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This page lists languages by any particular property that they may have.

Not allowed in main namespaceEdit

These languages are not permitted to have entries in the main namespace, only in the Appendix or Reconstruction namespaces.

Reconstructed languagesEdit

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
aav-khs-pro Proto-Khasian Khasian Latinx
aav-nic-pro Proto-Nicobarese Nicobarese Latinx
aav-pkl-pro Proto-Pnar-Khasi-Lyngngam Pnar-Khasi-Lyngngam Latinx
aav-pro Proto-Austroasiatic Austroasiatic Latinx
afa-pro Proto-Afroasiatic Afroasiatic Latinx
alg-pro Proto-Algonquian Algonquian Latinx Yes
alv-bua-pro Proto-Bua Bua Latn
alv-cng-pro Proto-Cangin Cangin Latn
alv-edo-pro Proto-Edoid Edoid Latn
alv-fli-pro Proto-Fali Fali Latn
alv-gbe-pro Proto-Gbe Gbe Latn
alv-gng-pro Proto-Guang Guang Latn
alv-gtm-pro Proto-Central Togo Ghana-Togo Mountain Latn
alv-hei-pro Proto-Heiban Heiban Latn
alv-igb-pro Proto-Igboid Igboid Latn
alv-kwa-pro Proto-Kwa Kwa Latn
alv-mum-pro Proto-Mumuye Mumuye Latn
alv-nup-pro Proto-Nupoid Nupoid Latn
alv-pro Proto-Atlantic-Congo Atlantic-Congo Latn
alv-yor-pro Proto-Yoruboid Yoruboid Latn
apa-pro Proto-Apachean Apachean Latinx Proto-Apache, Proto-Southern Athabaskan
aql-pro Proto-Algic Algic Latinx Yes
ath-pro Proto-Athabaskan Athabaskan Latinx
auf-pro Proto-Arawa Arauan Latinx
aus-arn-pro Proto-Arnhem Arnhem Latinx
aus-cww-pro Proto-Central New South Wales Central New South Wales Latinx
aus-dal-pro Proto-Daly Daly Latinx
aus-nyu-pro Proto-Nyulnyulan Nyulnyulan Latinx
aus-pam-pro Proto-Pama-Nyungan Pama-Nyungan Latinx
aus-wdj-pro Proto-Iwaidjan Iwaidjan Latinx
awd-amc-pro Proto-Amuesha-Chamicuro Arawakan Latn Western Maipuran
awd-kmp-pro Proto-Kampa Arawakan Latn Campa, Kampan, Campan, Pre-Andine Maipurean
awd-nwk-pro Proto-Nawiki Nawiki Latn
awd-pro Proto-Arawak Arawakan Latn Proto-Arawakan, Proto-Maipurean, Proto-Maipuran
awd-prw-pro Proto-Paresi-Waura Arawakan Latn Paresí-Waurá, Parecí–Xingú, Paresí–Xingu, Central Arawak, Central Maipurean
awd-taa-pro Proto-Ta-Arawak Ta-Arawakan Latn Proto-Ta-Arawakan, Proto-Caribbean Northern Arawak
azc-cup-pro Proto-Cupan Cupan Latinx
azc-nah-pro Proto-Nahuan Nahuan Latinx
azc-num-pro Proto-Numic Numic Latinx
azc-pro Proto-Uto-Aztecan Uto-Aztecan Latinx
azc-tak-pro Proto-Takic Takic Latinx
ber-pro Proto-Berber Berber Latinx
bnt-ngu-pro Proto-Nguni Nguni Latinx Yes
bnt-pro Proto-Bantu Bantu Latinx Yes
bnt-sts-pro Proto-Sotho-Tswana Sotho-Tswana Latn
btk-pro Proto-Batak Batak Latinx
cau-abz-pro Proto-Abkhaz-Abaza Abkhaz-Abaza Latinx Proto-Abazgi, Proto-Abkhaz-Tapanta
cau-ava-pro Proto-Avaro-Andian Avaro-Andian Latinx
cau-cir-pro Proto-Circassian Circassian Latinx Proto-Adyghe-Kabardian, Proto-Adyghe-Circassian
cau-drg-pro Proto-Dargwa Dargwa Latinx Proto-Dargin
cau-lzg-pro Proto-Lezghian Lezghian Latinx
cau-nec-pro Proto-Northeast Caucasian Northeast Caucasian Latinx
cau-nkh-pro Proto-Nakh Nakh Latinx
cau-nwc-pro Proto-Northwest Caucasian Northwest Caucasian Latinx
cau-tsz-pro Proto-Tsezian Tsezian Latinx Proto-Tsezic, Proto-Didoic
cba-pro Proto-Chibchan Chibchan Latinx
ccn-pro Proto-North Caucasian North Caucasian Latinx
ccs-gzn-pro Proto-Georgian-Zan Georgian-Zan Latinx Yes
ccs-pro Proto-Kartvelian Kartvelian Latinx Yes
cdc-cbm-pro Proto-Central Chadic Central Chadic Latn Proto-Central-Chadic, Proto-Biu-Mandara
cdc-mas-pro Proto-Masa Masa Latn
cdc-pro Proto-Chadic Chadic Latn
cdd-pro Proto-Caddoan Caddoan Latinx
cel-pro Proto-Celtic Celtic Latinx Yes
chi-pro Proto-Chimakuan Chimakuan Latinx
cmc-pro Proto-Chamic Chamic Latinx
csu-bba-pro Proto-Bongo-Bagirmi Bongo-Bagirmi Latinx
csu-maa-pro Proto-Mangbetu Mangbetu Latinx
csu-pro Proto-Central Sudanic Central Sudanic Latinx
csu-sar-pro Proto-Sara Sara Latinx
cus-pro Proto-Cushitic Cushitic Latinx
dmn-mdw-pro Proto-Western Mande Western Mande Latinx
dmn-pro Proto-Mande Mande Latinx
dra-pro Proto-Dravidian Dravidian Latinx
dru-pro Proto-Rukai Austronesian Latinx
esx-esk-pro Proto-Eskimo Eskimo Latinx
esx-inu-pro Proto-Inuit Inuit Latinx
esx-pro Proto-Eskimo-Aleut Eskimo-Aleut Latinx
euq-pro Proto-Basque Vasconic Latinx
fiu-fin-pro Proto-Finnic Finnic Latn
gem-pro Proto-Germanic Germanic Latinx Yes
gmw-pro Proto-West Germanic West Germanic Latinx Yes
grk-pro Proto-Hellenic Hellenic Latinx Yes
