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Belarusian lemmas in the English wiktionary: 4,953 (recent changes, frequency list).

Belarusian pronunciation (recent changes)

Belarusian pronunciation from Lingua Libre (recent changes)

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Belarusian pronunciation


Automatic transcription generator made by UIIP NAS Belarus (gives inaccurate results for ~2% of words).

Lookup pronunciation information from the printed editions of Belarusian orthoepic dictionaries (interview with the latest 2017's orthoepic dictionary creators.)

ASBM2017 transcription notation

1990, Вусная беларуская мова хрэстаматыя, Alexander Padluzhny

Article formatting examples


Book quotations


Book quotation example:

Wikisource book quotation example (a Belarusian translation of an English book):

#* {{quote-book|be|year=1934|origyear=1820|original=[[s:Ivanhoe_(1820)|Ivanhoe]]|author=w:Walter Scott
|translator=Іван Гарбуз|title=[[s:be:Айвенго_(1934)|Айвенго]]|location=Менск
|text=Паглядзі́: гэ́та вяле́бны '''айце́ц''' Э́ймер, прыёр надзвы́чай бага́тага аба́цтва ў Жарво; скажы́, ці шмат можна ўзяць з яго вы́купу?
|origtext=en:Look at that holy '''Father''' Aymer, Prior of the rich Abbey of Jervaulx, and tell us at what ransom we should hold him?}}

Wikisource book quotation example (a Belarusian book with a collection of short stories):

#* {{quote-book|be|year=1940|author=w:Jakub Kołas|title=[[s:be:Апавяданні_(Колас,_1940)|Апавяданні]]|chapter=[[s:be:Апавяданні_(Колас,_1940)/Соцкі_падвёў|Соцкі падвёў]]|location=Мінск
|text=Пры гэ́тым ура́днік аж засмяя́ўся сам сабе́ і ля́снуў рука́мі па сваі́х то́ўстых '''кумпяка́х'''.
|t=While at it, the official even laughed to himself and clapped his hands on his thick '''thighs'''.}}


|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=nwp2DwAAQBAJ&pg=PT8 or sometimes something like pg=PA8

Newspaper quotations


Make a scanned image-only newspaper pdf searchable: https://www.ilovepdf.com/ocr-pdf



Typical references:

* {{R:be:slounik.org}}
* {{R:be:Skarnik}}

Pronunciation audio:

* {{audio|be|Be-{{PAGENAME}}.ogg}}
* {{audio|be|LL-Q9091_(bel)-Ssvb-{{PAGENAME}}.wav}}

Alternative forms:

===Alternative forms===
* {{alt|be|сьнег||Taraškievica}}
* {{alt|be|śnieh||Łacinka}}

Missing English translation (probably it's undesired to ever use this):