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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
car czar, emperor, monarch Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
цар czar, emperor, monarch Serbian
carevina empire Bosnian,Serbian
царевина empire Serbian
carica czarina, tsarina Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
царица czarina, tsarina Serbian
Carigrad {{i|uncountable|dated|language of literature} ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
Цариград {{i|uncountable|dated|language of literature} ... Serbian
carigradski of or pertaining to Istanbul Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цариградски of or pertaining to Istanbul Serbian
carina customs Croatian*
царина customs
carstvo empire, kingdom (nation having as supreme rul ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
царство empire, kingdom (nation having as supreme rul ... Serbian
cedar cedarcedar (tree) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цедар cedar (tree) Serbian
Cejlon (uncountable) Ceylon Croatian
Цејлон (uncountable) Ceylon
celina totality, whole, entirety tag
целина totality, whole, entirety
celofan cellophane Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
celost totality, whole, entirety tag
целост totality, whole, entirety
celovit integral, complete tag
целовит integral, complete
cena price, value tag Croatian,Serbian
цена price, value Serbian
ceniti (transitive) to value, appreciate tag
ценити (transitive) to value, appreciate
cenjen respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ... tag
цењен respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ...
centar center / centre
центар center / centre
centimetar centimetre Bosnian,Serbian
центиметар centimetre Serbian
centralni central, main
централни central, main
centrifuga centrifuge
центрифуга centrifuge
cenzus census Croatian
цензус census
ceo whole tag Croatian
цео whole
cepanica (countable) log (wood) tag
cepidlaka nitpick tag
цепидлака nitpick
cepivo vaccine tag
цепиво vaccine
cepljen vaccinated, inoculated tag
цепљен vaccinated, inoculated
ceremonija ceremony Croatian
церемонија ceremony
ceremonijalan ceremonial Croatian
церемонијалан ceremonial
ceremonijalno ceremonially
церемонијално ceremonially
cesta road (paved) tag Bosnian,Croatian Serbian
цеста road (paved) Serbian
cezura caesura Bosnian,Croatian
Ciganin (pejorative) Male Gypsy
Циганин Gypsy
Ciganka (pejorative) Female Gypsy
ciganski Gypsy
цигански Gypsy
cigara cigar Croatian
цигара cigar
cigareta cigarette Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цигарета cigarette Serbian
цигла brick Serbian
cijel Alternative form of (cio, cȉo). Croatian*
цијел Alternative form of (цио, ци̏о).
cijelost totality, whole, entirety tag Croatian
цијелост totality, whole, entirety
цијена price, value
cijeniti (transitive) to value, appreciate tag
цијенити (transitive) to value, appreciate
cijenjen respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ... tag
цијењен respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ...
cijepljen vaccinated, inoculated tag
цијепљен vaccinated, inoculated
cijeć (archaic) because, due to tag Croatian*
цијећ (archaic) because, due to
цикла red beet
ciklon (weather) cyclone
циклон (weather) cyclone
ciklus cycle
циклус cycle
cilindričan cylindrical
цилиндричан cylindrical
cilj goal, purpose Croatian
cilj opravdava sredstvo the end justifies the means
циљ оправдава средство the end justifies the means
циљ goal, purpose
cimbal a cymbal Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
cimbalo a cymbal Bosnian,Serbian
cimer roommate Croatian
цимер roommate
cimet cinnamon (spice) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цимет cinnamon (spice) Serbian
cinik cynic Croatian
циник cynic
ciničan cynical Croatian
циничан cynical
cio whole tag Croatian
цио whole
cipela a shoe Croatian
ципела a shoe
cirkon zircon Bosnian,Serbian
cista (Chakavian, Ikavian) road tag Croatian*
citra zither
цитра zither
civil civilian (not related to the military armed f ... Croatian
цивил civilian (not related to the military armed f ...
civilizacija civilization (a group of people or country ... Croatian
цивилизација civilization (a group of people or country ...
civilizacijski civilizational
цивилизацијски civilizational
civiliziran (Croatian) civilized tag
цивилизиран (Croatian) civilized tag
civilizovan (Bosnian, Serbian) civilized tag
цивилизован (Bosnian, Serbian) civilized tag
civilni civilian Croatian
цивилни civilian
cić (Chakavian) (archaic, Ikavian) because ... tag Croatian*
cjelina totality, whole, entirety tag Croatian
цјелина totality, whole, entirety
cjelovit integral, complete tag
цјеловит integral, complete
cjepanica (countable) log (wood) tag Croatian
цјепидлака nitpick
cjepivo vaccine tag Croatian
цјепиво vaccine
crep tile (for the roof) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цреп tile (for the roof)
crevo gut, bowel, intestine tag
црево gut, bowel, intestine
crijep tile (for the roof) tag
цријеп tile (for the roof)
цријево gut, bowel, intestine
crkva church Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
црква church Serbian
crkvenoslavenski (Croatian) Church Slavonic tag
crkvenoslovenski (Bosnian, Serbian) Church Slavonic tag
црквенословенски (Bosnian, Serbian) Church Slavonic tag
crn black Croatian*
црн black
Crna Gora Montenegro tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Црна Гора Montenegro tag Serbian*
crna ovca (idiomatic) black sheep
црна овца (idiomatic) black sheep
crna rupa (astronomy) black hole
црна рупа (astronomy) black hole
crni luk onion Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
crnka A dark woman Croatian
crnkast blackish Croatian
црнкаст blackish
Crno more the Black Sea Bosnian,Serbian
Црно море the Black Sea Serbian
Crnogorac Montenegrin tag Croatian
Црногорац Montenegrin tag
crnogorski Montenegrin (of or pertaining to Mongenegro o ... tag Croatian
црногорски Montenegrin (of or pertaining to Mongenegro o ... tag
crnokos black-haired
црнокос black-haired
crtati (ambitransitive) to draw
цртати (ambitransitive) to draw
crtež drawing Croatian
цртеж drawing
цртица dash (punctuation)
crv worm Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
црв worm Serbian
crven red Croatian
црвен red
crvenkast reddish Croatian
црвенкаст reddish
crvotočina wormhole Croatian
црвоточина wormhole
cukar (regional) sugar
cuker (regional) sugar
cunami tsunami Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цунами tsunami Serbian
curetak (hypocoristic) girl Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
curica a little girl Croatian
цурица a little girl
cvasti (intransitive, mostly Croatian) to bloom, ... tag Croatian
цвасти (intransitive, mostly Croatian) to bloom, ... tag
cvat flower tag Bosnian,Serbian
cvet flower tag Serbian
цвет flower Serbian
cvetak (expressively, hypocoristically) flower tag
цветак (expressively, hypocoristically) flower
cvetati (intransitive) to bloom, blossom tag
цветати (intransitive) to bloom, blossom
cveće (collectively) flowers tag
цвеће (collectively) flowers
cvijet flower tag Bosnian,Croatian
цвијет flower
cvijetak (expressively, hypocoristically) flower tag Croatian
цвијетак (expressively, hypocoristically) flower
cvijeće (collectively) flowers tag Croatian
цвијеће (collectively) flowers
cvit (Chakavian) (Ikavian) flower tag Croatian*
cvitak (Chakavian) (Ikavian) (expressively ... tag Croatian*
cvjetati (intransitive) to bloom, blossom tag
цвјетати (intransitive) to bloom, blossom
cvrčak cricket (insect) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цврчак cricket (insect) Serbian