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This page lists languages by any particular property that they may have.

Not allowed in main namespace

These languages are not permitted to have entries in the main namespace, only in the Appendix or Reconstruction namespaces.

Reconstructed languages

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
aav-khs-pro Proto-Khasian Khasian Latnx Proto-Khasic
aav-nic-pro Proto-Nicobarese Nicobarese Latnx
aav-pkl-pro Proto-Pnar-Khasi-Lyngngam Pnar-Khasi-Lyngngam Latnx
aav-pro Proto-Austroasiatic Austroasiatic Latnx
afa-pro Proto-Afroasiatic Afroasiatic Latnx Proto-Afro-Asiatic, Hamito-Semitic
alg-pro Proto-Algonquian Algonquian Latnx Yes
alv-bua-pro Proto-Bua Bua Latn
alv-cng-pro Proto-Cangin Cangin Latn
alv-edk-pro Proto-Edekiri Edekiri Latn
alv-edo-pro Proto-Edoid Edoid Latn
alv-fli-pro Proto-Fali Fali Latn
alv-gbe-pro Proto-Gbe Gbe Latn
alv-gng-pro Proto-Guang Guang Latn
alv-gtm-pro Proto-Central Togo Ghana-Togo Mountain Latn Proto-Ghana-Togo Mountain
alv-hei-pro Proto-Heiban Heiban Latn
alv-ido-pro Proto-Idomoid Idomoid Latn
alv-igb-pro Proto-Igboid Igboid Latn
alv-kwa-pro Proto-Kwa Kwa Latn
alv-mum-pro Proto-Mumuye Mumuye Latn
alv-nup-pro Proto-Nupoid Nupoid Latn
alv-pro Proto-Atlantic-Congo Atlantic-Congo Latn
alv-von-pro Proto-Volta-Niger Volta-Niger Latn
alv-yor-pro Proto-Yoruba Yoruba Latn
alv-yrd-pro Proto-Yoruboid Yoruboid Latn
apa-pro Proto-Apachean Apachean Latnx Proto-Apache, Proto-Southern Athabaskan
aql-pro Proto-Algic Algic Latnx Yes
ath-pro Proto-Athabaskan Athabaskan Latnx
auf-pro Proto-Arawa Arauan Latnx Proto-Arawan, Proto-Arauan
aus-arn-pro Proto-Arnhem Arnhem Latnx
aus-cww-pro Proto-Central New South Wales Central New South Wales Latnx
aus-dal-pro Proto-Daly Daly Latnx
aus-nyu-pro Proto-Nyulnyulan Nyulnyulan Latnx
aus-pam-pro Proto-Pama-Nyungan Pama-Nyungan Latnx
aus-wdj-pro Proto-Iwaidjan Iwaidjan Latnx
awd-amc-pro Proto-Amuesha-Chamicuro Arawakan Latn Western Maipuran
awd-kmp-pro Proto-Kampa Arawakan Latn Campa, Kampan, Campan, Pre-Andine Maipurean
awd-nwk-pro Proto-Nawiki Nawiki Latn Proto-Newiki
awd-pro Proto-Arawak Arawakan Latn Proto-Arawakan, Proto-Maipurean, Proto-Maipuran
awd-prw-pro Proto-Paresi-Waura Arawakan Latn Paresí-Waurá, Parecí–Xingú, Paresí–Xingu, Central Arawak, Central Maipurean
awd-taa-pro Proto-Ta-Arawak Ta-Arawakan Latn Proto-Ta-Arawakan, Proto-Caribbean Northern Arawak
azc-cup-pro Proto-Cupan Cupan Latnx
azc-nah-pro Proto-Nahuan Nahuan Latnx
azc-num-pro Proto-Numic Numic Latnx
azc-pro Proto-Uto-Aztecan Uto-Aztecan Latnx
azc-tak-pro Proto-Takic Takic Latnx
ber-pro Proto-Berber Berber Latnx
bnt-ngu-pro Proto-Nguni Nguni Latnx Yes
bnt-pro Proto-Bantu Bantu Latnx Yes
bnt-sts-pro Proto-Sotho-Tswana Sotho-Tswana Latn
btk-pro Proto-Batak Batak Latnx
cau-abz-pro Proto-Abkhaz-Abaza Abkhaz-Abaza Latnx Proto-Abazgi, Proto-Abkhaz-Tapanta
cau-ava-pro Proto-Avaro-Andian Avaro-Andian Latnx Proto-Avar-Andian, Proto-Avar-Andi, Proto-Avar-Andic, Proto-Andian
cau-cir-pro Proto-Circassian Circassian Latnx Proto-Adyghe-Kabardian, Proto-Adyghe-Circassian
cau-drg-pro Proto-Dargwa Dargwa Latnx Proto-Dargin
cau-lzg-pro Proto-Lezghian Lezghian Latnx Proto-Lezgi, Proto-Lezgian, Proto-Lezgic
cau-nec-pro Proto-Northeast Caucasian Northeast Caucasian Latnx
cau-nkh-pro Proto-Nakh Nakh Latnx
cau-nwc-pro Proto-Northwest Caucasian Northwest Caucasian Latnx
cau-tsz-pro Proto-Tsezian Tsezian Latnx Proto-Tsezic, Proto-Didoic
cba-pro Proto-Chibchan Chibchan Latnx
ccn-pro Proto-North Caucasian North Caucasian Latnx
ccs-gzn-pro Proto-Georgian-Zan Georgian-Zan Latnx Proto-Karto-Zan Yes
ccs-pro Proto-Kartvelian Kartvelian Latnx Yes
cdc-cbm-pro Proto-Central Chadic Central Chadic Latn Proto-Central-Chadic, Proto-Biu-Mandara
cdc-mas-pro Proto-Masa Masa Latn
cdc-pro Proto-Chadic Chadic Latn
cdd-pro Proto-Caddoan Caddoan Latnx
cel-pro Proto-Celtic Celtic Latnx Yes
chi-pro Proto-Chimakuan Chimakuan Latnx
chm-pro Proto-Mari Mari Latn
cmc-pro Proto-Chamic Chamic Latnx
csu-bba-pro Proto-Bongo-Bagirmi Bongo-Bagirmi Latnx
csu-maa-pro Proto-Mangbetu Mangbetu Latnx
csu-pro Proto-Central Sudanic Central Sudanic Latnx
csu-sar-pro Proto-Sara Sara Latnx
cus-hec-pro Proto-Highland East Cushitic Highland East Cushitic Latnx
cus-pro Proto-Cushitic Cushitic Latnx
cus-som-pro Proto-Somaloid Somaloid Latnx Proto-Sam, Proto-Macro-Somali
cus-sou-pro Proto-South Cushitic South Cushitic Latnx Proto-Rift
dmn-mdw-pro Proto-Western Mande Western Mande Latnx
dmn-pro Proto-Mande Mande Latnx
dra-pro Proto-Dravidian Dravidian Latnx
dru-pro Proto-Rukai Austronesian Latnx
esx-esk-pro Proto-Eskimo Eskimo Latnx
esx-inu-pro Proto-Inuit Inuit Latnx
esx-pro Proto-Eskimo-Aleut Eskimo-Aleut Latnx
euq-pro Proto-Basque Vasconic Latnx Proto-Vasconic
gem-pro Proto-Germanic Germanic Latnx Common Germanic Yes
gmw-pro Proto-West Germanic West Germanic Latnx Yes
grk-pro Proto-Hellenic Hellenic Latnx Proto-Greek Yes
hmn-pro Proto-Hmong Hmong Latnx
hmx-mie-pro Proto-Mien Mien Latnx
hmx-pro Proto-Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien Latnx
hyx-pro Proto-Armenian Armenian Latn
iir-nur-pro Proto-Nuristani Nuristani Latnx
iir-pro Proto-Indo-Iranian Indo-Iranian Latnx
ijo-pro Proto-Ijoid Ijoid Latnx Proto-Ijaw
inc-cen-pro Proto-Central Indo-Aryan Central Indo-Aryan Latnx
inc-pro Proto-Indo-Aryan Indo-Aryan Latnx
ine-ana-pro Proto-Anatolian Anatolian Latnx
ine-bsl-pro Proto-Balto-Slavic Balto-Slavic Latnx Yes
ine-pro Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Latnx Yes
ine-toc-pro Proto-Tocharian Tocharian Latnx
ira-kms-pro Proto-Komisenian Komisenian Latnx
ira-mny-pro Proto-Munji-Yidgha Munji-Yidgha Latnx
ira-mpr-pro Proto-Medo-Parthian Medo-Parthian Latnx
ira-pat-pro Proto-Pathan Pathan Latnx
ira-pro Proto-Iranian Iranian Latnx
ira-sgc-pro Proto-Sogdic Sogdic Latnx
ira-sgi-pro Proto-Sanglechi-Ishkashimi Sanglechi-Ishkashimi Latnx
ira-shr-pro Proto-Shughni-Roshani Shughni-Yazghulami Latnx
ira-shy-pro Proto-Shughni-Yazghulami Shughni-Yazghulami Latnx
ira-sym-pro Proto-Shughni-Yazghulami-Munji Shughni-Yazghulami-Munji Latnx
ira-zgr-pro Proto-Zaza-Gorani Zaza-Gorani Latnx
iro-nor-pro Proto-North Iroquoian North Iroquoian Latnx
iro-pro Proto-Iroquoian Iroquoian Latnx
itc-pro Proto-Italic Italic Latnx
jpx-pro Proto-Japonic Japonic Latnx
jpx-ryu-pro Proto-Ryukyuan Ryukyuan Latnx
kar-pro Proto-Karen Karen Latnx
khi-kho-pro Proto-Khoe Khoe Latn
kro-pro Proto-Kru Kru Latn
ku-pro Proto-Kurdish Kurdish Latnx
map-ata-pro Proto-Atayalic Atayalic Latnx
map-pro Proto-Austronesian Austronesian Latnx
mkh-asl-pro Proto-Aslian Aslian Latn
mkh-ban-pro Proto-Bahnaric Bahnaric Latn
mkh-kat-pro Proto-Katuic Katuic Latnx
mkh-khm-pro Proto-Khmuic Khmuic Latn
mkh-kmr-pro Proto-Khmeric Khmeric Latn
mkh-mnc-pro Proto-Monic Monic Latn
mkh-pal-pro Proto-Palaungic Palaungic Latnx
mkh-pea-pro Proto-Pearic Pearic Latnx
mkh-pkn-pro Proto-Pakanic Pakanic Latn
mkh-pro Proto-Mon-Khmer Mon-Khmer Latnx
mkh-vie-pro Proto-Vietic Vietic Latnx
mun-pro Proto-Munda Munda Latnx Proto-Mundan
myn-pro Proto-Mayan Mayan Latnx Proto-Maya
nai-chu-pro Proto-Chumash Chumashan Latnx Proto-Chumashan
nai-ckn-pro Proto-Chinookan Chinookan Latnx Proto-Chinook
nai-klp-pro Proto-Kalapuyan Kalapuyan
nai-mdu-pro Proto-Maidun Maiduan Latnx Proto-Maiduan
nai-miz-pro Proto-Mixe-Zoque Mixe-Zoquean Latnx Proto-Mixe-Zoquean
nai-mus-pro Proto-Muskogean Muskogean Latnx Proto-Muskhogean, Proto-Muskogee
