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largespine velvet dogfish largest aftershock largest airline in terms of fleet size largest and heaviest largest and smallest dinosaurs largest animal largest animals largest ball of twine largest buyouts largest canyons largest cities largest city largest city in the area largest city in the world largest colour photograph largest contiguous largest creature largest database ever assembled largest demonstration largest desert largest dinosaur largest dinosaur known largest economies in the world largest emitter largest empire largest empire of the ancient world largest entropy largest faction largest fish largest freshwater fish largest fungal organism largest gold nugget largest hand dug well largest harbours largest hydro-electric power station largest in the world largest individual flower largest indoor mural largest indoor waterpark largest known bivalve largest known prime largest known primes largest known species largest known theropods largest lake largest land animal largest land animals largest land-based predators ever to exist largest living organism largest living organisms largest living species largest mall in the world largest marine largest medical school largest metropolitan area largest metropolitan area in the state largest metropolitan areas largest metropolitan population largest moons largest natural busts largest naval battle in history largest naval battle of all time largest naval battles in history largest naval battles in world history largest number largest ones largest organ largest organism largest organization of physicists largest party not in government largest peacekeeping force largest percentages largest published book largest rebellion largest remainder largest remainder method largest remainder methods largest scales largest schism largest school district largest sea battle in history largest sea battles largest settlement largest software company largest strike largest structures largest subway system in the world largest such installation largest supercomputers largest system largest tank battle largest telescope largest to be featured largest tornado largest tree largest trees largest university largest urban areas largest village largest water reservoir largest water storage largest wingspan largest zoo largest-scale structures largest-scale trends in evolution largetooth sawfish J-Pop lariat loop lariat takedown laridé ridée lark sparrows larva of the agave snout weevil larvae of the agave snout weevil larval cycle larval form larval mortality larval stage larval stages larval state larviform female larviform females larvophile mouthbrooding laryngea inferior laryngeal cancer laryngeal cavity laryngeal consonants laryngeal control laryngeal cords laryngeal hemiplegia laryngeal inlet laryngeal mask airway laryngeal mask airways laryngeal masks laryngeal mucosa laryngeal muscles laryngeal nerve laryngeal nerves laryngeal part of laryngeal physiology laryngeal prominence laryngeal saccules laryngeal settings laryngeal spasms laryngeal surgery laryngeal system laryngeal theory laryngeal ventricle laryngeus superior laryngo-palatal dislocation laryngo-tracheal tube laryngopharyngeal acid reflux laryngopharyngeal branches laryngopharyngeal of sympathetic laryngopharyngeal reflux laryngotracheal groove laryngotracheal tube larynx cancer lasagna code laser 2 laser ablation laser action laser addressable colorants laser aiming devices laser aiming mechanisms laser aiming module laser aiming modules laser altimeter laser amplifiers laser animation laser applications laser applications in medicine laser beam laser beam lithography laser beam powered rocket laser beam riding laser beam welding laser beams laser blasters laser bridge laser broom laser brooms laser cannon laser cannons laser cautery laser cavities laser cavity laser cavitys laser classes laser construction laser converting laser cooled laser cooling laser crystallization laser crystals laser cut laser cutter laser cutters laser cutting laser dazzler laser dentistry laser designation laser designator laser designators laser detectors laser dinghy laser diode laser diodes laser disc videogame laser drilling laser dye laser elevator laser engraved laser engraving laser enrichment laser etched laser etching laser evaporation laser eye safety laser eye surgery laser eye treatments laser field laser fields laser fusion laser gain media laser gain medium laser granulometry laser guidance laser guide star laser guide stars laser guided laser guided bomb laser guided bombs laser guided weapons laser gun laser guns laser gyroscope laser gyroscopes laser hair removal laser harp laser heads laser heaters laser homing laser induced fluorescence laser inertial confinement laser inertial fusion laser interferometer laser interferometer gravitational-wave observatory laser interferometer space antenna laser jammers laser jet laser launch laser level laser levelling laser light laser light shows laser lightsail laser lithotripsy laser marking laser material laser media laser medium laser methods laser micro-scalpels laser micropropulsion laser microtome laser missile-defence system laser mouse laser optics laser oscillators laser painter sight laser pantography laser paper laser peening laser pens laser peripheral iridotomy laser photocoagulation laser