hmn-pro Proto-Hmong Hmong Latinx
hmx-mie-pro Proto-Mien Mien Latinx
hmx-pro Proto-Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien Latinx
hyx-pro Proto-Armenian Armenian Latn
iir-nur-pro Proto-Nuristani Nuristani Latinx
iir-pro Proto-Indo-Iranian Indo-Iranian Latinx
ijo-pro Proto-Ijoid Ijoid Latinx Proto-Ijaw
inc-dar-pro Proto-Dardic Dardic Latinx Proto-Rigvedic
inc-pro Proto-Indo-Aryan Indo-Aryan Latinx
ine-ana-pro Proto-Anatolian Anatolian Latinx
ine-bsl-pro Proto-Balto-Slavic Balto-Slavic Latinx Yes
ine-pro Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Latinx Yes
ine-toc-pro Proto-Tocharian Tocharian Latinx
ira-kms-pro Proto-Komisenian Komisenian Latinx
ira-mny-pro Proto-Munji-Yidgha Munji-Yidgha Latinx
ira-mpr-pro Proto-Medo-Parthian Medo-Parthian Latinx
ira-pat-pro Proto-Pathan Pathan Latinx
ira-pro Proto-Iranian Iranian Latinx
ira-sgc-pro Proto-Sogdic Sogdic Latinx
ira-sgi-pro Proto-Sanglechi-Ishkashimi Sanglechi-Ishkashimi Latinx
ira-shr-pro Proto-Shughni-Roshani Shughni-Yazghulami Latinx
ira-shy-pro Proto-Shughni-Yazghulami Shughni-Yazghulami Latinx
ira-sym-pro Proto-Shughni-Yazghulami-Munji Shughni-Yazghulami-Munji Latinx
ira-zgr-pro Proto-Zaza-Gorani Zaza-Gorani Latinx
iro-pro Proto-Iroquoian Iroquoian Latinx
itc-pro Proto-Italic Italic Latinx
jpx-pro Proto-Japonic Japonic Latinx
jpx-ryu-pro Proto-Ryukyuan Ryukyuan Latinx
kar-pro Proto-Karen Karen Latinx
khi-kho-pro Proto-Khoe Khoe Latn
kro-pro Proto-Kru Kru Latn
map-ata-pro Proto-Atayalic Atayalic Latinx
map-pro Proto-Austronesian Austronesian Latinx
mkh-asl-pro Proto-Aslian Aslian Latn
mkh-ban-pro Proto-Bahnaric Bahnaric Latn
mkh-kat-pro Proto-Katuic Katuic Latinx
mkh-khm-pro Proto-Khmuic Khmuic Latn
mkh-kmr-pro Proto-Khmeric Khmeric Latn
mkh-mnc-pro Proto-Monic Monic Latn
mkh-pal-pro Proto-Palaungic Palaungic Latinx
mkh-pea-pro Proto-Pearic Pearic Latinx
mkh-pkn-pro Proto-Pakanic Pakanic Latn
mkh-pro Proto-Mon-Khmer Mon-Khmer Latinx
mkh-vie-pro Proto-Vietic Vietic Latinx
mun-pro Proto-Munda Munda Latinx
myn-pro Proto-Mayan Mayan Latinx
nai-chu-pro Proto-Chumash Chumashan Latinx
nai-ckn-pro Proto-Chinookan Chinookan Latinx
nai-klp-pro Proto-Kalapuyan Kalapuyan
nai-mdu-pro Proto-Maidun Maiduan Latinx
nai-miz-pro Proto-Mixe-Zoque Mixe-Zoquean Latinx
nai-plp-pro Proto-Plateau Penutian Plateau Penutian Latinx
nai-pom-pro Proto-Pomo Pomoan Latn
nai-sca-pro Proto-Siouan-Catawban Siouan-Catawban Latinx
nai-tot-pro Proto-Totozoquean Totozoquean Latinx
nai-tsi-pro Proto-Tsimshianic Tsimshianic Latinx
nai-utn-pro Proto-Utian Utian Latinx Proto-Miwok-Costanoan
ngf-pro Proto-Trans-New Guinea Trans-New Guinea Latn
nic-bco-pro Proto-Benue-Congo Benue-Congo Latn
nic-bod-pro Proto-Bantoid Bantoid Latn
nic-eov-pro Proto-Eastern Oti-Volta Eastern Oti-Volta Latn
nic-gns-pro Proto-Gurunsi Gurunsi Latn
nic-grf-pro Proto-Grassfields Grassfields Latn
nic-gur-pro Proto-Gur Gur Latn
nic-jkn-pro Proto-Jukunoid Jukunoid Latn
nic-lcr-pro Proto-Lower Cross River Lower Cross River Latn
nic-ogo-pro Proto-Ogoni Ogoni Latn
nic-ovo-pro Proto-Oti-Volta Oti-Volta Latn
nic-plt-pro Proto-Plateau Plateau Latn
nic-pro Proto-Niger-Congo Niger-Congo Latn
nic-ubg-pro Proto-Ubangian Ubangian Latn
nic-ucr-pro Proto-Upper Cross River Upper Cross River Latn
nic-vco-pro Proto-Volta-Congo Volta-Congo Latn
nub-pro Proto-Nubian Nubian Latn
omq-cha-pro Proto-Chatino Chatino Latn
omq-maz-pro Proto-Mazatec Mazatecan Latn
omq-mix-pro Proto-Mixtecan Mixtecan Latn
omq-mxt-pro Proto-Mixtec Mixtec Latn
omq-otp-pro Proto-Oto-Pamean Oto-Pamean Latn
omq-pro Proto-Oto-Manguean Oto-Manguean Latn
omq-tri-pro Proto-Trique Trique Latn
omq-zap-pro Proto-Zapotecan Zapotecan Latn
omq-zpc-pro Proto-Zapotec Zapotec Latn
omv-aro-pro Proto-Aroid Aroid Latn
omv-diz-pro Proto-Dizoid Dizoid Latn
omv-pro Proto-Omotic Omotic Latn
os-pro Proto-Ossetic Scythian Latinx Sarmatian
oto-otm-pro Proto-Otomi Otomi Latn
oto-pro Proto-Otomian Otomian Latn
phi-kal-pro Proto-Kalamian Kalamian Latn
phi-pro Proto-Philippine Philippine Latinx
poz-btk-pro Proto-Bungku-Tolaki Bungku-Tolaki Latinx
poz-cet-pro Proto-Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
poz-hce-pro Proto-Halmahera-Cenderawasih Halmahera-Cenderawasih Latinx Proto-South Halmahera - West New Guinea
poz-lgx-pro Proto-Lampungic Lampungic Latinx