nai-plp-pro Proto-Plateau Penutian Plateau Penutian Latnx
nai-pom-pro Proto-Pomo Pomoan Latn Proto-Pomoan
nai-sca-pro Proto-Siouan-Catawban Siouan-Catawban Latnx
nai-tot-pro Proto-Totozoquean Totozoquean Latnx
nai-tsi-pro Proto-Tsimshianic Tsimshianic Latnx
nai-utn-pro Proto-Utian Utian Latnx Proto-Miwok-Costanoan
ngf-pro Proto-Trans-New Guinea Trans-New Guinea Latn
nic-bco-pro Proto-Benue-Congo Benue-Congo Latn
nic-bod-pro Proto-Bantoid Bantoid Latn
nic-eov-pro Proto-Eastern Oti-Volta Eastern Oti-Volta Latn
nic-gns-pro Proto-Gurunsi Gurunsi Latn
nic-grf-pro Proto-Grassfields Grassfields Latn
nic-gur-pro Proto-Gur Gur Latn
nic-jkn-pro Proto-Jukunoid Jukunoid Latn
nic-lcr-pro Proto-Lower Cross River Lower Cross River Latn
nic-ogo-pro Proto-Ogoni Ogoni Latn
nic-ovo-pro Proto-Oti-Volta Oti-Volta Latn
nic-plt-pro Proto-Plateau Plateau Latn
nic-pro Proto-Niger-Congo Niger-Congo Latn
nic-ubg-pro Proto-Ubangian Ubangian Latn
nic-ucr-pro Proto-Upper Cross River Upper Cross River Latn
nic-vco-pro Proto-Volta-Congo Volta-Congo Latn
nub-pro Proto-Nubian Nubian Latn
omq-cha-pro Proto-Chatino Chatino Latn
omq-maz-pro Proto-Mazatec Mazatecan Latn Proto-Mazatecan
omq-mix-pro Proto-Mixtecan Mixtecan Latn
omq-mxt-pro Proto-Mixtec Mixtec Latn
omq-otp-pro Proto-Oto-Pamean Oto-Pamean Latn
omq-pro Proto-Oto-Manguean Oto-Manguean Latn Proto-Otomanguean, Proto-Oto-Mangue
omq-tri-pro Proto-Trique Trique Latn
omq-zap-pro Proto-Zapotecan Zapotecan Latn
omq-zpc-pro Proto-Zapotec Zapotec Latn
omv-aro-pro Proto-Aroid Aroid Latn
omv-diz-pro Proto-Dizoid Dizoid Latn Proto-Maji
omv-pro Proto-Omotic Omotic Latn
os-pro Proto-Ossetic Scythian Latnx Sarmatian
oto-otm-pro Proto-Otomi Otomi Latn
oto-pro Proto-Otomian Otomian Latn
paa-nha-pro Proto-North Halmahera North Halmahera Latn
phi-kal-pro Proto-Kalamian Kalamian Latn Proto-Calamian
phi-pro Proto-Philippine Philippine Latnx
poz-btk-pro Proto-Bungku-Tolaki Bungku-Tolaki Latnx
poz-cet-pro Proto-Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latnx
poz-hce-pro Proto-Halmahera-Cenderawasih Halmahera-Cenderawasih Latnx Proto-South Halmahera - West New Guinea
poz-lgx-pro Proto-Lampungic Lampungic Latnx
poz-mcm-pro Proto-Malayo-Chamic Malayo-Chamic Latnx
poz-mly-pro Proto-Malayic Malayic Latnx
poz-msa-pro Proto-Malayo-Sumbawan Malayo-Sumbawan Latnx
poz-oce-pro Proto-Oceanic Oceanic Latnx
poz-pep-pro Proto-Eastern Polynesian Eastern Polynesian Latnx Proto-Eastern-Polynesian, Proto-East Polynesian, Proto-East-Polynesian
poz-pnp-pro Proto-Nuclear Polynesian Nuclear Polynesian Latnx
poz-pol-pro Proto-Polynesian Polynesian Latnx
poz-pro Proto-Malayo-Polynesian Malayo-Polynesian Latnx Proto-Western Malayo-Polynesian
poz-ssw-pro Proto-South Sulawesi South Sulawesi Latnx
poz-sus-pro Proto-Sunda-Sulawesi Sunda-Sulawesi Latnx
poz-swa-pro Proto-North Sarawak North Sarawakan Latnx
pqe-pro Proto-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latnx
qfa-adm-pro Proto-Great Andamanese Great Andamanese Latnx
qfa-bet-pro Proto-Be-Tai Be-Tai Latnx Proto-Tai-Be
qfa-cka-pro Proto-Chukotko-Kamchatkan Chukotko-Kamchatkan Latnx
qfa-hur-pro Proto-Hurro-Urartian Hurro-Urartian Latnx
qfa-kad-pro Proto-Kadu Kadu Latn
qfa-kms-pro Proto-Kam-Sui Kam-Sui Latn
qfa-kor-pro Proto-Koreanic Koreanic Latnx
qfa-kra-pro Proto-Kra Kra Latnx
qfa-lic-pro Proto-Hlai Hlai Latnx
qfa-onb-pro Proto-Be Be Latnx Proto-Ong-Be, Proto-Bê
qfa-ong-pro Proto-Ongan Ongan Latnx
qfa-tak-pro Proto-Kra-Dai Kra-Dai Latn Proto-Tai-Kadai
qfa-yen-pro Proto-Yeniseian Yeniseian Latnx
qfa-yuk-pro Proto-Yukaghir Yukaghir Latnx
qwe-pro Proto-Quechuan Quechuan Latnx
sai-car-pro Proto-Cariban Cariban Latnx
sai-cer-pro Proto-Cerrado Cerrado Latn Proto-Amazonian Jê
sai-cje-pro Proto-Central Jê Central Jê Latn Proto-Akuwẽ
sai-jee-pro Proto-Jê Latn Proto-Gê, Proto-Jean, Proto-Gean, Proto-Jê-Kaingang, Proto-Ye
sai-nje-pro Proto-Northern Jê Northern Jê Latn Proto-Core Jê
sai-sje-pro Proto-Southern Jê Southern Jê Latn
sai-tar-pro Proto-Taranoan Taranoan Latnx
sai-wit-pro Proto-Witotoan Witotoan Latn Proto-Huitotoan, Proto-Uitotoan
sal-pro Proto-Salish Salishan Latn Proto-Salishan
sdv-daj-pro Proto-Daju Daju Latn
sdv-eje-pro Proto-Eastern Jebel Eastern Jebel Latn
sdv-nil-pro Proto-Nilotic Nilotic Latn
sdv-nyi-pro Proto-Nyima Nyima Latn
sdv-tmn-pro Proto-Taman Taman Latn
sel-pro Proto-Selkup Selkup Latn
sem-pro Proto-Semitic Semitic Latnx
sem-wes-pro Proto-West Semitic West Semitic Latnx
sio-pro Proto-Siouan Siouan Latnx
sit-hrs-pro Proto-Hrusish Hrusish
sit-kha-pro Proto-Kham Kham
sit-luu-pro Proto-Luish Luish
sit-pro Proto-Sino-Tibetan Sino-Tibetan Latn
sit-tan-pro Proto-Tani Tani Latn
sla-pro Proto-Slavic Slavic Latnx Common Slavic Yes Yes
smi-pro Proto-Samic Sami Latn Proto-Sami Yes
son-pro Proto-Songhay Songhay Latnx Proto-Songhai
sqj-pro Proto-Albanian Albanian Latnx
ssa-klk-pro Proto-Kuliak Kuliak Latnx Proto-Rub
ssa-kom-pro Proto-Koman Koman Latnx
ssa-pro Proto-Nilo-Saharan Nilo-Saharan Latnx
syd-pro Proto-Samoyedic Samoyedic Latn
tai-pro Proto-Tai Tai Latnx
tai-swe-pro Proto-Southwestern Tai Southwestern Tai Latnx
tbq-bdg-pro Proto-Bodo-Garo Bodo-Garo Latnx
tbq-kuk-pro Proto-Kuki-Chin Kukish Latnx Proto-Kukish
tbq-lal-pro Proto-Lalo Loloish Latnx
tbq-lob-pro Proto-Lolo-Burmese Lolo-Burmese Latnx
tbq-lol-pro Proto-Loloish Loloish Latnx Proto-Nisoic
trk-pro Proto-Turkic Turkic Latnx
tup-gua-pro Proto-Tupi-Guarani Tupi-Guarani Latnx
tup-pro Proto-Tupian Tupian Latnx
tuw-pro Proto-Tungusic Tungusic Latnx
urj-fin-pro Proto-Finnic Finnic Latn
urj-mdv-pro Proto-Mordvinic Mordvinic Latn
urj-prm-pro Proto-Permic Permic Latn
urj-pro Proto-Uralic Uralic Latnx Proto-Finno-Ugric, Proto-Finno-Permic
urj-ugr-pro Proto-Ugric Ugric Latnx
xgn-pro Proto-Mongolic Mongolic Latnx
xil Illyrian Indo-European
xnd-pro Proto-Na-Dene Na-Dene Latnx Proto-Na-Dené, Proto-Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit
xsc-pro Proto-Scythian Scythian Latnx
xsc-sak-pro Proto-Saka Sakan Latnx Proto-Sakan
xsc-skw-pro Proto-Saka-Wakhi Saka-Wakhi Latnx
ypk-pro Proto-Yupik Yupik Latnx
zhx-min-pro Proto-Min Min Latnx
zlw-pom-pro Proto-Pomeranian Pomeranian Latn

Minor constructed languages

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
afh Afrihili constructed Latn
art-bel Belter Creole constructed Latn Yes
art-blk Bolak constructed Latn
art-bsp Black Speech constructed Latn, Teng
art-com Communicationssprache constructed Latn
art-dtk Dothraki constructed Latn
art-elo Eloi constructed Latn
art-gld Goa'uld constructed Latn, Egyp, Mero
art-lap Lapine constructed Latn
art-man Mandalorian constructed Latn
art-mun Mundolinco constructed Latn
art-nav Na'vi constructed Latn
art-una Unas constructed Latn
art-vlh High Valyrian constructed Latn
avk Kotava constructed Latn
dmf Medefaidrin constructed Medf Medefidrin
ie Interlingue constructed Latn Occidental Yes
igs Glosa constructed
jbo Lojban constructed Latn
ldn Láadan constructed Latn
lfn Lingua Franca Nova constructed Latn, Cyrl
neu Neo constructed Latn
nov Novial constructed Latn
qya Quenya constructed Latn, Teng
rmv Romanova constructed
sjn Sindarin constructed Latn, Teng
tlh Klingon constructed Latn
tok Toki Pona constructed Latn
tzl Talossan constructed Latn Yes

With sort key or diacritic removal

These languages have the sort_key and/or entry_name value set. These properties are used to generate a sort key or an entry name, by removing diacritics and the like.

