This page allows anyone to add Finnish lemma entries that should have their inflected forms created. User:SurjectionBot will create the entries once it is executed (with the correct command anyway).


  • The bot must be started manually for this action and it might not run all listed entries depending on the discretion of the operator (User:Surjection).
  • All pages will be double-checked manually before the bot is executed to make sure they have the correct inflection templates in order to reduce the probability of nonlemma entries getting created in error.
  • The bot will do a cursory check to see if the inflected form actually exists, and if found, it will not be created.
  • The bot will not create agent participle entries, as the bot cannot tell whether they should exist or not.
  • The bot will not create rare forms.
  • The bot will not create possessive forms.

Entries that are supported:

  • nouns, adjectives with Declension
  • adjectives, adverbs with comparative, superlative
  • verbs with Conjugation

Entries that are not supported:

  • suffixes
  • Inflection-type entries, such as adverbs or pronouns
  • words with exceptional inflection; all words must use one of the standard fi-decl-... templates listed here or fi-conj-... templates listed here (but kumajaa/kaikaa are not supported for the latter).
  • words with multiple inflectable components (such as musta aukko)

Add entries to the Input section below.



This is where the bot adds its own messages in case of errors.