poz-mcm-pro Proto-Malayo-Chamic Malayo-Chamic Latinx
poz-mly-pro Proto-Malayic Malayic Latinx
poz-msa-pro Proto-Malayo-Sumbawan Malayo-Sumbawan Latinx
poz-oce-pro Proto-Oceanic Oceanic Latinx
poz-pep-pro Proto-Eastern Polynesian Eastern Polynesian Latinx
poz-pnp-pro Proto-Nuclear Polynesian Nuclear Polynesian Latinx
poz-pol-pro Proto-Polynesian Polynesian Latinx
poz-pro Proto-Malayo-Polynesian Malayo-Polynesian Latinx Proto-Western Malayo-Polynesian
poz-ssw-pro Proto-South Sulawesi South Sulawesi Latinx
poz-sus-pro Proto-Sunda-Sulawesi Sunda-Sulawesi Latinx
poz-swa-pro Proto-North Sarawak North Sarawakan Latinx
pqe-pro Proto-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
qfa-adm-pro Proto-Great Andamanese Great Andamanese Latinx
qfa-cka-pro Proto-Chukotko-Kamchatkan Chukotko-Kamchatkan Latinx
qfa-hur-pro Proto-Hurro-Urartian Hurro-Urartian Latinx
qfa-kad-pro Proto-Kadu Kadu Latn
qfa-kms-pro Proto-Kam-Sui Kam-Sui Latn
qfa-kor-pro Proto-Korean Korean Latinx
qfa-kra-pro Proto-Kra Kra Latinx
qfa-lic-pro Proto-Hlai Hlai Latinx
qfa-onb-pro Proto-Ong-Be Ong-Be Latinx
qfa-ong-pro Proto-Ongan Ongan Latinx
qfa-tak-pro Proto-Kra-Dai Kra-Dai Latn
qfa-yen-pro Proto-Yeniseian Yeniseian Latinx
qfa-yuk-pro Proto-Yukaghir Yukaghir Latinx
sai-jee-pro Proto-Jê Latn Proto-Gê, Proto-Jean, Proto-Gean, Proto-Jê-Kaingang, Proto-Ye
sal-pro Proto-Salish Salishan Latn
sdv-daj-pro Proto-Daju Daju Latn
sdv-eje-pro Proto-Eastern Jebel Eastern Jebel Latn
sdv-nil-pro Proto-Nilotic Nilotic Latn
sdv-nyi-pro Proto-Nyima Nyima Latn
sdv-tmn-pro Proto-Taman Taman Latn
sem-pro Proto-Semitic Semitic Latinx
sem-wes-pro Proto-West Semitic West Semitic Latinx
sio-pro Proto-Siouan Siouan Latinx
sit-hrs-pro Proto-Hrusish Hrusish
sit-kha-pro Proto-Kham Kham
sit-luu-pro Proto-Luish Luish
sit-pro Proto-Sino-Tibetan Sino-Tibetan Latn
sit-tan-pro Proto-Tani Tani Latn
sla-pro Proto-Slavic Slavic Latinx Yes Yes
smi-pro Proto-Samic Sami Latn Yes
son-pro Proto-Songhay Songhay Latinx
sqj-pro Proto-Albanian Albanian Latinx
ssa-klk-pro Proto-Kuliak Kuliak Latinx
ssa-kom-pro Proto-Koman Koman Latinx
ssa-pro Proto-Nilo-Saharan Nilo-Saharan Latinx
syd-pro Proto-Samoyedic Samoyedic Latn
tai-pro Proto-Tai Tai Latinx
tai-swe-pro Proto-Southwestern Tai Southwestern Tai Latinx
tbq-bdg-pro Proto-Bodo-Garo Bodo-Garo Latinx
tbq-kuk-pro Proto-Kuki-Chin Kukish Latinx Proto-Kukish
tbq-lal-pro Proto-Lalo Loloish Latinx
tbq-lob-pro Proto-Lolo-Burmese Lolo-Burmese Latinx
tbq-lol-pro Proto-Loloish Loloish Latinx Proto-Nisoic
trk-pro Proto-Turkic Turkic Latinx
tup-gua-pro Proto-Tupi-Guarani Tupi-Guarani Latinx
tup-pro Proto-Tupian Tupian Latinx
tuw-pro Proto-Tungusic Tungusic Latinx
urj-mdv-pro Proto-Mordvinic Mordvinic Latn
urj-prm-pro Proto-Permic Permic Latn
urj-pro Proto-Uralic Uralic Latinx Proto-Finno-Ugric, Proto-Finno-Permic
urj-ugr-pro Proto-Ugric Ugric Latinx
xgn-pro Proto-Mongolic Mongolic Latinx
xil Illyrian Indo-European
xnd-pro Proto-Na-Dene Na-Dene Latinx Proto-Na-Dené, Proto-Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit
xsc-pro Proto-Scythian Scythian Latinx
xsc-sak-pro Proto-Saka Sakan Latinx
xsc-skw-pro Proto-Saka-Wakhi Saka-Wakhi Latinx
ypk-pro Proto-Yupik Yupik Latinx
zhx-min-pro Proto-Min Min Latinx

Minor constructed languagesEdit

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
afh Afrihili constructed Latn
art-blk Bolak constructed Latn
art-bsp Black Speech constructed Latn, Teng
art-com Communicationssprache constructed Latn
art-dtk Dothraki constructed Latn
art-elo Eloi constructed Latn
art-gld Goa'uld constructed Latn, Egyp, Mero
art-lap Lapine constructed Latn
art-man Mandalorian constructed Latn
art-mun Mundolinco constructed Latn
art-nav Na'vi constructed Latn
art-nox Noxilo constructed Latn
art-top Toki Pona constructed Latn
art-una Unas constructed Latn
avk Kotava constructed Latn
igs Glosa constructed
jbo Lojban constructed Latn
ldn Láadan constructed Latn
lfn Lingua Franca Nova constructed Latn, Cyrl
neu Neo constructed Latn
qya Quenya constructed Latn, Teng
rmv Romanova constructed
sjn Sindarin constructed Latn, Teng
tlh Klingon constructed Latn
tzl Talossan constructed Latn Yes

With sort key or diacritic removalEdit

These languages have the sort_key and/or entry_name value set. These properties are used to generate a sort key or an entry name, by removing diacritics and the like.