physics laser pistol laser pointer laser pointers laser power threshold laser print engine laser printer laser printers laser printing laser products laser projections laser propulsion laser pumping laser pupillomydriasis laser radar laser range finder laser range finders laser range finding laser range scanner laser range scanners laser range-finder laser range-finders laser range-finding laser rangefinder laser rangefinders laser rangefinding laser ranging laser reflectors laser resonator laser resonators laser resurfacing laser resurfacings laser rifle laser rot laser safety laser saws laser scalpel laser scanner laser scanners laser scanning laser scanning microscope laser science laser screwdriver laser seeker laser sensor laser shaping laser shows laser sight laser sights laser sintering laser skin resurfacing laser snow laser spectrometers laser spectroscopy laser surgery laser sustained detonation laser sustained plasma laser sword laser tag laser target designator laser technology laser temperature jump spectroscopy laser tooth whitening laser torch laser tracker laser treatment laser trimmed laser trimming laser tripwire laser turntable laser turntables laser typesetting laser ultrasonics laser vaporization laser video projector laser vision laser vision correction surgery laser wake-field acceleration laser weapon laser weapons laser welding laser-active ion laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty laser-guided "smart bombs" laser-guided bomb laser-guided bombs laser-guided missiles laser-guided munitions laser-hybrid welding laser-induced breakdown laser-induced fluorescence laser-induced fluorescence-based laser-initiated fusion laserdisc adventure game laserdisc arcade game laserdisc game laserdisc video game laserdisc video games lasers and optical interferometers lasers are used for cutting laserxerographic printer lash law lashing knot lashing stick lashon hara lasik surgery lasing medium lasing mediums lasing threshold lasing without inversion lasiocampid caterpillars lasso artists lasso d'amore last 1.6 million years last 16 last 32 last album last and eponymous battle last anointing last appearance last argument of kings last battle last boss last boy last by-election last call last call return last candidate last candidate on the list last candidates last century last chromosome last clear chance last close human relatives last colonial empire last coming last common ancestor last common ancestor of all life last concert last concert tour last congressional election last continental glaciation last couple of months last date last day last day of issue last days last days of the war last decade last decisive battle last doge last duke last dwelling last dynasty last earl last effective line of defense last election last elections last emperor last encounter last episode last episode of season 3 last episode of season 4 last event last execution last exit last federal election last film last flight last game last general election last generation last geomagnetic reversal last girl last glacial last glacial maximum last glacial period last glaciation last government last great power last group stage match last ice age last imperial dynasty last in first out last in, first out last judgement last judgment last judgment of the dead and the living last king last legislative election last legislative elections last local elections last major expansion last major uprising last major writings last man last man standing last man standing match last meal last meeting last membership election last messenger last mile last military dictatorship last millennium last ministry last minute goal last minute goals last mission last molars last movie last multiplier last municipal election last municipal elections last municipal polls last name last name ending last names last national census last night of the proms last of the summer wine last of them last of these last of these battles last one last orders last original episode last parliamentary election last parliamentary elections last part last phase last piano concerto last piano sonata last pocket of resistance last quarter last race of the season last recorded eruption last release last remaining male survivor last remaining survivors last rites last ruling monarch last sacrament last sacraments last scattering surface last season last season before the outbreak last season of his career last season's last season's national title game last season's tournament last series last sermon last single's last sixteen stage last spell first and first spell last last spike last stand last stands last state election last stop last storm last straw last string quartets last substantial transformation last successful commercial releases last supernova last supper last survivor last ten years last thoracic nerve last times of the world last tour last transmission mast last twenty years last two individuals last universal ancestor last universal common ancestor last victory last war last warning to surrender last whorl last wicket last will last will and testament last wills last words last world war last year last year's last year's champions last year's game last year's inaugural competition last year's series last year's special last year's toxic chemical spill last-chance doctrine last-come-first-served hashing