Translations into Modern Greek and Sanskrit are available from Google for NikkiWiki, Nicole Sharp's Wiki.  Shown is a Yavana Indo-Greek coin circa 120 BCE from Pushkalavati (Gandhara) depicting the goddess Nike riding an elephant and bearing a laurel wreath of victory.  In front of the elephant stands the god Zeus.  "Nikki" and "Nicole" are both namesakes of the goddess Nike.  The text of the coin is bilingual in Classical Greek and Gandhari Prakrit.  The vernacular Prakrit languages formed a dialect continuum with the classical Sanskrit language.  The language scripts used on the coin are Greek (for Classical Greek) and Kharosthi (for Gandhari).  Bilingual coins such as this one made possible the decipherment of the ancient Kharosthi and Brahmi scripts.  Both Kharosthi and Brahmi were used for writing Prakrit as well as Sanskrit before the development of the modern Devanagari script.
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