maius imperium proconsulare maius impero romano impersonal form impersonal micrometer impersonal passive voice impersonal pronoun impersonal pronouns impersonal verb impersonal verbs impersonal work impersonate women impersonating a police officer impervious core impervious surface impervious surfaces impetus theory implacable hostility implant for bladder control implant tissue implant-supported bridge implantable cardiac defibrillator implantable cardioverter defibrillator implantable cardioverter defibrillators implantable cardioverter-defibrillator implantable cardioverter-defibrillators implantable defibrillators implantable pacemaker implantation of electrodes in the spinal cord dorsal column implantation or imbedding of implantation window implanted devices implanted microchip implanted pacemaker implanted with ions implementation bias implementation defined implementation file implementation flaw implementation inheritance implementation of mathematics in set theory implementation patterns implementation theory implicate order implicated in a civil suit implicated in causing the extinction implicated in some alternative theories implication cuts implication graphs implication operation implication operator implicational fragment implicational propositional calculus implicational universal implicational universals implications for health implications for human origins implications of nanotechnology implicative lattice implicit assumptions implicit attitudes implicit coercions implicit comparison class implicit constant implicit cost implicit costs implicit data structure implicit definition implicit differentiation implicit equation implicit function implicit function theorem implicit functions implicit int implicit integer bit implicit integration methods implicit invocation implicit kd-tree implicit knowing implicit learning implicit learning approach implicit max kd-trees implicit memory implicit method implicit methods implicit parallelism implicit personality theory implicit repetition implicit solvation implicit solvation model implicit solvent implicit solvents implicit surface implicit surfaces implicit type conversion implicit typing implicit vowel implicit web implicitly defined implicitly defined functions implictly summed implied author implied authority implied bill of rights implied cause of action implied causes of action implied consent implied immunity of instrumentalities implied in fact implied in fact contract implied in law implied intergovernmental immunities implied notice implied perspective implied pot odds implied power implied powers implied repeal implied right of action implied term implied terms implied trusts implied vol implied volatilities implied volatility implied warranty implied warranty of habitability implied warranty of merchantability implosion assembly implosion bomb implosion design implosion fission device implosion lens implosion mechanism implosion method implosion method of demolition implosion system implosion technique implosion type implosion type weapon implosion weapon implosive consonant implosive consonants implosive stops imply a cause of action import address table import barriers import car import car shows import cars import classic import classics import culture import directive import duties import duty import events import filters import firm import gamers import games import leakages import licenses import model import models import price index import quota import quotas import racing scene import regulations import replacement import scene import sports cars import substitution import substitution industrialization import substitution industrialization import substitution industrializing import tariff import tariffs import tax import taxes import tuner automotive magazines and shows import tuner culture import tuning import-substitution industrialization import-substitution industries importance sampling importance to economic factors important and influential people important battle important bird area important bird areas important cultural asset important differences between the two important exodus important intangible cultural asset important lords important messenger important physicist important political important political force important publications in accelerator physics important publications in atomic, molecular, and optical physics important publications in biophysics important publications in machine learning important publications in materials physics important publications in medical physics important publications in physics of computation important publications in polymer physics important publications in statistical phenomena important publications in vehicle dynamics important role important things important victory important winter encampment important work of higher classification importation of vehicles imported animals imported beer imported black slaves imported cabbage worm imported goods imported products imported second hand imported twelve entire clubs imported used imported vehicles importer of primates importing countries imports and exports impose military service imposed an arms embargo on the country imposed relegation imposed value imposing sanctions imposition of hands imposition of holy orders imposition of martial law impossibility of considering every factor impossibility result impossibility theorem impossible artifact impossible bottle impossible bottles impossible constructions impossible crime impossible cube impossible differential attack impossible differential cryptanalysis impossible object impossible objects impossible shape impossible staircases impossible tasks impossible to enforce taxes impossible triangle impossible trinity impossible wheel impossible worlds impost block imposter "X-Men" impostors sending false messages impotant offices impotence drug impotent poor impound yard impounded by artificial means impounded docks impounded water impounding basin impoundment dikes impoverished conditions impoverished flora impoverished residents imprecise probabilities impredicative definition impredicative property impregnate his brother's widow impressed current cathodic protection impressed stamp impression formation impression management impression material impression seal impression seals impression smear impressionist art impressionist classical impressionist mosaics impressionist movement impressionist music impressionist painter impressionist painters impressionistic manner impressionistic period impressionistic picture impressionistic works impressions of bhima impressive bustline impressive campaigns impressive gains in the education level impressive marble tomb imprest system imprimi potest imprimitive permutation group imprint control imprint her mind imprint label imprint trails imprinted genes imprinting egg imprisoned for a year imprisoned for life imprisoned in internment camps imprisoned in stone imprisoned offenders imprisoned people imprisonment for life imprisonment of bloggers imprisonment on their world imprisonment without trial impro comedy improbability drives improbable 24-23 victory improbable comeback improbable ideas improm tu impromptu debate impromptu preaching impromptu rooftop concert impromptu speaking impromptu speech improper argument improper combustion toxic improper conduct improper driving improper fractions improper integral improper integrals improper land management improper medical treatment improper motion improper motions improper prior improper priors improper rotation improper rotations improper symbol improperly executed improperly