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This page is to establish administrative housecleaning duties. We are all volunteers but it is nice to know who sweeps the floor, does the dishes, makes the beds or takes out the garbage. Without that we tend to wait for someone else to do it. It is also helpful to know what needs tending when a regular is on vacation/holiday, announced or otherwise. For the last while I have been maintaining the rfd page, but there are also other heavily used pages that need this kind of constant attention.

Please take on one; avoid taking on more until you have the work for that one completely under control. Of course these tasks are also open for non-administrators. If you will be away for a time, please mark yourself as "absent" until you return, so that others will know to help out.

Under control edit

Task Primary volunteer Alternate volunteers
Maintain BP (Create new policy stub pages from discussions) Richardb (absent)
Archive old BP and GP discussions User:Neskaya (BP only) Connel MacKenzie, Scs
Maintain the Tea room Jon Harald Søby (absent)
Maintain and update Translation of the week
This needs a cheerleader - someone to compile the previous week's statistics on "corrected translations" into a weekly announcement on WT:TR or something.
Monitor and update WT:WOTD pages for upcoming week, making sure entries exist for six weeks future at all times, archive previous months, etc. EncycloPetey Connel MacKenzie
Phase-out Interesting new entries Dvortygirl
Maintain Wiktionary:Requested entries:English SemperBlotto kiwima
Maintain Requests for deletion Eclecticology (absent)
Category:Requests for deletion (Periodically ensure that all entries appearing there have a discussion tag in WT:RFD.) Wytukaze BD2412
Maintain the Requests for cleanup Removing old resolved cleanup issues, moving to pages' talk page whenever possible Volants Connel MacKenzie
Maintain Wiktionary:Pronunciation files requests Dvortygirl
Monitor and clear Category:Requests for pronunciation EncycloPetey Thryduulf
Monitor and clear Category:Requests for etymology Bogorm
Monitor and clear Category:Definitionless terms SemperBlotto (English only)
Monitor Special:Shortpages Connel MacKenzie Vildricianus (absent)
Clear out Special:Prefixindex/webster 1913: Connel MacKenzie Vildricianus (absent)
Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:dontlinkhere Bequw Connel MacKenzie (absent)
Subst: Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:trans and siblings ({{sv}} etc.) Tawkerbot Connel MacKenzie, Vildricianus (absent)
Monitor and clear Special:BrokenRedirects Connel MacKenzie's bots Wytukaze (absent)
Monitor and clear Special:DoubleRedirects Wytukaze, Connel MacKenzie, Jusjih
Monitor and clear Special:WantedPages
Keep in sync: [1] and Wiktionary:Main Page/Otherlang EncycloPetey
Welcome anonymous IPs that have several contributions (with {{welcomeip}}). ST47 (absent) Lo Ximiendo
Stay update on SIL's changes to ISO 639-3 language codes Bequw

In progress edit

These tasks need a primary volunteer or more alternative volunteers to get the task under control.
Task Primary volunteer Alternate volunteers
Maintain Wiktionary:Transwiki log Connel MacKenzie Nbarth
Maintain RFV and RFVA Ruakh kiwima
Welcome Special:Contributions/newbies Dvortygirl
Two to five day old changes on Special:Recentchanges/hidepatrolled


  1. Connel MacKenzie
  2. EncycloPetey
Maintain Wiktionary:Wanted entries (Keep rotating blue links off after a day, rotate in new entries to attract newcomers) Rory096 Kappa (absent)
Wiktionary:Wanted entries (Keep rotating blue links off after a day, rotate in new entries to attract newcomers) Rory096 Kappa (absent)
Monitor Category:Check translations. This means: checking whether all items here have {{ttbc}} tags. Connel MacKenzie
Monitor and clear Category: Entries that need to be wikified Connel MacKenzie
Maintain Categories Jusjih EncycloPetey
Monitor and renew Uncategorized pages Jusjih Mutante
Monitor and clear Category:Section stubs Nbarth

Open tasks edit

These tasks need at least one volunteer.
Task Primary volunteer Alternate volunteers
Maintain and update Announcements Yair rand
Monitor and assist with Wiktionary:Translation requests
Monitor and clear Category: Pages needing translation into English Polyglot (absent)
Monitor and clear Category:Requests for translation table cleanup Vildricianus (absent)
Maintain Wiktionary: Project - Cleanup of Basic English Words
Monitor Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:merge Jusjih
Monitor and renew Oldest pages Jusjih
Monitor and clear Category:Translation table header lacks gloss Panda10
Maintain MediaWiki:Sitenotice Jusjih
Monitor Special:WantedTemplates Is it possible to import w:Template:Cite journal please?

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