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
aa Afar East Cushitic Latn Qafar Yes
ab Abkhaz Abkhaz-Abaza Cyrl, Geor, Latn Abkhazian, Abxazo Yes Yes
abh Tajiki Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
abq Abaza Abkhaz-Abaza Cyrl, Latn Yes Yes
abv Baharna Arabic Arabic Arab Bahrani Arabic Yes
acm Iraqi Arabic Arabic Arab Mesopotamian Arabic Yes
acw Hijazi Arabic Arabic Arab Hejazi Arabic, West Arabian Arabic Yes
acx Omani Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
acy Cypriot Arabic Arabic Latn, Grek Cypriot Maronite Arabic, Sanna Yes
adf Dhofari Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
adp Adap Tibetic Tibt Yes Yes
ady Adyghe Circassian Cyrl, Latn, Arab West Circassian Yes Yes
aeb Tunisian Arabic Arabic Arab Judeo-Tunisian Arabic Yes
af Afrikaans Low Franconian Latn, Arab Yes
afb Gulf Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
agx Aghul Eastern Samur Cyrl Agul Yes Yes
ahk Akha Loloish Latn, Mymr, Thai Aka, Ako Yes
aih Ai-Cham Kam-Sui Latn, Hani Yes
aii Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Northeastern Neo-Aramaic Syrc Yes
ain Ainu isolate Kana, Latn, Cyrl Ainu (Japan) Yes
aio Aiton Southwestern Tai Mymr Tai Aiton, Aitonia, Sham Doaniya Yes
ajp South Levantine Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
akv Akhvakh Andian Cyrl Yes
alg-pro Proto-Algonquian Algonquian Latnx Yes
alr Alutor Chukotkan Cyrl Alyutor Yes Yes
alt Southern Altai Siberian Turkic Cyrl Southern Altay, Altai, Altay Yes
alv-ama Amasi Southwest Grassfields Latn Yes
ams Southern Amami-Oshima Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
amw Western Neo-Aramaic Western Aramaic Armi, Syrc, Latn Yes
ang Old English Anglic Latnx, Runr Anglo-Saxon Yes Yes
ani Andi Andian Cyrl Yes
apc North Levantine Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
apd Sudanese Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aqc Archi Lezghian Cyrl Yes Yes
aql-pro Proto-Algic Algic Latnx Yes
ar Arabic Arabic Arab, Hebr, Syrc, Brai Standard Arabic, Literary Arabic, High Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Classical Arabic, Judeo-Arabic Yes Yes
arc Aramaic Aramaic Hebr, Armi, Syrc, Palm, Nbat, Phnx, Mand, Samr, Hatr Aramaya, Aramaean, Aramean Yes
arq Algerian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ars Najdi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
art-bel Belter Creole constructed Latn Yes
ary Moroccan Arabic Arabic Arab Judeo-Moroccan Arabic Yes Yes
arz Egyptian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
auz Uzbeki Arabic Arabic Arab Uzbek Arabic Yes
av Avar Avaro-Andian Cyrl, Latn, Arab Avaric Yes Yes
axm Middle Armenian Armenian Armn Yes
ayl Libyan Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayn Yemeni Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayp North Mesopotamian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
az Azerbaijani Oghuz Latn, Cyrl, fa-Arab Azeri, Azari, Azeri Turkic, Azerbaijani Turkic, North Azerbaijani, South Azerbaijani, Afshar, Afshari, Afshar Azerbaijani, Afchar, Qashqa'i, Qashqai, Kashkay, Sonqor Yes Yes
ba Bashkir Kipchak-Bulgar Cyrl Yes
bbl Bats Nakh Geor Batsbi, Tsova-Tush Yes
bca Central Bai Greater Bai Hani, Latn Jianchuan Bai Yes
bdk Budukh Southern Samur Cyrl Budugh Yes
be Belarusian East Slavic Cyrl, Latn Belorussian, Belarusan, Bielorussian, Byelorussian, Belarussian, White Russian Yes Yes
bfc Northern Bai Greater Bai Hani, Latn Bijiang Bai, Laemae, Lama, Panyi Bai Yes
bfs Southern Bai Greater Bai Hani, Latn Dali Bai Yes
bft Balti Ladakhi-Balti fa-Arab, Deva, Tibt Yes Yes
bfu Gahri West Himalayish Takr, Tibt Yes Yes
bg Bulgarian South Slavic Cyrl Yes
bin Edo Edo-Esan-Ora Latn Bini Yes Yes
bje Biao-Jiao Mien Mien Hani, Latn Biao Min, Jiaogong Mian Yes
blr Blang Palaungic Latn, Tale, Lana, Thai Bulang, Pulang, Kontoi, Shinman Yes
blt Tai Dam Southwestern Tai Tavt, Latn Tai Noi, Black Tai Yes
bm Bambara East Manding Latn Bamanankan Yes
bnt-ngu-pro Proto-Nguni Nguni Latnx Yes
bnt-phu Phuthi Nguni Latn Siphuthi Yes
bnt-pro Proto-Bantu Bantu Latnx Yes
bo Tibetan Tibetic Tibt Amdo Tibetan, Amdo, Dolpo, Khams, Khams Tibetan, Khamba, Gola, Humla, Limi, Lhasa, Lhasa Tibetan, Lhomi, Loke, Lowa, Mugom, Mugu, Mustang, Nubri, Panang, Shing Saapa, Thudam, Tichurong, Tseku, Ü, Dbus, Walungge Yes Yes
bph Botlikh Andian Cyrl Botlix Yes
br Breton Southwestern Brythonic Latn Gwenedeg, Vannetais, Kerneveg, Cornouaillais, Leoneg, Léonard, Tregerieg, Trégorrois Yes
bro Brokkat Tibetic Tibt, Latn Yes Yes
bru Eastern Bru Katuic Latn, Laoo, Thai Yes
brv Western Bru Katuic Latn, Laoo, Thai Yes
bua Buryat Central Mongolic Cyrl, Mong, Latn Buriat Yes Yes
byo Biyo Loloish Latn, Hani Piyo, Biyue Yes
bzi Bisu Loloish Latn, Thai Mbisu Yes
ca Catalan Occitano-Romance Latn Yes
cbk Chavacano creole or pidgin Latn Zamboanga Chavacano Yes Yes
cbn Nyah Kur Monic Thai Nyahkur Yes
ccs-gzn-pro Proto-Georgian-Zan Georgian-Zan Latnx Proto-Karto-Zan Yes
ccs-pro Proto-Kartvelian Kartvelian Latnx Yes
cdo Min Dong Coastal Min Hani, Hant, Hans Min Dong Chinese Yes
ce Chechen Vainakh Cyrl, Latn, Arab Yes Yes
ceb Cebuano Philippine Latn, Tglg Yes Yes
cel-bry-pro Proto-Brythonic Brythonic Latnx, Grek Proto-Brittonic, Common Brythonic, Common Brittonic Yes
cel-gau Gaulish Continental Celtic Latn, Grek, Ital Yes
cel-pro Proto-Celtic Celtic Latnx Yes
cgk Chocangaca Tibetic Tibt Yes Yes
ch Chamorro Sunda-Sulawesi Latn Chamoru Yes
chg Chagatai Karluk Arab Yes
chl Cahuilla Cupan Latn Yes
cho Choctaw Muskogean Latn Yes Yes
chy Cheyenne Algonquian Latn Yes
cim Cimbrian High German Latn Luserna Cimbrian, Sette Comuni Cimbrian, Thirteen Communities Cimbrian Yes
cji Chamalal Andian Cyrl Yes
cjy Jin Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Jinyu, Jinhua, Jinese, Shanxinese, Jin Chinese, Jinyu Chinese Yes
ckb Central Kurdish Kurdish ku-Arab Sorani Yes
cks Tayo creole or pidgin Latn Yes
ckt Chukchi Chukotkan Cyrl Yes Yes
cld Chaldean Neo-Aramaic Eastern Aramaic Syrc Yes
clk Idu Greater Siangic Tibt, Deva Idu-Mishmi, Idu Mishmi Yes Yes
cmg Classical Mongolian Central Mongolic Mong, Soyo, Zanb Yes
cmn Mandarin Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans, Latn, Bopo Mandarin Chinese, Putonghua, Guoyu, Huayu, Guanhua, Beifanghua, Standard Chinese Yes
cna Changthang Ladakhi-Balti Tibt Yes Yes
co Corsican Italo-Dalmatian Latn Corsu Yes
cog Chong Pearic Thai, Khmr Yes
cop Coptic Egyptian Copt Yes Yes
cpg Cappadocian Greek Hellenic Grek, fa-Arab Cappadocian Yes Yes
cpi Chinese Pidgin English creole or pidgin Latn, Hant Yes
cpx Puxian Coastal Min Hani, Hant, Hans Pu-Xian, Puxian Min, Pu-Xian Min, Pu Xian, Pu Xian Chinese, Putian, Xinghua, Hinghwa Yes
crh Crimean Tatar Kipchak-Cuman Latn, Cyrl Yes
crp-mpp Macau Pidgin Portuguese creole or pidgin Hant, Latn Yes
crs Seychellois Creole creole or pidgin Latn Yes
cs Czech West Slavic Latn Yes
ctp Western Highland Chatino Chatino Latn Yes Yes
cu Old Church Slavonic South Slavic Cyrs, Glag Old Church Slavic Yes Yes
cv Chuvash Oghur Cyrl Yes
cy Welsh Western Brythonic Latn Cofi Welsh, Dyfedeg, Dyfed Welsh, Demetian, Gwenhwyseg, Gwent Welsh, Gwentian, Gwyndodeg, Gwynedd Welsh, Venedotian, North Wales Welsh, Powyseg, Powys Welsh, Powysian, South Wales Welsh, Patagonian Welsh Yes
czh Huizhou Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Huizhou Chinese Yes
czk Knaanic West Slavic Hebr Yes
czo Min Zhong Inland Min Hani, Hant, Hans Min Zhong Chinese Yes
da Danish East Scandinavian Latn Yes
dar Dargwa Dargwa Cyrl, Latn, Arab Dargin Yes Yes
ddo Tsez West Tsezian Cyrl Tsezi, Dido Yes
de German High German Latn, Latf High German, New High German, Deutsch, Alsatian German, American German, Bavarian German, Belgian German, Central German, DDR German, East African German, German German, Hessian German, Indiana German, Liechtenstein German, Lorraine German, Luxembourgish German, Namibian German, Northern German, Prussian German, Silesia German, South African German, Southern German, South Tyrolean German, Switzerland German, Texan German Yes
dka Dakpa East Bodish Tibt Dakpakha, Takpa, Tawang Monpa Yes Yes
dlg Dolgan Siberian Turkic Cyrl Yes
dng Dungan Sinitic Cyrl, Hani, Hant, Hans, Arab Yes
dsb Lower Sorbian Sorbian Latn Lower Lusatian, Lower Wendish Yes