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
aa Afar Cushitic Latn Yes
aao Algerian Saharan Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ab Abkhaz Abkhaz-Abaza Cyrl, Geor, Latn Yes
abv Baharna Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
acm Iraqi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
acq Ta'izzi-Adeni Arabic Arabic Arab Southern Yemeni Arabic Yes
acw Hijazi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
acx Omani Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
adf Dhofari Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aeb Tunisian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aec Saidi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
af Afrikaans West Germanic Latn, Arab Yes
afb Gulf Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ahk Akha Loloish Latn, Mymr, Thai Yes
ajp South Levantine Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
alg-pro Proto-Algonquian Algonquian Latinx Yes
alv-ama Amasi Southwest Grassfields Latn Yes
ang Old English West Germanic Latinx, Runr Yes Yes
apc North Levantine Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
apd Sudanese Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aql-pro Proto-Algic Algic Latinx Yes
ar Arabic Arabic Arab, Brai Modern Standard Arabic, Standard Arabic, Literary Arabic, Classical Arabic Yes
arc Aramaic Aramaic Hebr, Armi, Syrc, Palm, Nbat, Phnx, Mand, Samr, Hatr Yes
arq Algerian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ars Najdi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ary Moroccan Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
arz Egyptian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
av Avar Northeast Caucasian Cyrl Yes
avl Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic Arabic Arab Bedawi Arabic, Levantine Bedawi Arabic Yes
axm Middle Armenian Armenian Armn Yes
ayh Hadrami Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayl Libyan Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayn Sanaani Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayp North Mesopotamian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
bbl Bats Nakh Geor Batsbi, Tsova-Tush Yes
bdk Budukh Lezghian Cyrl Yes
be Belarusian East Slavic Cyrl Yes Yes
bg Bulgarian South Slavic Cyrl Yes
blr Blang Palaungic Latn, Tale, Lana, Thai Bulang, Pulang, Kontoi, Shinman Yes
blt Tai Dam Southwestern Tai Tavt Yes
bnt-ngu-pro Proto-Nguni Nguni Latinx Yes
bnt-phu Phuthi Nguni Latn Yes
bnt-pro Proto-Bantu Bantu Latinx Yes
ca Catalan Romance Latn Yes
cbn Nyah Kur Monic Thai Yes
ccs-gzn-pro Proto-Georgian-Zan Georgian-Zan Latinx Yes
ccs-pro Proto-Kartvelian Kartvelian Latinx Yes
ce Chechen Vainakh Cyrl Yes
cel-bry-pro Proto-Brythonic Brythonic Latinx Yes
cel-pro Proto-Celtic Celtic Latinx Yes
chg Chagatai Karluk Arab Yes
chl Cahuilla Cupan Latn Yes
chm Eastern Mari Uralic Cyrl Meadow Mari, Lowland Mari, Midland Mari, Standard Mari, Upo Mari, Mari, Mari (Russia) Yes
chy Cheyenne Algonquian Latn Yes
cim Cimbrian West Germanic Latn Yes Yes
ckb Central Kurdish Northwestern Iranian ku-Arab Yes
cog Chong Pearic Thai, Khmr Yes
cop Coptic Egyptian Copt Yes Yes
cpg Cappadocian Greek Hellenic polytonic, fa-Arab Yes
cs Czech West Slavic Latn Yes
ctp Western Highland Chatino Chatino Latn Yes Yes
cu Old Church Slavonic South Slavic Cyrs, Glag Yes Yes
cy Welsh Brythonic Latn Yes
de German West Germanic Latn, Latf Yes
dsb Lower Sorbian Sorbian Latn Yes
dum Middle Dutch West Germanic Latn Yes
el Greek Hellenic Grek, Brai Yes
en English West Germanic Latn, Brai, Shaw, Dsrt Yes
enm Middle English West Germanic Latn Yes
eo Esperanto constructed Latn Yes
es Spanish West Iberian Latn, Brai Yes
eve Even Tungusic Cyrl, Latn Yes
evn Evenki Tungusic Cyrl Yes
fa Persian Southwestern Iranian fa-Arab Yes
fi Finnish Finnic Latn Yes Yes
fr French Oïl Latn, Brai Yes
frm Middle French Oïl Latn Yes
fro Old French Oïl Latn, Hebr Yes
frp Franco-Provençal Romance Latn Yes
fy West Frisian Frisian Latn Yes
ga Irish Goidelic Latn Yes
gd Scottish Gaelic Goidelic Latn Yes
gem-pro Proto-Germanic Germanic Latinx Yes
gl Galician West Iberian Latn Yes
gld Nanai Tungusic Cyrl Goldi, Hezhen Yes
gmh Middle High German West Germanic Latn Yes
gml Middle Low German West Germanic Latn Yes
gmq-oda Old Danish North Germanic Latn Yes
gmq-osw Old Swedish North Germanic Latn Yes
gmw-pro Proto-West Germanic West Germanic Latinx Yes
goh Old High German West Germanic Latn Yes
got Gothic East Germanic Goth, Runr Yes
grc Ancient Greek Hellenic polytonic, Cprt Yes Yes
grk-mar Mariupol Greek Hellenic Cyrl, Latn, Grek Yes
grk-pro Proto-Hellenic Hellenic Latinx Yes
gv Manx Goidelic Latn Yes
ha Hausa West Chadic Latn, Arab Yes Yes
haw Hawaiian Eastern Polynesian Latn Yes
he Hebrew Canaanite Hebr, Phnx, Brai Yes
hil Hiligaynon Philippine Latn Yes
hsb Upper Sorbian Sorbian Latn Yes
hu Hungarian Ugric Latn, Hung Yes
huz Hunzib Tsezian Cyrl Yes
hy Armenian Armenian Armn, Brai Yes Yes
ilo Ilocano Philippine Latn, Tglg Ilokano Yes
ine-bsl-pro Proto-Balto-Slavic Balto-Slavic Latinx Yes
ine-pae Paeonian Indo-European polytonic Yes Yes
ine-pro Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Latinx Yes
inh Ingush Vainakh Cyrl Yes
it Italian Italo-Dalmatian Latn Yes
itc-ola Old Latin Italic Latn, Ital Yes
ka Georgian Georgian-Zan Geor, Geok, Hebr Yes
kcn Nubi creole or pidgin Latn, Arab Ki-Nubi Yes
