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ksh-1 Dä Metmaacher hee kann e klei bessje Kölsch udder e klei bessje vun enem noh verwandte Platt.
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Mutante is German, not just a mutant spelling of the word mutant. It is related to mutation and means "changer". My home on the net is the S23-Wiki and i created some Wiki statistics. My physical location is Cologne, .de, Sol-3.


My main activity here is to add german words using the inflection templates. Besides that, i like categorizing uncategorized pages. I run the IRC bot know-it-all on #wiktionary and since January,30 2008 i am also an admin here.

Favorite categories

German nouns enhancement

You can help me here, using better templates on German nouns:

see User:Mutante/German nouns

and by adding topic categories to German nouns (use HotCat)

see User:Mutante/German nouns without other categories