dta Daur Mongolic Latn, Hani, Cyrl, Mong Yes Yes
dum Middle Dutch Low Franconian Latn Yes
dz Dzongkha Tibetic Tibt Yes Yes
dzl Dzala East Bodish Tibt Dzalakha, Dzalamat, Yangtsebikha Yes Yes
ecr Eteocretan Grek Yes
ee Ewe Gbe Latn Yes
eee E mixed Hani, Latn Kjang E Yes
egx-dem Demotic Egyptian Latnx, Egyd, Polyt Demotic Egyptian, Enchorial Yes
egy Egyptian Egyptian Latnx, Egyp, Egyd Ancient Egyptian Yes
el Greek Hellenic Grek, Polyt, Brai Modern Greek, Neo-Hellenic Yes Yes
en English Anglic Latn, Brai, Shaw, Dsrt Modern English, New English, Polari, Yinglish Yes
enm Middle English Anglic Latn Medieval English, Mediaeval English Yes
eo Esperanto constructed Latn Yes
es Spanish West Iberian Latn, Brai Castilian, Amazonian Spanish, Amazonic Spanish, Loreto-Ucayali Spanish Yes
et Estonian Finnic Latn Yes
eu Basque Vasconic Latn Euskara Yes
eve Even Ewenic Cyrl, Latn Yes Yes
evn Evenki Ewenic Cyrl Tungus Yes Yes
fa Persian Southwestern Iranian fa-Arab Farsi, New Persian, Modern Persian, Western Persian, Iranian Persian, Eastern Persian, Dari, Aimaq, Aimak, Aymaq, Eimak Yes
fi Finnish Finnic Latn Suomi Yes Yes
fo Faroese Insular Scandinavian Latn Faeroese Yes
fr French Oïl Latn, Brai Modern French, African French, Algerian French, Alsatian French, Antilles French, Atlantic Canadian French, Belgian French, Congolese French, European French, French French, Haitian French, Ivorian French, Lorraine French, Louisiana French, Luxembourgish French, Malian French, Marseille French, Missourian French, Moroccan French, Newfoundland French, North American French, Picard French, Provençal French‎, Quebec French, Réunion French, Rwandan French, Tunisian French, West African French Yes Yes
frm Middle French Oïl Latn Yes
fro Old French Oïl Latn, Hebr Judeo-French, Zarphatic Yes
frp Franco-Provençal Romance Latn Arpetan, Arpitan Yes
fy West Frisian Frisian Latn Western Frisian Yes
ga Irish Goidelic Latn, Latg Irish Gaelic, Gaelic, Cois Fharraige Irish, Cois Fhairrge Irish, Connacht Irish, Connaught Irish, Cork Irish, Donegal Irish, Galway Irish, Kerry Irish, Mayo Irish, Munster Irish, Ulster Irish, Waterford Irish, West Muskerry Irish Yes
gag Gagauz Oghuz Latn, Cyrl Yes
gan Gan Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Yes
gcf Antillean Creole creole or pidgin Latn Antillean Creole French, Guadeloupean Creole, Guadeloupean Creole French, Saint Lucian Creole, Saint Lucian Creole French Yes
gcr Guianese Creole creole or pidgin Latn French Guianese Creole, Guianese French Creole, Guyanais, Guyanese French Creole Yes
gd Scottish Gaelic Goidelic Latn, Latg Gaelic, Gàidhlig, Scots Gaelic, Scottish, Argyll Gaelic, Arran Scottish Gaelic, Canadian Gaelic, Canadian Scottish Gaelic, Cape Breton Gaelic, East Sutherland Gaelic, Galwegian Gaelic, Gallovidian Gaelic, Gallowegian Gaelic, Galloway Gaelic, Hebridean Gaelic, Highland Gaelic Yes
gdo Godoberi Andian Cyrl Ghodoberi Yes
gem-pro Proto-Germanic Germanic Latnx Common Germanic Yes
ght Kutang Ghale Tamangic Tibt Yes Yes
gin Hinukh West Tsezian Cyrl Hinuq, Hinux, Ginukh, Ginux Yes
gju Gojri Western Indo-Aryan ur-Arab, Deva, Takr Gojari, Gujari, Gujuri, Gujjari, Gujri, Gurjari Yes
gl Galician West Iberian Latn Yes
gld Nanai Nanaic Cyrl Goldi, Hezhen Yes Yes
gmh Middle High German High German Latn Yes
gml Middle Low German Low German Latn Yes
gmq-oda Old Danish East Scandinavian Latn Yes
gmq-osw Old Swedish East Scandinavian Latn Yes
gmw-pro Proto-West Germanic West Germanic Latnx Yes
goh Old High German High German Latn, Runr Yes
got Gothic East Germanic Goth, Runr, Latn Yes
grc Ancient Greek Hellenic Polyt, Cprt Classical Greek, Egyptian Ancient Greek Yes Yes
grk-ita Italiot Greek Hellenic Latn, Grek Griko, Grico, Grecanic Yes Yes
grk-mar Mariupol Greek Hellenic Cyrl, Latn, Grek Mariupolitan Greek, Rumeíka, Rumeika Yes Yes
grk-pro Proto-Hellenic Hellenic Latnx Proto-Greek Yes
gu Gujarati Western Indo-Aryan Arab, Gujr Yes
guw Gun Gbe Latn Gun-Gbe, Gungbe Yes
gv Manx Goidelic Latn Manx Gaelic, Northern Manx, Southern Manx Yes
ha Hausa West Chadic Latn, Arab Yes Yes
hak Hakka Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Yes
haw Hawaiian Eastern Polynesian Latn Yes
he Hebrew Canaanite Hebr, Phnx, Brai Ivrit Yes
hil Hiligaynon Philippine Latn Yes Yes
hsb Upper Sorbian Sorbian Latn Upper Lusatian, Upper Wendish Yes
hsn Xiang Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Yes
ht Haitian Creole creole or pidgin Latn Creole, Haitian, Kreyòl Yes
hu Hungarian Ugric Latn, Hung Magyar Yes
huz Hunzib East Tsezian Cyrl Yes
hy Armenian Armenian Armn, Brai Modern Armenian, Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian Yes Yes
ie Interlingue constructed Latn Occidental Yes
ife Ifè Ede Latn Yes Yes
ig Igbo Igboid Latn Yes Yes
igl Igala Yoruboid Latn Yes Yes
ik Inupiaq Inuit Latn Inupiak, Iñupiaq, Inupiatun Yes
ilo Ilocano Philippine Latn, Tglg Ilokano, Iloko Yes Yes
inc-ohi Old Hindi Western Hindi Deva, ur-Arab Dehlavi Yes
inc-opa Old Punjabi Punjabi-Lahnda Guru, pa-Arab Yes
inc-pra Prakrit Middle Indo-Aryan Brah, Deva, Knda Yes
ine-bsl-pro Proto-Balto-Slavic Balto-Slavic Latnx Yes
ine-pae Paeonian Indo-European Polyt Yes Yes
ine-pro Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Latnx Yes
inh Ingush Vainakh Cyrl, Latn, Arab Yes Yes
is Icelandic Insular Scandinavian Latn Yes
it Italian Italo-Dalmatian Latn Yes
itl Itelmen Chukotko-Kamchatkan Cyrl, Latn Western Itelmen, Kamchadal Yes Yes
its Itsekiri Edekiri Latn Isekiri Yes Yes
izh Ingrian Finnic Latn Izhorian Yes
ja Japanese Japonic Jpan, Latn, Brai Modern Japanese, Nipponese, Nihongo Yes
jje Jeju Koreanic Kore Cheju, Jejueo Yes
jv Javanese Sunda-Sulawesi Latn, Java Yes Yes
ka Georgian Georgian-Zan Geor, Geok, Hebr Judeo-Georgian, Kivruli, Gruzinic Yes
kaa Karakalpak Kipchak-Nogai Latn, Cyrl, fa-Arab Qaraqalpaq Yes Yes
kap Bezhta East Tsezian Cyrl Bezheta, Kapucha, Bezhita Yes
kbd Kabardian Circassian Cyrl, Latn, Arab East Circassian Yes Yes
kcn Nubi creole or pidgin Latn, Arab Ki-Nubi Yes
ket Ket Northern Yeniseian Cyrl Yes Yes
kfr Kachchi Sindhi Gujr, sd-Arab, Sind, Khoj Kutchi, Cutchi, Kachchhi, Kutchhi Yes
khb Southwestern Tai Talu, Lana Lue, Tai Lü, Tai Lue, Dai Lue Yes Yes
kht Khamti Southwestern Tai Mymr Tai Khamti Yes
khv Khvarshi West Tsezian Cyrl Khwarshi, Xvarshi, Inkhokvari Yes
kjg Khmu Mon-Khmer Laoo Yes
kjj Khinalug Northeast Caucasian Cyrl, Latn Khinalig, Xinalug, Xinalugh, Khinalugh Yes
kjz Bumthangkha East Bodish Tibt Yes Yes
kk Kazakh Kipchak-Nogai Cyrl, Latn, kk-Arab Yes
kkf Kalaktang Monpa Tshangla Tibt, Latn, Deva Yes Yes
kkh Khün Southwestern Tai Lana, Thai Tai Khün, Dai Kun Yes
kl Greenlandic Inuit Latn Kalaallisut Yes
klj Khalaj Turkic fa-Arab, Latn Turkic Khalaj, Arghu Yes
kmr Northern Kurdish Kurdish Latn, Cyrl, Armn, ku-Arab Kurmanji Yes
kmv Karipúna Creole French creole or pidgin Latn Karipúna French Creole, Amapá French Creole Yes
ko Korean Koreanic Kore, Brai Modern Korean Yes
ko-ear Early Modern Korean Koreanic Kore Yes
koi Komi-Permyak Permic Cyrl Yes
kok Konkani Southern Indo-Aryan Deva, Knda, Mlym, fa-Arab, Latn Yes
kpt Karata Andian Cyrl Yes
kpy Koryak Chukotkan Cyrl Yes Yes
kr Kanuri Saharan Latn, Arab Kanembu, Bilma Kanuri, Central Kanuri, Manga Kanuri, Tumari Kanuri Yes Yes
krc Karachay-Balkar Kipchak-Cuman Cyrl Yes
krl Karelian Finnic Latn North Karelian, Northern Karelian, South Karelian, Southern Karelian, Tver Karelian Yes
kry Kryts Southern Samur Latn, Cyrl Kryc, Kryz, Jek, Dzhek, Cek, Khaput, Yergyudzh, Alyk Yes
kum Kumyk Kipchak-Cuman Cyrl Yes
kva Bagvalal Andian Cyrl Yes
kw Cornish Southwestern Brythonic Latn Yes
kxm Northern Khmer Khmeric Thai, Khmr Thai Khmer, Surin Khmer Yes
kxu Kui (India) Konda-Kui Orya Kui, Kuy Yes
kxv Kuvi Konda-Kui Orya Yes
ky Kyrgyz Kipchak Cyrl, Latn, Arab Kirghiz, Kirgiz Yes
kzg Kikai Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
la Latin Italic Latn, Ital Yes Yes
lay Lama Bai Greater Bai Hani, Latn Lama (Southeast Asia), Lama (Burma), Lama (Myanmar), Lama, Northern Bai, Laemae Yes
lb Luxembourgish High German Latn Yes
lbe Lak Northeast Caucasian Cyrl, Latn, Arab, Geor Yes Yes
lbj Ladakhi Ladakhi-Balti Tibt Bhoti Yes Yes
lcp Western Lawa Palaungic Thai Yes
lez Lezgi Eastern Samur Cyrl, Latn, Arab Lezgian, Lezgin Yes