last-mile wireless broadband last-minute drive last-minute miracles lasting animosity lat meniscus latae sententiae latch up latch-key kid latching circuitry latching relay latchkey child latchkey children latchkey kid latchkey kids latchkey youth late '50s late '80s late 14th century late 16th late 19th late 19th century late 20th century late 3rd late 50's late 60's late 80's late 90's late abortions late actress late antique late antiquity late baroque late binding late bloomer late booking late brother late capitalism late capitalist late classical late collision late collisions late configuration late copper age late deafened adult late empire late endosomal late endosome late endosomes late fee late fee stamp late fees late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries late glacial late gothic late grandfather late harvest late harvest wine late harvest wines late heavy bombardment late hour late husband late imperial late infanticidal childrearing late innings late intake valve closing late king late kingdoms late mediaeval late medieval late medieval period late middle age late middle ages late model late models late modernist late modernity late mother late neoclassical late neolithic late night late night anime late night programming late night shopping late night show late night talk show late night television late night time late period late pharaonic period late pope's late potato blight late proteins late quartets late roman late roman period late romances late romantic late romantic composers late romanticism late scholastics late shogunate late shogunate period late show late sixties late son late spectral types late static binding late string quartets late summer late talker late term abortion late thrombotic events late trading late twenties late wood late woodland period late yellow loco weed late-Federal style late-Georgian house late-life mortality deceleration late-life mortality plateau late-night talk show late-night talk show host late-night television late-onset depression late-summer derecho late-term abortion late-term abortions late-term procedures late-type stars lateen rigged lateen rigs lateen sail lateen sails latency associated peptide latency associated transcript latency issues latency period latency stage latency time latent autoimmune diabetes latent class model latent class modeling latent consequence latent content latent cycle latent defects latent fingerprints latent function latent functions latent heat latent heat flux latent heat of evaporation latent heat of fusion latent heat of sublimation latent heat of vaporization latent heating latent heats latent homosexual latent homosexuality latent hypoxia latent image latent image matte painting latent images latent infection latent information latent inhibition latent instability latent learning latent memories latent mutant latent or induced demand latent period latent rat virus latent semantic analysis latent semantic indexing latent semantic mapping latent state latent trait latent trait analysis latent traits latent tuberculosis latent typing latent variable latent variable model latent variable models latent variables latent viral infection latent viral infections latently infected later 17th century later 18th century later assassinated later authorities later battle later became later books later broke later castle later crime scenes later date later disruption later empire later epigones later episode later exposed as a private detective later extended later filmed later fugue later generalised later grid later guess at the name's origin later implied later in that war later in the article later in the season later in this entry later in this section later life later middle ages later movie adaption later novels later on later organization of that name later overthrown later phase later philosophical trends later produced on television later re-launched later record label of the same name later redaction later referred to later released later revealed later scholars later single later test later that month later that year later to become later trip later used later versions of the act later views later works later writings later-no-harm criterion lateral load horizontal load lateral horizontal load lateral acceleration lateral accelerations lateral alveolar approximant lateral alveolar click lateral anal sphincterotomy lateral angle lateral angles lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve lateral anterior thoracic lateral antibrachial cutaneous lateral antibrachial cutaneous nerve lateral aortic glands lateral aortic lymph glands lateral aortic lymph nodes lateral aperture lateral apertures lateral approximant lateral approximants lateral arch lateral arcuate ligament lateral aspect lateral atlanto-occipital ligament lateral atlantoöccipital lateral axis lateral band lateral basis bundle lateral border lateral branch lateral branches lateral buoy lateral calcaneal lateral canthotomy lateral cartilage lateral cartilage of lateral cartilages lateral cerebral lateral cerebral fissure lateral cerebral sulcus lateral cerebrospinal fasciculus lateral cervical lateral cervical muscle lateral cervical muscles lateral cervical nucleus lateral check ligament lateral chromatic aberration lateral circumflex femoral lateral circumflex femoral artery lateral click lateral clicks