khb Southwestern Tai Talu, Lana Yes Yes
kjg Khmu Mon-Khmer Laoo Yes
kjj Khinalug Northeast Caucasian Cyrl Khinalig, Xinalug, Xinalugh, Khinalugh Yes
kkh Khün Southwestern Tai Lana, Thai Tai Khün, Dai Kun Yes
kmr Northern Kurdish Northwestern Iranian Latn, Cyrl, Armn, ku-Arab Kurmanji Yes
kr Kanuri Saharan Latn, Arab Yes Yes
kxm Northern Khmer Khmeric Thai, Khmr Thai Khmer, Surin Khmer Yes
la Latin Italic Latn Yes
lez Lezgi Lezghian Cyrl Lezgian, Lezgin Yes
lg Luganda Nyoro-Ganda Latn Yes Yes
liv Livonian Finnic Latn Yes
lki Laki Northwestern Iranian fa-Arab Yes
lmy Laboya Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latn Lamboya Yes
lo Lao Southwestern Tai Laoo Yes
lt Lithuanian Baltic Latn Yes
lui Luiseño Cupan Latn Luiseno, Juaneño, Juaneno Yes
lv Latvian Baltic Latn Yes
lwl Eastern Lawa Palaungic Thai, Latn Yes
lzz Laz Zan Geor, Latn Yes
mez Menominee Algonquian Latn Yes
mfa Pattani Malay Malayic Latn, Thai, Arab Yes
mfy Mayo Taracahitic Latn Yes
mga Middle Irish Goidelic Latn Yes Yes
mh Marshallese Micronesian Latn Yes
mhn Mòcheno West Germanic Latn Yes
miq Miskito Misumalpan Latn Miskitu Yes
mk Macedonian South Slavic Cyrl Yes
moe Montagnais Algonquian Latn Yes
mtq Muong Vietic Latn Yes
nci Classical Nahuatl Nahuan Latn Yes
nd Northern Ndebele Nguni Latn Yes
nl Dutch West Germanic Latn Yes
nod Northern Thai Southwestern Tai Lana, Thai Yes
nr Southern Ndebele Nguni Latn Yes
nrf Norman Oïl Latn Cauchois, Jèrriais, Jersiais, Jersey French, Jersey Norman, Jersey Norman French, Guernésiais, Guernesiais, Dgèrnésiais, Guernsey French, Guernsey Norman French, Augeron, Sercquiais, Auregnais, Cotentinais, Brayon, Roumois Yes
ntp Northern Tepehuan Uto-Aztecan Latn Yes
nv Navajo Apachean nv-Latn Yes
ny Chichewa Nyasa Latn Yes Yes
nzd Nzadi Boma-Dzing Latn Ngiemba, Lensibun, Ndzé Ntaa Yes
oc Occitan Romance Latn, Hebr Yes
odt Old Dutch West Germanic Latn, Runr Yes
ofs Old Frisian Frisian Latn Yes
oge Old Georgian Georgian-Zan Geor Yes
oj Ojibwe Algonquian Cans, Latn Yes
okm Middle Korean Korean Kore Yes
olt Old Lithuanian Baltic Latn Yes
orv Old East Slavic East Slavic Cyrs Old Russian Yes Yes
os Ossetian Scythian Cyrl, Geor, Latn Yes
osx Old Saxon West Germanic Latn Old Low German Yes
pa Punjabi Indo-Aryan Guru, pa-Arab Yes
pcc Bouyei Northern Tai Latn, Hani Yes
pcd Picard Oïl Latn Chti, Ch'ti, Rouchi, Rouchy Yes
pi Pali Old Indo-Aryan Latn, Brah, Deva, Beng, Sinh, Mymr, Thai, Lana, Laoo, Khmr Yes Yes
pl Polish Lechitic Latn Yes
pnt Pontic Greek Hellenic Grek, Latn, Cyrl Pontic Yes
ppl Pipil Nahuan Latn Nahuat, Náhuat, Nawat, Náwat Yes
prg Old Prussian Baltic Latn Prussian Yes
pro Old Occitan Romance Latn Old Provençal, Old Provencal Yes
pt Portuguese West Iberian Latn, Brai Yes
pua Purepecha isolate Latn Tarascan, Tarasco, P'urhepecha, Purépecha, P'urhépecha, Phorhépecha, Phorhé, Porhé Yes
ro Romanian Eastern Romance Latn, Cyrl Yes
roa-ang Angevin Oïl Latn Craonnais, Baugeois, Saumurois Yes
roa-bbn Bourbonnais-Berrichon Oïl Latn Bourbonnais, Berrichon, Moulins, Allier, Nivernais, Haut-Berrichon, Bas-Berrichon Yes
roa-brg Bourguignon Oïl Latn Burgundian, Bregognon, Dijonnais, Morvandiau, Morvandeau, Morvan, Bourguignon-Morvandiau, Mâconnais, Brionnais, Brionnais-Charolais, Auxerrois, Beaunois, Langrois, Valsaônois, Verduno-Chalonnais, Sédelocien Yes
roa-cha Champenois Oïl Latn Bassignot, Langrois, Sennonais, Vallage, Troyen, Briard, Der, Perthois, Rémois, Argonnais, Porcien, Ardennais, Sugny Yes
roa-fcm Franc-Comtois Oïl Latn Frainc-Comtou, Comtois, Jurassien, Ajoulot, Vâdais, Taignon, Bisontin, Bousbot Yes
roa-gal Gallo Oïl Latn Yes
roa-lor Lorrain Oïl Latn Gaumais, Vosgien, Welche, Argonnais, Longovicien, Messin, Nancéien, Spinalien, Déodatien Yes
roa-oca Old Catalan Romance Latn Yes
roa-orl Orléanais Oïl Latn Beauceron, Solognot, Gâtinais, Blaisois, Vendômois Yes
roa-poi Poitevin-Saintongeais Oïl Latn Poitevin, Saintongeais, Maraîchin Yes
roa-tou Tourangeau Oïl Latn Yes
ru Russian East Slavic Cyrl, Brai Yes Yes
rue Rusyn East Slavic Cyrl Yes
rw Rwanda-Rundi Great Lakes Bantu Latn Yes
sa Sanskrit Old Indo-Aryan Deva, Bali, as-Beng, Beng, Bhks, Brah, Gran, Gujr, Guru, Java, Khar, Khmr, Knda, Lana, Laoo, Mlym, Mymr, Newa, Orya, Saur, Shrd, Sidd, Sinh, Taml, Telu, Thai, Tibt, Tirh Yes Yes
sam Samaritan Aramaic Western Aramaic Samr Samaritan Yes
sd Sindhi Indo-Aryan sd-Arab, Deva, Sind, Khoj Yes
sdh Southern Kurdish Northwestern Iranian ku-Arab, Latn Kermanshani, Kermanshahi, Kermanshahi Kurdish, Kermanshani Kurdish Yes
se Northern Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sga Old Irish Goidelic Latn Yes Yes
sh Serbo-Croatian South Slavic Latn, Cyrl, Glag Yes
shn Shan Southwestern Tai Mymr Kwam Tai, Kam Tai, Tai Yai Yes
shu Chadian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
sjd Kildin Sami Sami Cyrl Yes
sje Pite Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sju Ume Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sk Slovak West Slavic Latn Yes
skb Saek Northern Tai Thai Yes
sl Slovene South Slavic Latn Yes Yes
sla-pro Proto-Slavic Slavic Latinx Yes Yes
sma Southern Sami Sami Latn Yes
smi-pro Proto-Samic Sami Latn Yes
smj Lule Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
smn Inari Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
smp Samaritan Hebrew Canaanite Samr Samaritan Yes