lg Luganda Nyoro-Ganda Latn Ganda, Oluganda Yes Yes
liv Livonian Finnic Latn Yes
lki Laki Kurdish fa-Arab Yes
lmy Laboya Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latn Lamboya Yes
ln Lingala Bangi-Moi Latn Ngala Yes
lo Lao Southwestern Tai Laoo Laotian Yes
lou Louisiana Creole creole or pidgin Latn Louisiana Creole French, Kréyol Yes
lt Lithuanian East Baltic Latn Yes Yes
ltc Middle Chinese Sinitic Hant, Phag, Tang Late Middle Chinese, Early Middle Chinese Yes
lui Luiseño Cupan Latn Luiseno, Juaneño, Juaneno Yes
luk Lunanakha Tibetic Tibt Yes Yes
luq Lucumí Yoruba Latn Yes
lv Latvian East Baltic Latn Lettish, Lett Yes Yes
lwl Eastern Lawa Palaungic Thai Yes
lya Layakha Tibetic Tibt Yes Yes
lzh Literary Chinese Sinitic Hant Yes
lzz Laz Zan Geor, Latn Yes
mdf Moksha Mordvinic Cyrl Mordvin Yes
meo Kedah Malay Malayic Latn, ms-Arab, Thai Syburi Malay, Satun Malay Yes Yes
mez Menominee Algonquian Latn Yes
mfa Pattani Malay Malayic Latn, ms-Arab, Thai Yes Yes
mfe Mauritian Creole creole or pidgin Latn Mauritian Yes
mfy Mayo Taracahitic Latn Yes
mga Middle Irish Goidelic Latn Yes Yes
mh Marshallese Micronesian Latn Yes
mhn Mòcheno High German Latn Yes
mhr Eastern Mari Mari Cyrl Meadow Mari, Lowland Mari, Midland Mari, Standard Mari, Upo Mari, Mari, Mari (Russia) Yes Yes
mi Maori Eastern Polynesian Latn Māori Yes
miq Miskito Misumalpan Latn Miskitu Yes
mk Macedonian South Slavic Cyrl Yes Yes
mkh-mvi Middle Vietnamese Vietic Hani, Latnx Yes
mlc Caolan Chongzuo Tai Latn, Hani Man Cao Lan Yes
mn Mongolian Central Mongolic Cyrl, Mong, Latn, Brai Khalkha Mongolian Yes Yes
mnp Min Bei Inland Min Hani, Hant, Hans Yes
mnw Mon Monic Mymr Peguan, Talaing, Raman Yes
mnw-tha Thai Mon Monic Mymr, Thai Raman, Thai Raman, Siamese Mon Yes
moe Montagnais Algonquian Latn Yes
mr Marathi Southern Indo-Aryan Deva, Modi Yes
mrj Western Mari Mari Cyrl Hill Mari, Mountain Mari, Highland Mari Yes
mt Maltese Arabic Latn Yes Yes
mtq Muong Vietic Latn Yes
mul Translingual not a family Zmth, Mahj, Hrkt, Bass, Ital, Roro, fa-Arab, Hluw, Buhd, Osma, Brai, Syrc, Hebr, Latnx, Mtei, pa-Arab, Shaw, Armi, Modi, Wcho, Leke, Hung, ug-Arab, Hans, Deva, Narb, Cyrl, Cher, Kore, Chrs, Batk, Xsux, Hmng, Zzzz, None, Zyyy, Hira, Tfng, Zsym, Tavt, Bamu, Imag, ks-Arab, Shrd, ms-Arab, Zanb, Knda, Ibrn, Beng, Cakm, Gonm, Yiii, Goth, Marc, Cans, Mlym, ur-Arab, Yezi, Jpan, Nagm, Xpeo, Wole, Cprt, Elym, kk-Arab, Wara, Sylo, Kits, Visp, Dogr, Kthi, Afak, Mand, Vaii, Ugar, Toto, Ethi, Tnsa, Mong, Limb, Gong, Tirh, xzh-Tibt, Elba, Ranj, Palm, Tibt, Thai, Thaa, Tglg, Teng, Lepc, Rumin, Aghb, Takr, Tale, Music, Talu, Tagb, Jurc, Vith, Sund, Kana, Lana, xka-Arab, Dsrt, Samr, Soyo, Newa, Latg, Mymr, sit-tam-Tibt, Sora, Java, Diak, Sogd, tt-Arab, Sinh, Latf, Sind, Phnx, Gran, ota-Arab, Polyt, as-Beng, Shui, Sgnw, Latn, Saur, Arab, Pauc, Bhks, Phlp, Sarb, Egyp, Egyh, Glag, Tang, Rohg, Copt, Rjng, mzn-Arab, pal-Avst, Sogo, Hano, Plrd, Sidd, Ipach, Phlv, Hang, Cpmn, Phli, Linb, Egyd, Phag, Khoj, Nbat, sd-Arab, Ougr, Avst, Orya, Bopo, Olck, Laoo, Ogam, Lisu, Nshu, Nkoo, Gujr, Bali, Blis, Perm, Mroo, Nand, Mult, Hatr, Moon, xwo-Mong, Inds, Brah, Merc, Hmnp, sjo-Mong, Runr, Adlm, Morse, mnc-Mong, ku-Arab, Cari, Semap, Nkdb, Mero, Nkgb, Hant, Kali, Bugi, Medf, Maya, Mani, Hani, Grek, Taml, Maka, Cyrs, Osge, Geor, Lyci, Lina, Kitl, Mend, Prti, Loma, Telu, pjt-Latn, Orkh, Kpel, ps-Arab, Khmr, Khar, Geok, Cham, Kawi, Ahom, Dupl, Lydi, Armn, Guru Yes
mvi Miyako Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
my Burmese Burmish Mymr Myanmar, Mandalay Burmese, Myeik Burmese, Palaw Burmese, Rangoon Burmese, Yangon Burmese, Yaw Burmese Yes
nan Min Nan Coastal Min Hani, Hant, Hans, Latn, Bopo, Kana Taiwanese Yes
nb Norwegian Bokmål North Germanic Latn Bokmål Yes
nci Classical Nahuatl Nahuan Latn Yes
nd Northern Ndebele Nguni Latn North Ndebele Yes
neh Nyenkha East Bodish Tibt, Latn Nyen, Henka, Mangsdekha, Phobjip, Mangdep, Mangde, Hen Kha, Henkha, Mandebi-kha, Nehan, Phobjikha, Chutobikha Yes Yes
niv Nivkh isolate Cyrl Yes Yes
nl Dutch Low Franconian Latn, Brai Netherlandic, Flemish Yes
nmm Manangba Tamangic Tibt, Deva Manang, Manange, Manang Ke, Nyishang, Nyishangte, Nyishangba Yes Yes
nn Norwegian Nynorsk West Scandinavian Latn New Norwegian, Nynorsk Yes Yes
no Norwegian West Scandinavian Latn Yes
nod Northern Thai Southwestern Tai Lana, Thai Northwestern Thai, Kam Mueang, Kam Muang, Lanna Yes Yes
nr Southern Ndebele Nguni Latn South Ndebele Yes
nrf Norman Oïl Latn Cauchois, Jèrriais, Jersiais, Jersey French, Jersey Norman, Jersey Norman French, Guernésiais, Guernesiais, Dgèrnésiais, Guernsey French, Guernsey Norman French, Augeron, Sercquiais, Auregnais, Cotentinais, Brayon, Roumois Yes
ntp Northern Tepehuan Uto-Aztecan Latn Yes
nuo Nguôn Vietic Latn Yes
nup Nupe Nupe-Gbagyi Latn Nupe-Nupe-Tako Yes Yes
nut Nung Tai Latn, Hani Yes
nv Navajo Apachean Latn Navaho, Diné bizaad Yes
ny Chichewa Nyasa Latn Chicheŵa, Chinyanja, Nyanja, Chewa, Cicewa, Cewa, Cinyanja Yes Yes
nyw Nyaw Tai Thai, Latn Yes
nzd Nzadi Boma-Dzing Latn Ngiemba, Lensibun, Ndzé Ntaa Yes
oc Occitan Occitano-Romance Latn, Hebr Yes
och Old Chinese Sinitic Hant Yes
odt Old Dutch Low Franconian Latn, Runr Yes
ofs Old Frisian Frisian Latn Yes
oge Old Georgian Georgian-Zan Geor, Geok Yes
oj Ojibwe Algonquian Cans, Latn Ojibway, Ojibwa, Chippewa, Ojibwemowin, Southwestern Ojibwa Yes
ojp Old Japanese Japonic Jpan Yes
okm Middle Korean Koreanic Kore Yes
okn Oki-No-Erabu Ryukyuan Jpan Okino-Erabu, Okinoerabu, Oki-no-Erabu Yes
oko Old Korean Koreanic Kore Yes
ole Olekha Bodish Tibt, Latn Yes Yes
olt Old Lithuanian East Baltic Latn Yes
onw Old Nubian Nubian Copt Yes
orv Old East Slavic East Slavic Cyrs Old Russian Yes Yes
os Ossetian Scythian Cyrl, Geor, Latn Ossete, Ossetic, Digor, Iron Yes Yes
osx Old Saxon Low German Latn Old Low German Yes
ota Ottoman Turkish Oghuz ota-Arab, Armn Ottoman Yes
otb Old Tibetan Tibetic Tibt Imperial Old Tibetan Yes Yes
pa Punjabi Punjabi-Lahnda Guru, pa-Arab Panjabi Yes
pag Pangasinan Philippine Latn, Tglg Yes
pam Kapampangan Philippine Latn Pampango Yes Yes
pcc Bouyei Northern Tai Latn, Hani Buyi, Buyei, Puyi, Giay, Yay Yes
pcd Picard Oïl Latn Chti, Ch'ti, Rouchi, Rouchy Yes
pcm Nigerian Pidgin creole or pidgin Latn Yes Yes
phk Phake Southwestern Tai Mymr Tai Phake Yes
phr Pahari-Potwari Punjabi-Lahnda pa-Arab, Guru Pothohari, Pothwari Yes
pi Pali Middle Indo-Aryan Latn, Brah, Deva, Beng, Sinh, Mymr, Thai, Lana, Laoo, Khmr, Cakm Yes Yes
pkc Baekje Koreanic Hani, Kana Yes
pl Polish Lechitic Latn Yes
pnt Pontic Greek Hellenic Grek, Latn, Cyrl Pontic Yes Yes
ppl Pipil Nahuan Latn Nahuat, Náhuat, Nawat, Náwat Yes
pro Old Occitan Occitano-Romance Latn Old Provençal, Old Provencal Yes
ps Pashto Pathan ps-Arab Pashtun, Pushto, Pashtu, Afghani, Central Pashto, Northern Pashto, Southern Pashto, Pukhto, Pakhto, Pakkhto Yes
pt Portuguese West Iberian Latn, Brai Modern Portuguese Yes
pua Purepecha isolate Latn Tarascan, Tarasco, P'urhepecha, Purépecha, P'urhépecha, Phorhépecha, Phorhé, Porhé Yes
qfa-xgx-rou Rouran Para-Mongolic Hani, Latnx Ruanruan, Ruan-ruan Yes
qfa-xgx-tuh Tuyuhun Para-Mongolic Hani, Latnx 'Azha Yes
qfa-xgx-tuo Tuoba Para-Mongolic Hani, Latnx Tabghach, Taghbach Yes
qfa-xgx-wuh Wuhuan Para-Mongolic Hani, Latnx Wuwan, Awar Yes
qfa-xgx-xbi Xianbei Para-Mongolic Hani, Latnx Serbi, Shirwi Yes
raw Rawang Nungish Latn Yes
rcf Réunion Creole French creole or pidgin Latn Yes
ro Romanian Eastern Romance Latn, Cyrl Daco-Romanian, Roumanian, Rumanian Yes
roa-ang Angevin Oïl Latn Craonnais, Baugeois, Saumurois Yes
roa-bbn Bourbonnais-Berrichon Oïl Latn Bourbonnais, Berrichon, Moulins, Allier, Nivernais, Haut-Berrichon, Bas-Berrichon Yes
roa-brg Bourguignon Oïl Latn Burgundian, Bregognon, Dijonnais, Morvandiau, Morvandeau, Morvan, Bourguignon-Morvandiau, Mâconnais, Brionnais, Brionnais-Charolais, Auxerrois, Beaunois, Langrois, Valsaônois, Verduno-Chalonnais, Sédelocien Yes
roa-cha Champenois Oïl Latn Bassignot, Langrois, Sennonais, Vallage, Troyen, Briard, Der, Perthois, Rémois, Argonnais, Porcien, Ardennais, Sugny Yes
roa-fcm Franc-Comtois Oïl Latn Frainc-Comtou, Comtois, Jurassien, Ajoulot, Vâdais, Taignon, Bisontin, Bousbot Yes
roa-gal Gallo Oïl Latn Yes
