My languages edit

  • Languages on a native level:

Russian, Dutch

  • Languages on a relatively high level (> C1):


  • Languages on a comfortable level (> B1):

French, Ingrian

  • Languages I would probably understand if spoken to:

German, Polish

Feel free to address me in any language you feel comfortable in and think I may be able to understand. :)

My projects edit

I'm mainly active in Uralic (Ingrian, Karelian, Komi) and Cushitic (Afar, Saho, Sidamo) languages lately, but also Saterland Frisian and Tokelauan. I might occasionally wander the high seas and pick up a random grammar book and follow it, but that's not very consistent. Please feel free to approach me about any language I have worked in!

Things I would be glad to fight for edit

  • All entries should have either of the following as attestation:
    2. References
    3. Derived terms (especially compounds), themselves sourced
  • In etymologies, all intermediates should be given (except for these horrible cases like Proto-Nuclear Polynesian, where the parent is identical to the mother; actually, I think these should be merged). No skipping Old Polish or Proto-Kuki-Chin just because we already have an ancestor entry higher up.
  • Terms should not be categorised in a topic with the same name. No, milk is not a type of milk, so it shouldn't be part of the category "Milk".
  • All quotes and usage examples should have translations, as long as they are possible.
  • LDL languages should get more love

Pretty sure some of these are already policy somewhere, but still a bunch of people ignore them.