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Hanzi EtymologyEdit

Please help to add the etymology part for hanzi!

Almost all hanzi are compounds, which are made up of two hanzis. More than 90% of hanzi are Phono-semantic compounds, which consist of one phonetic hanzi and one semantic hanzi. (See {{liushu}})

Therefore, it's actually easy to add etymology for a hanzi, for example, is + , is (form of as a radical) + . You can begin from the listed characters in the page Index:Chinese radical, and use {{Han compound}} to decomposite the hanzi, this project in wikimedia [1] may be helpful.

The creation of hanzi is well organized, follows the rules of 六書. So please add etymology part for the traditional one if the hanzi is simplified in simplified Chinese, because the simplified one may not follow these rules, such as and .

For simplified characters, please use {{Han simp}} to indicate how it is simplified.


  • I recommend the website http://zhongwen.com and its book "中文字譜: Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary" if you're interested in the wonderful chinese characters.

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