roa-lor Lorrain Oïl Latn Gaumais, Vosgien, Welche, Argonnais, Longovicien, Messin, Nancéien, Spinalien, Déodatien Yes
roa-oca Old Catalan Occitano-Romance Latn Yes
roa-orl Orléanais Oïl Latn Beauceron, Solognot, Gâtinais, Blaisois, Vendômois Yes
roa-poi Poitevin-Saintongeais Oïl Latn Poitevin, Saintongeais, Maraîchin Yes
ru Russian East Slavic Cyrl, Cyrs, Brai Yes Yes
rue Rusyn East Slavic Cyrl Yes Yes
rut Rutul Western Samur Cyrl, Latn Yes
rw Rwanda-Rundi Great Lakes Bantu Latn Ha, Giha, Hangaza, Vinza, Shubi Yes
ryn Northern Amami-Oshima Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
rys Yaeyama Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
ryu Okinawan Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
sa Sanskrit Old Indo-Aryan Deva, Bali, as-Beng, Beng, Bhks, Brah, Gran, Gujr, Guru, Hani, Java, Kawi, Khar, Khmr, Knda, Lana, Laoo, Marc, Mlym, Modi, Mong, mnc-Mong, xwo-Mong, Mymr, Nand, Newa, Orya, Phag, Ranj, Saur, Shrd, Sidd, Sinh, Taml, Tang, Telu, Thai, Tibt, Tirh Yes Yes
sam Samaritan Aramaic Western Aramaic Samr Samaritan Yes
scf San Miguel Creole French creole or pidgin Latn Yes
sd Sindhi Sindhi sd-Arab, Deva, Sind, Khoj Yes
sdh Southern Kurdish Kurdish ku-Arab Kermanshahi, Kermanshahi Kurdish, Kermanshani, Kermanshani Kurdish, Kolya'i, Kolyā'i, Zangana, Kalhori, Sanjābi, Sanjabi, Feyli, Fayli, Ilāmi, Ilami Yes
se Northern Sami Sami Latn North Sami, Northern Saami, North Saami Yes Yes
sga Old Irish Goidelic Latn Yes Yes
sgt Brokpake Tibetic Tibt Brokpa Yes Yes
sh Serbo-Croatian South Slavic Latn, Cyrl, Glag BCS, Croato-Serbian, Serbocroatian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Shtokavian Yes Yes
shi Tashelhit Berber Tfng, Arab, Latn Tachelhit, Chleuh, Shilha, Tashlhiyt, Tashelhit Berber, Tachelhit Berber, Tashlhiyt Berber, Soussian Yes
shn Shan Southwestern Tai Mymr Kwam Tai, Kam Tai, Tai Yai Yes
shu Chadian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
sia Akkala Sami Sami Cyrl, Latn Yes
sip Sikkimese Tibetic Tibt Bhutia, Dranjongke, Dranjoke, Denjongka, Denzongpeke, Denzongke Yes Yes
sit-bok Bokar Tani Latn, Tibt Ramo, Pailibo Yes Yes
sjd Kildin Sami Sami Cyrl Yes
sje Pite Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sjk Kemi Sami Sami Latn Yes
sjt Ter Sami Sami Latn Yes
sju Ume Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sk Slovak West Slavic Latn Yes
skb Saek Northern Tai Thai Yes
skr Saraiki Punjabi-Lahnda pa-Arab, Mult, Deva Siraiki, Seraiki Yes
sl Slovene South Slavic Latn Slovenian Yes Yes
sla-pro Proto-Slavic Slavic Latnx Common Slavic Yes Yes
sma Southern Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
smi-pro Proto-Samic Sami Latn Proto-Sami Yes
smj Lule Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
smn Inari Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
smp Samaritan Hebrew Canaanite Samr Samaritan Yes
sms Skolt Sami Sami Latn Yes Yes
sn Shona Shona Latn Yes
so Somali Somaloid Latn, Arab, Osma Yes
soa Thai Song Southwestern Tai Tavt, Thai Lao Song, Song Yes
sou Southern Thai Southwestern Tai Thai Dambro, Pak Tai Yes
sq Albanian Albanian Latn, Grek, ota-Arab, Elba Yes Yes
ss Swazi Nguni Latn Swati Yes
ssh Shihhi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
st Sotho Sotho-Tswana Latn Sesotho, Southern Sesotho, Southern Sotho Yes
sv Swedish East Scandinavian Latn Yes
sw Swahili Swahili Latn, Arab Settler Swahili, KiSetla, KiSettla, Setla, Settla, Kitchen Swahili, Kihindi, Indian Swahili, KiShamba, Kishamba, Field Swahili, Kibabu, Asian Swahili, Kimanga, Arab Swahili, Kitvita, Army Swahili Yes
swb Maore Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
swi Sui Kam-Sui Latn, Shui, Hani Ai Sui, Shui, Sui Li, Suipo Yes
syc Classical Syriac Eastern Aramaic Syrc Yes
syd-fne Forest Nenets Samoyedic Cyrl Yes
tab Tabasaran Eastern Samur Cyrl, Latn, Arab Tabassaran Yes Yes
taj Eastern Tamang Tamangic sit-tam-Tibt, Deva Yes
tar Central Tarahumara Taracahitic Latn Yes
tas Tây Bồi creole or pidgin Latn Tay Boi Pidgin French, Vietnamese Pidgin French Yes
tbq-plg Pai-lang Lolo-Burmese Hani, Latnx Bai-lang, Pailang, Bailang Yes
tdd Tai Nüa Southwestern Tai Tale Tai Nuea, Dehong Dai, Tai Dehong, Tai Le, Chinese Shan, Chinese Tai Yes
tdg Western Tamang Tamangic sit-tam-Tibt, Deva Yes
tg Tajik Southwestern Iranian Cyrl, fa-Arab, Latn Eastern Persian, Tadjik, Tadzhik, Tajiki, Tajik Persian, Tajiki Persian Yes Yes
tge Eastern Gorkha Tamang Tamangic sit-tam-Tibt, Deva Yes
tgf Chali East Bodish Tibt, Latn Chalikha, Chalipkha, Tshali, Tshalingpa Yes Yes
th Thai Southwestern Tai Thai, Brai Central Thai, Siamese Yes
thm Thavung Vietic Thai Aheu, So (Thavung) Yes
tin Tindi Andian Cyrl Yes
tk Turkmen Oghuz Latn, Cyrl, Arab Yes Yes
tkn Toku-No-Shima Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
tkr Tsakhur Western Samur Cyrl, Latn, Arab Caxur, Tsaxur Yes
tl Tagalog Philippine Latn, Tglg Yes Yes
tmh Tuareg Berber Latn, Tfng, Arab Tamashek, Tamahaq, Tamajaq, Tamasheq Yes
tmk Northwestern Tamang Tamangic sit-tam-Tibt, Deva Yes
to Tongan Polynesian Latn Yes Yes
tr Turkish Oghuz Latn Yes
trk-dkh Dukhan Siberian Turkic Latn, Cyrl, Mong Dukha Yes
trk-oat Old Anatolian Turkish Oghuz ota-Arab Yes
tru Turoyo Central Neo-Aramaic Syrc, Latn Yes
tsd Tsakonian Hellenic Grek Yes Yes
tsj Tshangla Tshangla Tibt, Latn, Deva Sharchop Yes Yes
tt Tatar Kipchak-Bulgar Cyrl, Latn, tt-Arab Yes
tts Isan Southwestern Tai Thai Isanese, Isaan, Issan, Northeastern Thai Yes
tuw-kkl Kyakala Jurchenic Latn, Hani Chinese Kyakala Yes
twh Tai Dón Southwestern Tai Tavt Tai Khao, White Tai Yes
twm Tawang Monpa East Bodish Tibt Yes Yes
tyv Tuvan Siberian Turkic Cyrl Tyvan Yes
tyz Tày Tày Latn, Hani Tay, Tho, Bao Yen, Cao Bang, Central Tày, Eastern Tày, Northern Tày, Southern Tày, Tày Bao Lac, Tày Trung Khanh Yes
tzl Talossan constructed Latn Yes
uby Ubykh Northwest Caucasian Cyrl, Latn Yes Yes
udi Udi Eastern Samur Cyrl, Latn, Armn, Geor Yes
udm Udmurt Permic Cyrl Yes
ugo Gong Lolo-Burmese Thai Ugong Yes
uk Ukrainian East Slavic Cyrl Yes Yes
ulb Olukumi Yoruba Latn Ulukwumi Yes Yes
ulc Ulch Nanaic Cyrl, Latn Yes Yes
umu Munsee Lenape Latn Yes
ur Urdu Hindustani ur-Arab, Hebr Yes Yes
urj-koo Old Komi Permic Perm, Cyrs Old Permian Yes
urj-kya Komi-Yazva Permic Cyrl Yes
urk Urak Lawoi' Malayic Thai Urak Lawoi, Urak Lawoc, Orak Lawoi', Orak Lawoi, Lawta, Chao Le, Chao Nam, Lawoi', Lawoi, Lawoc Yes
uz Uzbek Karluk Latn, Cyrl, fa-Arab Northern Uzbek, Southern Uzbek Yes
vep Veps Finnic Latn Yes
vi Vietnamese Vietic Latn, Hani Annamese, Annamite Yes
vmf East Franconian High German Latn Ansbachisch, Eastern Franconian, Hohenlohisch, Main Franconian, Mainfränkisch, Nürnbergisch, Oberfränkisch, Upper Franconian, Vogtländisch Yes
vot Votic Finnic Latn Yes
wa Walloon Oïl Latn Liégeois, Namurois, Wallo-Picard, Wallo-Lorrain Yes
war Waray-Waray Philippine Latn Waray, Winaray, Samar-Leyte Yes Yes
wlc Mwali Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
wlm Middle Welsh Western Brythonic Latn Yes Yes
wni Ndzwani Comorian Comorian Latn Yes
wuu Wu Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Suzhounese, Shanghainese Yes
wxa Waxianghua Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Yes
wym Vilamovian High German Latn Wilamowicean, Vilamovicean, Wymysorys Yes
xaa Andalusian Arabic Arabic Arab, Latn Andalusi Arabic, Moorish Arabic, Spanish Arabic Yes
xal Kalmyk Central Mongolic Cyrl, xwo-Mong Oirat, Modern Oirat Yes
xbc Bactrian Sogdo-Bactrian Grek, Mani Greco-Bactrian, Kushan, Kushano-Bactrian Yes
xbo Bulgar Oghur Arab, Grek Bolğar, Bulghar, Bolghar, Bolgarian, Bolgar Yes
xcl Old Armenian Armenian Armn Classical Armenian, Liturgical Armenian, Grabar Yes
xct Classical Tibetan Tibetic Tibt, Hani, Marc, Mong, mnc-Mong, xwo-Mong, Phag, Tang, Zanb Yes Yes
xfa Faliscan Italic Ital, Latn Yes
xh Xhosa Nguni Latn Yes
xkf Khengkha East Bodish Tibt Kheng Yes Yes
xkz Kurtöp East Bodish Tibt, Latn Kurtop, Kurtö, Kurtopkha, Kurtokha, Zhâke Yes Yes
xmk Ancient Macedonian Hellenic Polyt Yes Yes
xng Middle Mongol Mongolic Mong, Phag, Hani, Arab, Armn Middle Mongolian Yes Yes
xnt Narragansett Eastern Algonquian Latn Yes
xpy Buyeo Koreanic Hani Yes
xqa Karakhanid Karluk Arab Yes
xsr Sherpa Tibetic Tibt, Deva Yes Yes
xug Kunigami Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