sms Skolt Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sn Shona Shona Latn Yes
so Somali Cushitic Latn, Arab, Osma Yes
soa Thai Song Southwestern Tai Tavt, Thai Lao Song, Song Yes
sou Southern Thai Southwestern Tai Thai Yes
sq Albanian Albanian Latn, Grek, Elba Yes Yes
ss Swazi Nguni Latn Yes
ssh Shihhi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
st Sotho Sotho-Tswana Latn Yes
sva Svan Kartvelian Geor, Cyrl Yes
sw Swahili Swahili Latn, Arab Yes
swb Maore Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
syc Classical Syriac Eastern Aramaic Syrc Yes
syd-fne Forest Nenets Samoyedic Cyrl Yes
tab Tabasaran Lezghian Cyrl Tabassaran Yes
tar Central Tarahumara Taracahitic Latn Yes
tg Tajik Southwestern Iranian Cyrl, fa-Arab, Latn Yes Yes
th Thai Southwestern Tai Thai, Brai Yes
thm Thavung Vietic Thai Aheu, So (Thavung) Yes
tk Turkmen Oghuz Latn, Cyrl Yes
tl Tagalog Philippine Latn, Tglg Yes
to Tongan Polynesian Latn Yes Yes
tru Turoyo Central Neo-Aramaic Syrc, Latn Yes
tsd Tsakonian Hellenic Grek Yes
tts Isan Southwestern Tai Thai Yes
twh Tai Dón Southwestern Tai Tavt Tai Khao, White Tai Yes
tzl Talossan constructed Latn Yes
ugo Gong Lolo-Burmese Thai Ugong Yes
uk Ukrainian East Slavic Cyrl Yes
umu Munsee Lenape Latn Yes
ur Urdu Indo-Aryan ur-Arab Yes
urk Urak Lawoi' Malayic Thai Urak Lawoi, Orak Lawoi', Orak Lawoi, Lawta, Chao Tha Le, Chao Nam, Lawoi Yes
vi Vietnamese Vietic Latn, Hani Yes
vmf East Franconian West Germanic Latn Ansbachisch, Eastern Franconian, Hohenlohisch, Main Franconian, Mainfränkisch, Nürnbergisch, Oberfränkisch, Upper Franconian, Vogtländisch Yes
wa Walloon Oïl Latn Yes
wlc Mwali Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
wlm Middle Welsh Brythonic Latn Yes Yes
wni Ndzwani Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
wym Vilamovian West Germanic Latn Wilamowicean, Vilamovicean, Wymysorys Yes
xaa Andalusian Arabic Arabic Arab, Latn Andalusi Arabic, Moorish Arabic, Spanish Arabic Yes
xbc Bactrian Sogdo-Bactrian Grek, Mani Greco-Bactrian, Kushan, Kushano-Bactrian Yes
xcl Old Armenian Armenian Armn Classical Armenian, Liturgical Armenian, Grabar Yes
xfa Faliscan Italic Ital, Latn Yes
xh Xhosa Nguni Latn Yes
xmk Ancient Macedonian Hellenic polytonic Yes Yes
yi Yiddish West Germanic Hebr Yes
yo Yoruba Yoruboid Latn Yes Yes
yrk Tundra Nenets Samoyedic Cyrl Nenets, Yurak Yes
za Zhuang Tai Latn, Hani Yes
zdj Ngazidja Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
zea Zealandic West Germanic Latn Yes
zh Chinese Sinitic Hani, Brai, Nshu Yes
zhn Nong Zhuang Central Tai Latn Yes
zle-ono Old Novgorodian East Slavic Cyrs, Glag Yes Yes
zu Zulu Nguni Latn Yes


Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?

Etymology-only languagesEdit

Codes Canonical name Other names Parent
abh-prk Abhiri Sanskrit
xme-abz Abuzeydabadi Kermanic
xme-aby Abyanehi Kermanic
Acadian French, fr-aca, fra-aca Acadian French French
elx-ach Achaemenid Elamite Elamite
add-dv Addu Dhivehi Addu Divehi, Addu Bas Dhivehi
grc-aeo Aeolic Greek Ancient Greek
ps-afr Afridi Northeastern Pashto
cop-akh Akhmimic Coptic Coptic
xln Alanic Old Ossetic
AE., American English, en-US American English English
xme-amo Amorehi Tafreshi
nan-xm Amoy Xiamenese Hokkien
xme-ana Anaraki Kermanic
tly-anb Anbarani Northern Talysh
mkh-okm-A Angkorian Old Khmer Old Khmer
ang-ang Anglian Old English Old English
xno Anglo-Norman Old French
oc-ara Aranese Gascon
aae Arbëresh Albanian Albanian
grc-arc Arcadian Greek Arcadocypriot Greek
grc-arp Arcadocypriot Greek Ancient Greek
xme-ard Ardestani Kermanic
klj-arg Arghu Khalaj
qwm-arm Armeno-Kipchak Kipchak
aat Arvanitika Albanian Albanian
tly-asa Asalemi Central Talysh
atn, xme-ast Ashtiani Tafreshi
grc-att Attic Greek Ancient Greek
AG., Austrian German, de-AT Austrian German German
oc-auv Auvergnat Occitan
prk-avt Avanti Sanskrit
tly-aze Azerbaijani Talysh Northern Talysh
xme-bdr Badrudi Kermanic
bhl-prk Bahliki Sanskrit
sgh-baj Bajui Khughni-Bajui
bsg-ban Bandari Bashkardi
ps-bng Bangash Northeastern Pashto
ps-ban Bannu Southeastern Pashto
sgh-bar Bartangi Bartangi-Oroshori
sgh-bro Bartangi-Oroshori Shughni
bsg-bas Bashkardi Bashkardi
arc-bib Biblical Aramaic Aramaic
hbo Biblical Hebrew Hebrew
xme-bid Bidhandi Kermanic
xme-bij Bijagani Kermanic
grc-boi Boeotian Greek Aeolic Greek
cop-boh Bohairic Coptic Coptic
hi-mum Bombay Hindi Hindi
xme-bor Borujerdi Tafreshi
sa-bra Brahmanic Sanskrit Sanskrit
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese
BE., British English, en-GB British English English
sa-bhs Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Sanskrit
fay-bur Burenjani Southwestern Fars
fay-bsh Bushehri Southwestern Fars
Medieval Greek, gkm Byzantine Greek Ancient Greek
frc Cajun French French
ncb-cam Camorta Central Nicobarese
sc-sro Campidanese Sardinian
CF., Canadian French, fr-CA Canadian French French
cnd-prk Candali Sanskrit
ps-cgi Central Ghilzay Northwestern Pashto
tly-cen Central Talysh Talysh
xme-ttc-cen Central Tati Old Tati
ckm, sh-cha Chakavian Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian
mn-cha Chakhar Mongolian Mongolian
tks-cal Chali Ramandi
xme-cim Chimehi Kermanic
xcg Cisalpine Gaulish Gaulish
fa-cls Classical Persian Persian
sa-cls Classical Sanskrit Sanskrit
tl-cls Classical Tagalog Tagalog
bnt-cmn Common Bantu Proto-Bantu
trk-cmn Common Turkic Proto-Turkic
cop-ggg Coptic Dialect G Coptic