stored improperly without lawful authority improv act improv acting improv actors improv auditions improv colony improv comedians improv comedy improv format improv formats improv group improv jam improv leagues improv musician improv theater improv troupe improv troupes improve customer relationships improve human heredity improve human performance improve its performance improved clinch knot improved conventional munitions improved design improved economy improved field strengths improved grassland improved heat capacity estimate improved human improved materials improved switching improved varieties improved-definition television improvement commissioners improvement costs improvement curve improvement district improvement in human well-being improvement of relations improvement of the environment improvement of the process improvements in drainage improvements in human rights improvements in spinning improvements in steel production improving agent improving agents improving conventional automobiles improving literature improvisation comedians improvisation comedy improvisation show improvisation skills improvisational actors improvisational comedian improvisational comedians improvisational comedic improvisational comedy improvisational comedy troupe improvisational comic improvisational feel improvisational games improvisational jazz improvisational music improvisational recordings improvisational sound improvisational techniques improvisational theater improvisational theaters improvisational theatre improvised armor improvised chemical device improvised comedy improvised dialogue improvised explosive improvised explosive device improvised explosive devices improvised explosives improvised fighting vehicle improvised firearm improvised high explosive device improvised munitions improvised music improvised solos improvised techniques improvised theatre improvised weapon improvised weapons improvizational theatre impulse buying impulse buys impulse coaster impulse control impulse control disorder impulse control disorders impulse disorders impulse drive impulse engines impulse excitation technique impulse fire-extinguishing system impulse functions impulse jewel impulse pattern impulse patterns impulse power impulse purchases impulse response impulse responses impulse sales impulse sales links impulse thrusters impulse transmission impulse turbine impulse water canon impulse-based turn impulse-control disorder impulses of pain impulses of temperature impulsive coordinates impulsive personality disorder impulsive plane wave impulsive plane waves impure poetry impure thoughts impurities in the plutonium impurity diffusion impurity level imputation system imputation tax system imputed rent imputed righteousness sexual technique imum coeli in - vitro fertilization in 13 years in 30 years in a 45 to 42 vote in a battle in a combined solid and liquid state in a duel in a future episode in a given base in a mix-up in a number of other countries in a number of ways in a nutshell in a particular location in a past life in a pioneer home in a plane crash in a poll in a punning way in a referendum held in a rule bearing his name in a time of daffodils in a tornado in a variety of ways in a vibrating string in a world in absentia in absentia health care in abstentia in action in active service in addition in administration in adult in an alliance in an ambush in an episode called "Obesity" in and of themselves in animals in animation in antis in ballast in bamboo in bare feet in base in battle in bed in biodiversity in book in both senses in bulk in camera in camera in secret in canon law in captivity in car entertainment in character in chemistry in choir in church in circle in circuit test in cis in clear in cleft palate in color in combat in comic books in commendam in communion in conflict in conflict as well in conjunction in conjunction with in connection in contrast in controversial fashion in contumaciam in correspondence in country in court in crowd in curia in cursu honorum in danger of extinction in decline in degree in delicto in denial in detail in detention in dicta in distribution in district cricket in documenting the relationships between soil and plants in doubt in drag in dubio pro reo in duplicate in educationj in effect in effect expelled in effect, expelled in enfilade in epic fashion in error in exchange in exile in exile, in extenso in extra time in female in fetus in feudal tenure in fiction in fide fiducia in fief in film in flagrante in flagrante delicto in flangrante delicto in flight in foal in focus in folio in food in force in forma pauperis in foro externo in foro interno in four years in frame in front in front of tanks in front of the vertical in front of wrist in futoro in game advertising in game radio stations in general in general position in goal in greater detail in gross in ground in groups in haec verba in hand in heat in her own right in his debt in his debut season in his eyes in his own comic strip in his writings in hoc signo vinces in honour and dignity in house in humans in illo tempore in infancy in irons in its article in its first year in its own right in jeopardy in jest in joke in jokes in kind in knitted sweaters in labour in large lead-acid batteries in law in lieu in limine in line in line 6 cylinder in litteris in living color in loco parentis in long jump in love in lowest terms in male in mathematics in media res in medias res in memorable fashion in memoriam in mitius in modern times in motion in motu cancrizans in multiples of g in music in name only in national security cases in necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas in numerous biblical references in office in old age in omnibus in on the joke in one case in one direction in orbit in order in order to pay for their sin in order to survive in ordinary in other media in our history in overtime in pairs in parallel in pari delicto in pari materia in part in partibus in partibus infidelium in particular in pectore in peril of extinction in perpetuity in personam in personam jurisdiction in petto in phase in place in plain view in play in pleno in popular culture in post-production in practice in pretence in print in pro per in production in progress in prope persona in proportion in propria persona in public in quarto in re in reality in rebus realism in recent years in recent years his reputation has improved in reference in register in relation to in rem in rem jurisdiction in repose in residence in retaliation for unwanted sexual advances in return for some magic beans in reverse in right of his wife in rock sugar syrup in role in roof of fourth ventricle in scientia in se in search of slaves in secco in section in series in service in several cultures, imitation of natural sounds in shipbuilding in short order in shuffle in silico in silico experiment in situ in situ algorithm, or in-place algorithm in situ cancer in situ hybridisation in situ hybridization in situ hybridization histochemistry in situ leach in situ microscope in situ oxidation in situ video microscopy in solidum in some sense in someone else's neighborhood in space in specie in sports in state in stroke in suit in sympathy in tackling climate change in tail in tandem in television in terms of passenger-kilometres in terms of per capita income in terms of resistance to scratching in terrorem in terrorem clause in that city in that year in the 15th century in the air in the air tonight in the alleys of love in the area in the armed rebellion in the bight in the box in the breakup of in the chest in the clear