xzh Zhang-Zhung Almora xzh-Tibt, Marc Yes
yej Yevanic Hellenic Hebr Yes
yi Yiddish High German Hebr American Yiddish, Daytshmerish Yiddish, Mideastern Yiddish, Galitzish, Northeastern Yiddish, Litvish, Lithuanian Yiddish, Northwestern Yiddish, Netherlandic Yiddish, Polish Yiddish, Poylish, South African Yiddish, Southeastern Yiddish, Ukrainian Yiddish, Ukrainish, Southwestern Yiddish, Judeo-Alsatian, Udmurtish Yes
ykh Khamnigan Mongol Central Mongolic Mong, Latn, Cyrl Khamnigan, Khamnigan Buryat Yes
yno Yong Southwestern Tai Lana, Thai Tai Yong Yes
yo Yoruba Yoruba Latn, Arab Yes Yes
yoi Yonaguni Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
yox Yoron Ryukyuan Jpan Yes
yrk Tundra Nenets Samoyedic Cyrl Nenets, Yurak, Western Nenets, Eastern Nenets Yes
yue Cantonese Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans, Latn Yue, Yüeh Yes
za Zhuang Tai Latn, Hani Chongzuo Zhuang, Guibei Zhuang, Guibian Zhuang, Central Hongshuihe Zhuang, Eastern Hongshuihe Zhuang, Lianshan Zhuang, Liujiang Zhuang, Liuqian Zhuang, Min Zhuang, Minz Zhuang, Nong Zhuang, Qiubei Zhuang, Shangsi Zhuang, Dai Zhuang, Wenma, Wenma Thu, Wenma Zhuang, Yang Zhuang, Yongbei Zhuang, Wuming Zhuang, Standard Zhuang, Yongnan Zhuang, Youjiang Zhuang, Zuojiang Zhuang Yes
zal Zauzou Loloish Latn, Hani Yes
zau Zangskari Ladakhi-Balti Tibt Zanskari Yes Yes
zdj Ngazidja Comorian Comorian Latn Ngazidja, Shingazidja Yes
zea Zealandic Low Franconian Latn Yes
zh Chinese Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans, Latn, Bopo, Nshu, Brai Yes
zhn Nong Zhuang Central Tai Latn Yanguang Zhuang, Western Nung, Nung Din Yes
zhx-lui Leizhou Min Coastal Min Hani, Hant, Hans Yes
zhx-sht Shaozhou Tuhua Sinitic Nshu, Hani, Hant, Hans Xiangnan Tuhua, Yuebei Tuhua, Shipo, Shina Yes
zhx-tai Taishanese Sinitic Hani, Hant, Hans Toishanese Yes
zhx-teo Teochew Coastal Min Hani, Hant, Hans Chiuchow Yes
zkg Goguryeo Koreanic Hani Yes
zkr Zakhring Midzu Latn, Hani Yes
zkt Khitan Para-Mongolic Kitl, Kits, Hani Yes
zle-ono Old Novgorodian East Slavic Cyrs, Glag Yes Yes
zle-ort Old Ruthenian East Slavic Cyrs Yes Yes
zlw-opl Old Polish Lechitic Latn Yes
zlw-slv Slovincian Pomeranian Latn Yes
zu Zulu Nguni Latn isiZulu Yes
zza Zazaki Zaza-Gorani Latn Zaza Yes
zzj Zuojiang Zhuang Central Tai Latn Yes


Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
mul Translingual not a family Zmth, Mahj, Hrkt, Bass, Ital, Roro, fa-Arab, Hluw, Buhd, Osma, Brai, Syrc, Hebr, Latnx, Mtei, pa-Arab, Shaw, Armi, Modi, Wcho, Leke, Hung, ug-Arab, Hans, Deva, Narb, Cyrl, Cher, Kore, Chrs, Batk, Xsux, Hmng, Zzzz, None, Zyyy, Hira, Tfng, Zsym, Tavt, Bamu, Imag, ks-Arab, Shrd, ms-Arab, Zanb, Knda, Ibrn, Beng, Cakm, Gonm, Yiii, Goth, Marc, Cans, Mlym, ur-Arab, Yezi, Jpan, Nagm, Xpeo, Wole, Cprt, Elym, kk-Arab, Wara, Sylo, Kits, Visp, Dogr, Kthi, Afak, Mand, Vaii, Ugar, Toto, Ethi, Tnsa, Mong, Limb, Gong, Tirh, xzh-Tibt, Elba, Ranj, Palm, Tibt, Thai, Thaa, Tglg, Teng, Lepc, Rumin, Aghb, Takr, Tale, Music, Talu, Tagb, Jurc, Vith, Sund, Kana, Lana, xka-Arab, Dsrt, Samr, Soyo, Newa, Latg, Mymr, sit-tam-Tibt, Sora, Java, Diak, Sogd, tt-Arab, Sinh, Latf, Sind, Phnx, Gran, ota-Arab, Polyt, as-Beng, Shui, Sgnw, Latn, Saur, Arab, Pauc, Bhks, Phlp, Sarb, Egyp, Egyh, Glag, Tang, Rohg, Copt, Rjng, mzn-Arab, pal-Avst, Sogo, Hano, Plrd, Sidd, Ipach, Phlv, Hang, Cpmn, Phli, Linb, Egyd, Phag, Khoj, Nbat, sd-Arab, Ougr, Avst, Orya, Bopo, Olck, Laoo, Ogam, Lisu, Nshu, Nkoo, Gujr, Bali, Blis, Perm, Mroo, Nand, Mult, Hatr, Moon, xwo-Mong, Inds, Brah, Merc, Hmnp, sjo-Mong, Runr, Adlm, Morse, mnc-Mong, ku-Arab, Cari, Semap, Nkdb, Mero, Nkgb, Hant, Kali, Bugi, Medf, Maya, Mani, Hani, Grek, Taml, Maka, Cyrs, Osge, Geor, Lyci, Lina, Kitl, Mend, Prti, Loma, Telu, pjt-Latn, Orkh, Kpel, ps-Arab, Khmr, Khar, Geok, Cham, Kawi, Ahom, Dupl, Lydi, Armn, Guru Yes
und Undetermined not a family Zmth, Mahj, Hrkt, Bass, Ital, Roro, fa-Arab, Hluw, Buhd, Osma, Brai, Syrc, Hebr, Latnx, Mtei, pa-Arab, Shaw, Armi, Modi, Wcho, Leke, Hung, ug-Arab, Hans, Deva, Narb, Cyrl, Cher, Kore, Chrs, Batk, Xsux, Hmng, Zzzz, None, Zyyy, Hira, Tfng, Zsym, Tavt, Bamu, Imag, ks-Arab, Shrd, ms-Arab, Zanb, Knda, Ibrn, Beng, Cakm, Gonm, Yiii, Goth, Marc, Cans, Mlym, ur-Arab, Yezi, Jpan, Nagm, Xpeo, Wole, Cprt, Elym, kk-Arab, Wara, Sylo, Kits, Visp, Dogr, Kthi, Afak, Mand, Vaii, Ugar, Toto, Ethi, Tnsa, Mong, Limb, Gong, Tirh, xzh-Tibt, Elba, Ranj, Palm, Tibt, Thai, Thaa, Tglg, Teng, Lepc, Rumin, Aghb, Takr, Tale, Music, Talu, Tagb, Jurc, Vith, Sund, Kana, Lana, xka-Arab, Dsrt, Samr, Soyo, Newa, Latg, Mymr, sit-tam-Tibt, Sora, Java, Diak, Sogd, tt-Arab, Sinh, Latf, Sind, Phnx, Gran, ota-Arab, Polyt, as-Beng, Shui, Sgnw, Latn, Saur, Arab, Pauc, Bhks, Phlp, Sarb, Egyp, Egyh, Glag, Tang, Rohg, Copt, Rjng, mzn-Arab, pal-Avst, Sogo, Hano, Plrd, Sidd, Ipach, Phlv, Hang, Cpmn, Phli, Linb, Egyd, Phag, Khoj, Nbat, sd-Arab, Ougr, Avst, Orya, Bopo, Olck, Laoo, Ogam, Lisu, Nshu, Nkoo, Gujr, Bali, Blis, Perm, Mroo, Nand, Mult, Hatr, Moon, xwo-Mong, Inds, Brah, Merc, Hmnp, sjo-Mong, Runr, Adlm, Morse, mnc-Mong, ku-Arab, Cari, Semap, Nkdb, Mero, Nkgb, Hant, Kali, Bugi, Medf, Maya, Mani, Hani, Grek, Taml, Maka, Cyrs, Osge, Geor, Lyci, Lina, Kitl, Mend, Prti, Loma, Telu, pjt-Latn, Orkh, Kpel, ps-Arab, Khmr, Khar, Geok, Cham, Kawi, Ahom, Dupl, Lydi, Armn, Guru

Etymology-only languages

Codes Canonical name Other names Parent
pra-abh Abhiri Abhiri Prakrit [missing]
xme-abz Abuzeydabadi [missing]
xme-aby Abyanehi [missing]
fr-aca Acadian French [missing]
elx-ach Achaemenid Elamite [missing]
fub Adamawa Fulfulde [missing]
dv-add Addu Dhivehi Addu Divehi, Addu Bas [missing]
grc-aeo Aeolic Greek Lesbic Greek, Lesbian Greek, Aeolian Greek [missing]
ps-afr Afridi [missing]
cop-akh Akhmimic Coptic Akhmimic [missing]
tw-aku Akuapem Twi Akuapem, Akuapim, Akwapem Twi, Akwapi [missing]
xln Alanic [missing]
gsw-FR Alsatian [missing]
adx Amdo Tibetan [missing]
en-US American English [missing]
xme-amo Amorehi [missing]
nan-xm Amoy Xiamenese [missing]
xme-ana Anaraki [missing]
tly-anb Anbarani [missing]
okz-ang Angkorian Old Khmer [missing]
ang-ang Anglian Old English [missing]
xno Anglo-Norman [missing]
oc-ara Aranese [missing]
aae Arbëresh Albanian Arbëreshë, Arbëresh [missing]
grc-arc Arcadian Greek [missing]
grc-arp Arcadocypriot Greek [missing]
xme-ard Ardestani [missing]
pra-ard Ardhamagadhi Prakrit Ardhamagadhi [missing]
klj-arg Arghu [missing]
qwm-arm Armeno-Kipchak [missing]
aat Arvanitika Albanian Arvanitika [missing]
tly-asa Asalemi [missing]
tw-asa Asante Twi Asante, Ashanti, Ashante [missing]
atn, xme-ast Ashtiani [missing]
grc-att Attic Greek [missing]
en-AU Australian English [missing]
de-AT Austrian German [missing]
oc-auv Auvergnat Auvernhat, Auvergnese [missing]
pra-ava Avanti Avanti Prakrit [missing]
tly-aze Azerbaijani Talysh [missing]
xme-bdr Badrudi [missing]
fui Bagirmi Fulfulde [missing]
pra-bah Bahliki Bahliki Prakrit [missing]
sgh-baj Bajui [missing]
bsg-ban Bandari [missing]
ps-bng Bangash [missing]
ps-ban Bannu [missing]
sgh-bar Bartangi [missing]
sgh-bro Bartangi-Oroshori [missing]
bsg-bas Bashkardi [missing]
nl-BE Belgian Dutch Flemish, Flemish Dutch, Southern Dutch [missing]
pse-bsm Besemah [missing]
bew-kot Betawi Kota [missing]
bew-ora Betawi Ora [missing]
bew-udi Betawi Udik [missing]
arc-bib Biblical Aramaic Eastern Aramaic family
hbo Biblical Hebrew Classical Hebrew [missing]
xme-bid Bidhandi [missing]
xme-bij Bijagani [missing]
grc-boi Boeotian Greek [missing]
cop-boh Bohairic Coptic Bohairic, Memphitic Coptic, Memphitic [missing]
hi-mum Bombay Hindi Mumbai Hindi, Bambaiyya Hindi [missing]
tw-abr Bono Twi Bono, Abron, Brong [missing]
gax Borana Southern Oromo [missing]
fue Borgu Fulfulde [missing]
xme-bor Borujerdi [missing]
sa-bra Brahmanic Sanskrit [missing]
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese [missing]
en-GB British English [missing]
sa-bhs Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit [missing]
fay-bur Burenjani [missing]
fay-bsh Bushehri [missing]
gkm, gkm-med Byzantine Greek Medieval Greek [missing]
frc Cajun French Louisiana French [missing]
en-US-CA California English [missing]
ncb-cam Camorta Kamorta [missing]
sc-sro Campidanese Campidanese Sardinian [missing]