cop-jjj Coptic Dialect J Coptic
cop-kkk Coptic Dialect K Coptic
cop-ppp Coptic Dialect P Coptic
grc-kre Cretan Ancient Greek Doric Greek
el-crt Cretan Greek Greek
el-cyp Cypriot Greek Greek
dks-prk Daksinatya Sanskrit
tks-dan Danesfani Ramandi
prs Dari Persian
fay-dsh Dashtaki Southwestern Fars
fay-dav Davani Southwestern Fars
xme-del Delijani Kermanic
os-dig Digor Ossetian
grc-dor Doric Greek Ancient Greek
drm-prk Dramili Sanskrit
bry-ear Early Brythonic Proto-Brythonic
cmn-ear Early Mandarin Mandarin
ltc-ear Early Middle Chinese Middle Chinese
ja-mid-ear Early Middle Japanese Middle Japanese
okm-ear Early Middle Korean Middle Korean
xng-ear Early Middle Mongolian Middle Mongolian
pal-ear Early Middle Persian Middle Persian
cs-ear Early Modern Czech Czech
ja-ear Early Modern Japanese Japanese
ko-ear Early Modern Korean Korean
och-ear Early Old Chinese Old Chinese
oos-ear Early Old Ossetic Old Ossetic
peo-ear Early Old Persian Old Persian
Early Scots, O.Sc., Old Scots, sco-osc Early Scots Middle English
sog-ear Early Sogdian Sogdian
bal-eas, bgp Eastern Balochi Baluchi
xme-ttc-eas Eastern Tati Old Tati
tks-ebr Ebrahimabadi Ramandi
EL., Ecclesiastical Latin, la-ecc Ecclesiastical Latin Latin
grc-ela Elean Greek Ancient Greek
fay-eze Emamzada Esma’ili Southwestern Fars
grc-epc Epic Greek Ancient Greek
tks-esf Esfarvarini Ramandi
xme-far Farizandi Kermanic
cop-fay Fayyumic Coptic Coptic
frk Frankish Proto-West Germanic
tly-fum Fumani Southern Talysh
oc-gas Gascon Occitan
fay-gav Gavkoshaki Southwestern Fars
gzi, xme-gaz Gazi Kermanic
en-geo Geordie English English
aln Gheg Albanian Albanian
nrf-grn, roa-grn Guernsey Norman Norman
nan-hai Hainanese Min Nan
xme-ham Hamadani Tafreshi
xme-han Hanjani Kermanic
arc-hat Hatran Aramaic Aramaic
cop-her Hermopolitan Coptic Coptic
xum-her Hernician Umbrian
nan-hok Hokkien Min Nan
bsg-hor Hormozi Bashkardi
hvd-dv Huvadhu Dhivehi Huvadhu Divehi, Huvadhu Bas Dhivehi
und-idn Idiom Neutral Undetermined
arc-imp Imperial Aramaic Aramaic
Ins.Sc., Insular Scots, sco-ins Insular Scots Scots
grc-ion Ionic Greek Ancient Greek
fa-ira Iranian Persian Modern Persian Persian
os-iro Iron Ossetian
xme-isf Isfahani Kermanic
ps-jad Jadrani Pashto
nrf-jer, roa-jer Jersey Norman Norman
sem-jar Jewish Aramaic Aramaic
tmr Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Aramaic
jpa Jewish Palestinian Aramaic Aramaic
nan-jj Jinjiang Hokkien Quanzhou Hokkien
rdb-jir Jirofti Rudbari
xme-jow Jowshaqani Kermanic
xme-kaf Kafroni Kermanic
xme-kah Kahaki Tafreshi
rdb-kah Kahnuji Rudbari
kjv, sh-kaj Kajkavian Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian
ps-kak Kakari Southeastern Pashto
bsh-kam, xvi Kamviri Kamkata-viri
ps-kan Kandahari Southwestern Pashto
oru-kan Kaniguram Ormuri
tly-kar Karganrudi Central Talysh
xme-kas Kashani Kermanic
ncb-kat Katchal Tehnu Central Nicobarese
gu-kat Kathiyawadi Gujarati
bsh-kat Kativiri Kamkata-viri
xme-krm Kermani Kermanic
xme-kes Kesehi Kermanic
mn-kha Khalkha Mongolian Mongolian
fay-kar Khargi Southwestern Fars
ps-xat Khatak Northeastern Pashto
tks-xia Khiaraji Ramandi
fay-kho Khollari Southwestern Fars
mn-khr Khorchin Mongolian Mongolian
tks-xoz Khoznini Ramandi
sgh-xuf Khufi Roshani-Khufi
sgh-xug Khughni Khughni-Bajui
sgh-xgb Khughni-Bajui Shughni
kfm, xme-xun Khunsari Kermanic
xme-xur Khuri Kermanic
rw-kin Kinyarwanda Rwanda-Rundi
rw-run Kirundi Rwanda-Rundi
Koine, grc-koi Koine Greek Ancient Greek
xme-kom Komjani Kermanic
fay-kon Kondazi Southwestern Fars
alv-kro Kromanti creole or pidgin family
Kölsch, ksh Kölsch Central Franconian
oc-lan Languedocien Occitan
akk-lbb Late Babylonian Akkadian
bry-lat Late Brythonic Proto-Brythonic
egy-lat Late Egyptian Egyptian
kho-lat Late Khotanese Old Khotanese
LL, LL., Late Latin, la-lat Late Latin Latin
ltc-lat Late Middle Chinese Middle Chinese
ja-mid-lat Late Middle Japanese Middle Japanese
xng-lat Late Middle Mongolian Middle Mongolian
pal-lat Late Middle Persian Middle Persian
och-lat Late Old Chinese Old Chinese
oos-lat Late Old Ossetic Old Ossetic
peo-lat Late Old Persian Old Persian
sog-lat Late Sogdian Early Sogdian
oc-lim Limousin Occitan
gu-lda Lisan ud-Dawat Gujarati Gujarati
oru-log Logar Ormuri
sc-src Logudorese Sardinian
Lombardic, goh-lng, lng Lombardic Old High German
osc-luc Lucanian Oscan
Lunfardo, es-lun Lunfardo Spanish
cop-lyc Lycopolitan Coptic Coptic
xme-mah Mahallati Kermanic
ps-mah Mahsudi Northwestern Pashto
qwm-mam Mamluk-Kipchak Kipchak
mjg-min Mangghuer Minhe Monguor Monguor
xmn Manichaean Middle Persian Middle Persian
tly-msa Masali Southern Talysh
fay-mas Masarami Southwestern Fars
tly-msu Masulei Southern Talysh
ML, ML., Medieval Latin, la-med Medieval Latin Latin
si-med Medieval Sinhalese Sinhalese
ang-mer Mercian Old English Old English
es-MX Mexican Spanish Spanish
xme-mey Meymehi Kermanic
akk-mas Middle Assyrian Akkadian
akk-mbb Middle Babylonian Akkadian
egy-mid Middle Egyptian Classical Egyptian Egyptian
elx-mid Middle Elamite Elamite
hi-mid Middle Hindi Hindi
MIr., ira-mid Middle Iranian Iranian family
ja-mid Middle Japanese Old Japanese
kok-mid Middle Konkani Konkani
Mid.Sc., Middle Scots, sco-smi Middle Scots Early Scots
ta-mid Middle Tamil Tamil
bsg-min Minabi Bashkardi
he-mis Mishnaic Hebrew Hebrew
inc-mit Mitanni Proto-Indo-Aryan
he-IL Modern Israeli Hebrew Hebrew
mjg-huz Mongghul Huzhu Monguor Monguor
