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Georgian Verbal PrefixesEdit

A really big problem Georgian verbs on Wiktionary are facing is that we don't have a real good way to denote what prefixes a verb takes in Future circle and 2nd and 3rd series when possible, since it changes meanings. For example: აკეთებს has 3 main meanings:

  1. (With prefix გა-) to make
  2. (With prefix შე-) to mend, fix
  3. (With prefix გადა-) to overhaul; to remake with changes

3rd one being a little harder to explain. A code/template could be written which includes which prefix can make that meaning come true. Russian solves this by actually having separate pages but that's ineffective with Georgian since it doesn't have an infinitive. Verbs however can conjugate fully without a prefix (making full conjugation imperfective).


How can we specify polypersonal agreement in pages like გწერ. first-person subject, 2nd person object form of the verb სწერს or something else. This needs to be thought of as standard and not too bad-looking.