lateral cochlear nucleus lateral coital position lateral collateral ligament lateral column lateral columns lateral communication lateral compartment lateral compartment of leg lateral compartment of the leg lateral condyle lateral condyle of femur lateral condyle of the femur lateral consonant lateral consonants lateral cord lateral cornu lateral corticospinal tract lateral crests lateral cricoarytenoid lateral cricoarytenoid muscle lateral cricoarytenoid muscles lateral cuneate nucleus lateral cuneiform lateral cuneiform bone lateral cutaneous lateral cutaneous branches of torso lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh lateral decubitus lateral delivery of pump lateral diffusion lateral district lateral district of lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve lateral dorsal nucleus lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus lateral earth pressure lateral epicondyle lateral epicondyle of the femur lateral epicondyle of the humerus lateral erosion lateral expansion lateral femoral circumflex lateral femoral circumflex artery lateral femoral condyle lateral femoral cutaneous nerve lateral femoral epicondyle lateral fillet lateral fissure lateral flap lateral flow lateral flow device lateral fontanelles lateral force lateral fricative lateral fricatives lateral funiculi lateral funiculus lateral gaze paralysis lateral gene transfer lateral genicular branches lateral geniculate lateral geniculate bodies lateral geniculate body lateral geniculate body or nucleus lateral geniculate nuclei lateral geniculate nucleus lateral giant neuron lateral giant neurons lateral girders lateral group lateral gyrus lateral horn lateral hyothyroid ligament lateral hypothalamic area lateral hypothalamus lateral incisor lateral incisors lateral inferior lateral inferior genicular lateral inferior genicular artery lateral inguinal fossa lateral inhibition lateral intermuscular septum lateral interpositus nucleus lateral intervertebral disc prolapse lateral intraparietal area lateral keel lateral kinks lateral lemniscus lateral ligament lateral ligament of the ankle lateral ligament of the malleus lateral line lateral line placodes lateral line sense organs lateral line system lateral line systems lateral lines lateral lingual swelling lateral lip lateral liquids lateral longitudinal striæ lateral lumbocostal arches lateral lymph nodes lateral malleolar net-work lateral malleolus lateral mammillary nuclei lateral mammillary nucleus lateral marginal vein lateral mark lateral marks lateral mass of atlas lateral mass of the atlas lateral masseter lateral media lateral medullary lamina lateral meniscus lateral meristem lateral meristems lateral mesoderm lateral moraine lateral moraines lateral motion lateral motion devices lateral movement lateral movements lateral muscle lateral muscular branch lateral nasal lateral nasal branch lateral nasal cartilage lateral nasal process lateral nasal wall lateral nerve lateral nuclear group lateral occipital gyrus lateral occipital sulcus lateral ocelli lateral offset loss lateral olfactory stria lateral olfactory striæ lateral olfactory tract lateral palatal approximant lateral pallidum lateral palpebral lateral palpebral arteries lateral palpebral branches lateral palpebral raphe lateral palpebral raphé lateral parabrachial nucleus lateral parts of lateral parts of occipital bone lateral parts of the sacrum lateral pass lateral passes lateral patellar retinacula lateral pectoral nerve lateral perforant path lateral plantar lateral plantar artery lateral plantar nerve lateral plantar vein lateral plantar vessels lateral plate lateral plate mesoderm lateral posterior nucleus lateral preolivary nucleus lateral press lateral press pinfall lateral press pinning position lateral pressure lateral process lateral proper lateral proper fasciculus lateral pterygoid lateral pterygoid muscle lateral pterygoid muscles lateral pterygoid nerve lateral pterygoid plate lateral pterygoids lateral pubovesical ligament lateral pyrimidal tract lateral reasoning faculty lateral recess lateral recesses lateral recti lateral rectus lateral rectus muscle lateral rectus muscles lateral reticular formation lateral reticular nucleus lateral retroflex approximant lateral rolling lateral root lateral roots lateral rotation lateral rotator group lateral sacral lateral sacral arteries lateral sacral artery lateral sacral veins lateral sclerosis lateral semicircular canal lateral semicircular canals lateral semicircular ducts lateral sepals lateral septum lateral sinuses lateral sounds lateral specification lateral spinothalamic fasciculus lateral spinothalamic tract lateral spreading lateral stability lateral stays lateral sternal line lateral stria lateral striate arteries lateral succession lateral sulcus lateral superior genicular lateral superior genicular arteries lateral superior genicular artery lateral superior olive lateral supraclavicular nerve lateral supracondylar line lateral supracondylar ridge lateral sural cutaneous nerve lateral surface lateral surface area lateral surface of sacrum lateral surface of the sacrum lateral surfaces lateral surfaces of sphenoid lateral swellings lateral talocalcaneal ligament lateral tarsal artery lateral tegmental field lateral temporal fenestrae lateral terminal branch lateral thalamic nucleus lateral thinker