mlk-dv Mulaku Dhivehi Mulaku Divehi, Mulaku Bas Dhivehi
bsh-mum Mumviri Kamkata-viri
ncb-nan Nancowry Central Nicobarese
xme-nar Naraqi Kermanic
xme-nas Nashalji Kermanic
ntz, xme-nat Natanzi Kermanic
nyq, xme-nay Nayini Kermanic
akk-nas Neo-Assyrian Akkadian
akk-nbb Neo-Babylonian Akkadian
elx-neo Neo-Elamite Elamite
egy-nmi Neo-Middle Egyptian Égyptien de tradition, Traditional Egyptian Egyptian
NL., New Latin, la-new New Latin Latin
sa-neo New Sanskrit Sanskrit
ps-nea Northeastern Pashto Pashto
enm-nor Northern Middle English Middle English
Nor.Sc., Northern Scots, sco-nor Northern Scots Scots
tly-nor Northern Talysh Talysh
xme-ttc-nor Northern Tati Old Tati
ang-nor Northumbrian Old English Old English
ps-nwe Northwestern Pashto Pashto
sc-nuo Nuorese Logudorese
xme-nus Nushabadi Kermanic
odr-prk Odri Sanskrit
akk-old Old Akkadian Akkadian
akk-oas Old Assyrian Akkadian
ae-old Old Avestan Avestan
awa-old Old Awadhi Awadhi
xme-azr Old Azari Azari, Azeri, Āḏarī, Adari, Adhari Old Tati
akk-obb Old Babylonian Akkadian
zle-obe Old Belarusian Old East Slavic
bra-old Old Braj Braj
cop-old Old Coptic Coptic
non-oen Old East Norse Old Norse
egy-old Old Egyptian Egyptian
elx-old Old Elamite Elamite
non-ogt Old Gutnish Old Norse
OIr., ira-old Old Iranian Iranian family
it-oit, roa-oit Old Italian Italian
fay-kzo Old Kazeruni Southwestern Fars
kho-old Old Khotanese Khotanese
otk-kir Old Kirghiz Old Turkic
kok-old Old Konkani Konkani
ONF., Old Northern French, fro-nor Old Northern French Old French
pa-old Old Punjabi Punjabi
zle-oru Old Russian Old East Slavic
fay-sho Old Shirazi Southwestern Fars
tl-old Old Tagalog Tagalog
zle-ouk Old Ukrainian Old East Slavic
non-own Old West Norse Old Norse
hsn-old Old Xiang Lou-Shao Xiang
loc-opu Opuntian Locrian Ancient Greek
mn-ord Ordos Mongolian Mongolian
sgh-oro Oroshori Roshorvi Bartangi-Oroshori
cop-oxy Oxyrhynchite Coptic Coptic
loc-ozo Ozolian Locrian Ancient Greek
psc-prk Paisaci Sanskrit
pfl Palatine German Rhine Franconian
arc-pal Palmyrene Aramaic Aramaic
grc-pam Pamphylian Greek Ancient Greek
el-pap Paphian Greek Greek
fay-pap Papuni Southwestern Fars
ps-pes Peshawari Northeastern Pashto
nan-ph Philippine Hokkien Jinjiang Hokkien
fro-pic Picard Old French Old French
zhx-pin Pinghua Cantonese
prc-prk Pracya Sanskrit
mkh-okm-P Pre-Angkorian Old Khmer Old Khmer
pregrc, qfa-sub-grc Pre-Greek substrate family
bat-pro Proto-Baltic Proto-Balto-Slavic
urj-fpr-pro Proto-Finno-Permic Proto-Uralic
fiu-pro Proto-Finno-Ugric Proto-Uralic
cop-ply Proto-Lycopolitan Coptic Coptic
trk-ogz-pro Proto-Oghuz Southwestern Common Turkic Proto-Turkic
tbq-pro Proto-Tibeto-Burman Proto-Sino-Tibetan
oc-pro, prv Provençal Occitan
xme-qal Qalhari Kermanic
xme-qoh Qohrudi Kermanic
nan-qz Quanzhou Hokkien Hokkien
RL., Renaissance Latin, la-ren Renaissance Latin Latin
sgh-ros Roshani Roshani-Khufi
sgh-rsx Roshani-Khufi Shughni
rdb-rud Rudbari Rudbari
sbr-prk Sabari Sanskrit
tks-sag Sagzabadi Ramandi
cop-sah Sahidic Coptic Coptic
skr-prk Sakari Sanskrit
fay-sam Samghani Southwestern Fars
osc-sam Samnite Oscan
xme-sed Sedehi Kermanic
tly-san Shandarmani Southern Talysh
wuu-sha Shanghainese Wu
tai-shz Shangsi Zhuang Zhuang
ps-ser Sher Southeastern Pashto
fay-shr Shirazi Southwestern Fars
oc-jud Shuadit Occitan
sli Silesian German East Central German
soj, xme-soi Soi Kermanic
fay-sor Sorkhi Southwestern Fars
Borders Scots, Sou.Sc., Southern Scots, sco-sou South Scots Scots
ps-sea Southeastern Pashto Pashto
bal-sou, bcc Southern Balochi Baluchi
tly-sou Southern Talysh Talysh
xme-ttc-sou Southern Tati Old Tati
ps-swe Southwestern Pashto Pashto
gem-sue Suevic West Germanic family
de-CH Swiss High German German
Swiss French, Switzerland French, fr-CH Switzerland French French
Swiss Italian, Switzerland Italian, it-CH Switzerland Italian Italian
tks-tak Takestani Ramandi
tly-tal Taleshdulabi Central Talysh
xme-trh Tarehi Kermanic
xme-tar Tari Kermanic
grc-ths Thessalian Greek Aeolic Greek
sh-tor Torlakian Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian
als Tosk Albanian Albanian
xtg Transalpine Gaulish Gaulish
tly-tul Tularudi Central Talysh
und-tdt Turdetani Undetermined
und-tdl Turduli Undetermined
Uls.Sc., Ulster Scots, sco-uls Ulster Scots Scots
es-US United States Spanish Spanish
sxu Upper Saxon East Central German
vaf, xme-vaf Vafsi Tafreshi
ca-val Valencian Catalan
xme-val Valujerdi Kermanic
xme-var Varani Kermanic
xme-vrz Varzenehi Kermanic
sa-ved Vedic Sanskrit Sanskrit
VG., Viennese German, de-AT-vie Viennese German Austrian German
oc-viv Vivaro-Alpine Occitan
xme-von Vonishuni Kermanic
VL., Vulgar Latin, la-vul Vulgar Latin Latin
ps-waz Waziri Southeastern Pashto
bal-wes Western Balochi Baluchi
bgn Western Balochi Baluchi
xme-ttc-wes Western Tati Old Tati
woy Weyto Undetermined
und-xbi Xianbei Undetermined
und-xnu Xiongnu Undetermined
xme-yar Yarandi Kermanic
xme-yaz Yazdi Kermanic
ae-yng Younger Avestan Old Avestan
xme-zef Zefrehi Kermanic
nan-zz Zhangzhou Hokkien Hokkien
xme-zor Zori Kermanic
gbz, xme-dar Zoroastrian Dari Behdināni, Gabri, Gavrŭni, Gabrōni Kermanic
qfa-sub-ibe a pre-Roman substrate of Iberia substrate family
qfa-sub-bal a pre-Roman substrate of the Balkans substrate family
pygmy, qfa-pyg a substrate language originally spoken by the Pygmies substrate family
Tax., mul-tax taxonomic name Translingual
qfa-sub-bma the BMAC substrate substrate family