lateral thinking lateral thinking puzzle lateral thinking puzzles lateral thoracic lateral thoracic artery lateral thoracic vein lateral thoracic walls lateral thought lateral thyrohyoid ligament lateral tibial condyle lateral tibial plateau lateral torsional buckling lateral transfer lateral umbilical fold lateral umbilical folds lateral umbilical ligament lateral undulation lateral ventricle lateral ventricles lateral vertebral muscle lateral vertebral muscles lateral vesical lateral vestibular nucleus lateral vestibulospinal tract lateral wall lateral-torsional buckling lateraled the ball medulla spinalis lateralis muscle lateralis proprius lateralization of brain function laterally flex laterally passing laterally rotate laterally rotates laterally rotating laterals raises laterite nickel ore laterite roads laterite soil lateritic nickel ore deposits lateritic soil lateritic soils laterodorsal tegmental nucleus laterosensory pores laterosensory system latest album latest bout of haze latest date estimate latest developments latest elections latest evacuation latest flood latest generation latest glaciation latest global model runs latest microarchitecture latest municipal and provincial elections latest mysterious manifestation latest progress latest prototype weapon latest release latest short story latest tournament latest triumph latest untranslated short story latest unveilings latest version latex agglutination latex agglutination test latex allergies latex allergy latex clothing latex condom latex condoms latex endocast latex fetish latex foam latex glove latex gloves latex love dolls latex masks latex paint latex paints latex processing latex rubber latex weapons latexacrylic paint lath and plaster lathe carrier lathe center lathe chuck lathe dog lathe dog or lathe carrier lathe operator lathe tools lathi charge lathosterol oxidase lati clavi latihan kejiwaan latin alphabet latin american latin american countries latin american dance latin characters latin chef latin cross latin dance latin dancer latin dancing latin freestyle latin hip hop latin honors latin house latin jazz latin language latin metal latin music latin percussion latin phrase latin pop latin quarter latin rap latin rapper latin rhythm latin rhythms latin rock latin school latin script latin square latin squares latin subheadings and history latin word latissimi dorsi latissimus dorsi latissimus dorsi muscle latitude and longitude latitude circle latitude of 40 degrees north latitude zone latitudinal band latitudinal cline latitudinal diversity of species latitudinal gradients in species diversity latitudo formae lative case lato sensu latridiid beetle latrogenic infections latrophilin 1 latrophilin 2 latrophilin 3 latte art latte macchiato latte stone latte stones latter cartoon latter days latter engagement latter film latter members latter part latter rain latter two engines latter-day zombie interpretations lattice beams lattice bounds lattice bridge lattice computations lattice constant lattice constants lattice control surfaces lattice defects lattice degeneration lattice directions lattice distortion lattice energy lattice field theory lattice fins lattice gas lattice gases lattice gauge lattice gauge model lattice gauge theory lattice girder lattice girders lattice graph lattice group lattice groups lattice homomorphism lattice inequality lattice mast lattice matched lattice matching lattice model lattice models lattice momentum lattice multiplication lattice network lattice of integer points lattice of subgroups lattice of topologies lattice order lattice ordered group lattice ordered groups lattice packing lattice packing problem lattice parameter lattice parameters lattice point lattice points lattice potential lattice proteins lattice quantum chromodynamics lattice reconfiguration lattice reduction lattice scattering lattice shells lattice sieving lattice steel pylon lattice steel pylons lattice steel tower lattice strain fields lattice structure lattice theorem lattice theoretic lattice theories lattice theory lattice tower lattice towers lattice truss lattice truss bridge lattice type lattice vectors lattice vibration lattice vibrations lattice work lattice-based access control lattice-gas method lattice-ordered group lattice-ordered vector space latum pulmonis latus clavus latus rectum latwiyèm fidji avantwa, lanmen dwèt lauda japonica laude spirituale laude spirituali laudexium metilsulfate laudi spirituali lauffer reins laugh out loud laugh track laugh tracks laugh with relief laughed to death laughing a little laughing clowns laughing club laughing comedy laughing gull laughing gulls laughing himself to death laughing maniacally laughing owl laughing thrushes laughing too much laughter clubs laughter meditation laughter therapy laughter track laughter yoga launch abort launch and leave launch campaign launch capsule launch capsules launch coasters launch codes launch complex launch complex 17B launch control launch control center launch control center launch control centers launch control facility launch countdown launch escape system launch escape vehicle launch facilities launch facility launch failure launch game launch games launch lasers launch loop launch loops launch mechanism launch mechanisms launch method launch on warning launch opportunity launch pad launch pad 39-B launch pad 39A