en-CA Canadian English [missing]
fr-CA Canadian French [missing]
pra-can Candali Candali Prakrit [missing]
ps-cgi Central Ghilzay [missing]
ko-cen Central Korean [missing]
tly-cen Central Talysh [missing]
xme-ttc-cen Central Tati [missing]
fuq Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde [missing]
ckm, sh-cha Chakavian Serbo-Croatian Čakavian [missing]
mn-cha Chakhar Mongolian Chakhar [missing]
tks-cal Chali Chāli [missing]
xme-cim Chimehi [missing]
arc-cpa Christian Palestinian Aramaic Melkite Aramaic, Palestinian Syriac, Syropalestinian Aramaic Western Aramaic family
ko-chu Chungcheong Korean Hoseo Korean [missing]
xcg Cisalpine Gaulish [missing]
az-cls Classical Azerbaijani Classical Azeri [missing]
CL., la-cla Classical Latin [missing]
ms-cla Classical Malay [missing]
fa-cls Classical Persian [missing]
sa-cls Classical Sanskrit [missing]
tl-cls Classical Tagalog [missing]
es-CO Colombian Spanish [missing]
bnt-cmn Common Bantu [missing]
trk-cmn Common Turkic [missing]
la-con Contemporary Latin [missing]
cop-ggg Coptic Dialect G Dialect G, Mansuric Coptic, Mansuric [missing]
cop-jjj Coptic Dialect J [missing]
cop-kkk Coptic Dialect K [missing]
cop-ppp Coptic Dialect P Proto-Theban Coptic, Palaeo-Theban Coptic [missing]
grc-kre Cretan Ancient Greek [missing]
el-crt Cretan Greek [missing]
es-CU Cuban Spanish [missing]
el-cyp Cypriot Greek Cypriotic Greek [missing]
tr-CY Cypriot Turkish [missing]
pra-dak Daksinatya Daksinatya Prakrit [missing]
tks-dan Danesfani [missing]
prs Dari Dari Persian, Central Persian, Eastern Persian, Afghan Persian [missing]
fay-dsh Dashtaki [missing]
fay-dav Davani [missing]
xme-del Delijani [missing]
os-dig Digor Ossetian Digoron, Digor [missing]
grc-dor Doric Greek [missing]
pra-dra Dramili Dramili Prakrit [missing]
bry-ear Early Brythonic [missing]
cmn-ear Early Mandarin [missing]
la-eme Early Medieval Latin [missing]
ltc-ear Early Middle Chinese [missing]
ja-mid-ear Early Middle Japanese [missing]
okm-ear Early Middle Korean [missing]
xng-ear Early Middle Mongol [missing]
pal-ear Early Middle Persian [missing]
cs-ear Early Modern Czech [missing]
ja-ear Early Modern Japanese [missing]
och-ear Early Old Chinese [missing]
oos-ear Early Old Ossetic [missing]
peo-ear Early Old Persian [missing]
sco-osc Early Scots Old Scots [missing]
sog-ear Early Sogdian [missing]
bal-eas, bgp Eastern Balochi Eastern Baluchi [missing]
xme-ttc-eas Eastern Tati [missing]
tks-ebr Ebrahimabadi [missing]
EL., la-ecc Ecclesiastical Latin Church Latin [missing]
grc-ela Elean Greek [missing]
fay-eze Emamzada Esma’ili [missing]
grc-epc Epic Greek Homeric Greek [missing]
tks-esf Esfarvarini [missing]
pt-PT European Portuguese [missing]
fat Fante Akan Fante, Fanti, Fantse, Mfantse [missing]
xme-far Farizandi [missing]
cop-fay Fayyumic Coptic Fayyumic, Faiyumic Coptic, Faiyumic, Fayumic Coptic, Fayumic, Bashmuric Coptic, Bashmuric [missing]
frk Frankish Old Frankish [missing]
tly-fum Fumani [missing]
ko-gan Gangwon Korean Yeongdong Korean [missing]
oc-gas Gascon [missing]
fay-gav Gavkoshaki [missing]
gzi, xme-gaz Gazi [missing]
en-geo Geordie English [missing]
tmh-ght Ghat [missing]
aln Gheg Albanian Gheg [missing]
nrf-grn, roa-grn Guernsey Norman Guernsey [missing]
ko-gyg Gyeonggi Korean Seoul Korean [missing]
ko-gys Gyeongsang Korean Southeastern Korean [missing]
th-new Hacked Thai [missing]
nan-hai Hainanese [missing]
xme-ham Hamadani [missing]
ko-ham Hamgyong Korean Northeastern Korean [missing]
xme-han Hanjani [missing]
cmn-pinyin Hanyu Pinyin Pinyin [missing]
hae Harar Oromo Eastern Oromo [missing]
arc-hat Hatran Aramaic Eastern Aramaic family
kn-hav Havigannada [missing]
haz Hazaragi [missing]
pra-hel Helu Prakrit Elu, Elu Prakrit, Helu [missing]
cop-her Hermopolitan Coptic Hermopolitan, Coptic Dialect H, Ashmuninic, Ashmuninic Coptic [missing]
xum-her Hernician [missing]
gsw-hig High Alemannic German [missing]
gsw-hst Highest Alemannic German [missing]
nan-hok Hokkien [missing]
en-HK Hong Kong English [missing]
bsg-hor Hormozi [missing]
dv-huv Huvadhu Dhivehi Huvadhu Divehi, Huvadhu Bas [missing]
ko-hwa Hwanghae Korean [missing]
und-idn Idiom Neutral [missing]
arc-imp Imperial Aramaic Official Aramaic [missing]
sco-ins Insular Scots [missing]
grc-ion Ionic Greek [missing]
fa-ira Iranian Persian Modern Persian, Western Persian [missing]
en-IE Irish English [missing]
os-iro Iron Ossetian Iron [missing]
xme-isf Isfahani [missing]
he-IL Israeli Hebrew [missing]
ps-jad Jadrani [missing]
ko-jeo Jeolla Korean Southwestern Korean [missing]
nrf-jer, roa-jer Jersey Norman Jersey [missing]
tmr Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Southeastern Aramaic family
arc-jla Jewish Literary Aramaic [missing]
jpa Jewish Palestinian Aramaic Galilean Aramaic Western Aramaic family
nan-jj Jinjiang Hokkien [missing]
rdb-jir Jirofti [missing]
xme-jow Jowshaqani [missing]
jrb Judeo-Arabic [missing]
xme-kaf Kafroni [missing]
xme-kah Kahaki [missing]
rdb-kah Kahnuji [missing]
kjv, sh-kaj Kajkavian Serbo-Croatian [missing]
ps-kak Kakari [missing]
el-kal Kaliarda [missing]
bsh-kam, xvi Kamviri Kamvíri [missing]
ps-kan Kandahari [missing]
oru-kan Kaniguram [missing]
tly-kar Karganrudi [missing]
xme-kas Kashani [missing]
ncb-kat Katchal Tehnu [missing]
el-kth Katharevousa Katharevousa Greek [missing]
gu-kat Kathiyawadi Kathiyawadi Gujarati, Kathiawadi [missing]
bsh-kat Kativiri Katə́viri [missing]
ang-ken Kentish Old English [missing]
xme-krm Kermani [missing]
xme-kes Kesehi [missing]
mn-kha Khalkha Mongolian Khalkha [missing]
kbg Khamba [missing]
khg Khams Tibetan [missing]
fay-kar Khargi [missing]
pra-kha Khasa Prakrit Khasa [missing]
ps-xat Khatak [missing]
tks-xia Khiaraji [missing]
fay-kho Khollari [missing]
mn-khr Khorchin Mongolian Khorchin [missing]
tks-xoz Khoznini [missing]
sgh-xuf Khufi Xufi, Xūfī [missing]
sgh-xug Khughni [missing]
sgh-xgb Khughni-Bajui [missing]
kfm, xme-xun Khunsari [missing]
xme-xur Khuri [missing]
rw-kin Kinyarwanda Rwanda [missing]
rw-run Kirundi Rundi [missing]
grc-koi Koine Greek Hellenistic Greek [missing]
xme-kom Komjani [missing]
fay-kon Kondazi [missing]
alv-kro Kromanti [missing]
kn-kun Kundagannada [missing]
ksh Kölsch [missing]
oc-lan Languedocien Lengadocian [missing]
akk-lbb Late Babylonian [missing]
bry-lat Late Brythonic [missing]
egy-lat Late Egyptian [missing]
kho-lat Late Khotanese [missing]
LL., la-lat Late Latin [missing]
ltc-lat Late Middle Chinese [missing]
ja-mid-lat Late Middle Japanese [missing]
xng-lat Late Middle Mongol [missing]
pal-lat Late Middle Persian [missing]
och-lat Late Old Chinese [missing]
oko-lat Late Old Korean [missing]
oos-lat Late Old Ossetic [missing]
peo-lat Late Old Persian [missing]
gmq-osw-lat Late Old Swedish [missing]
sog-lat Late Sogdian [missing]
xno-law Law French [missing]
oc-lim Limousin [missing]
gu-lda Lisan ud-Dawat Gujarati Lisan ud-Dawat, LDA [missing]
oru-log Logar [missing]
sc-src Logudorese Logudorese Sardinian [missing]
goh-lng, lng Lombardic [missing]
gsw-low Low Alemannic German [missing]
osc-luc Lucanian [missing]
es-lun Lunfardo [missing]
cop-lyc Lycopolitan Coptic Lycopolitan, Assiutic Coptic, Asyutic Coptic, Assiutic, Asyutic, Lyco-Diospolitan Coptic, Lyco-Diospolitan, Subakhmimic Coptic, Subakhmimic [missing]
ffm Maasina Fulfulde [missing]
pra-mag Magadhi Prakrit Magadhi [missing]
xme-mah Mahallati [missing]
pra-mah Maharastri Prakrit Maharashtri Prakrit, Maharastri, Maharashtri [missing]
ps-mah Mahsudi [missing]
qwm-mam Mamluk-Kipchak [missing]
xmn Manichaean Middle Persian [missing]
en-IM Manx English [missing]
tly-msa Masali [missing]
fay-mas Masarami [missing]
tly-msu Masulei [missing]
he-med Medieval Hebrew [missing]
ML., la-med Medieval Latin [missing]
si-med Medieval Sinhalese Medieval Sinhala [missing]
ang-mer Mercian Old English [missing]
es-MX Mexican Spanish [missing]
xme-mey Meymehi [missing]
akk-mas Middle Assyrian [missing]
akk-mbb Middle Babylonian [missing]
cu-bgm Middle Bulgarian [missing]
egy-mid Middle Egyptian Classical Egyptian [missing]
elx-mid Middle Elamite [missing]
ka-mid Middle Georgian [missing]
hi-mid Middle Hindi [missing]
ja-mid Middle Japanese [missing]
kok-mid Middle Konkani Medieval Konkani [missing]
zlw-mpl Middle Polish [missing]
zle-mru, zle-oru Middle Russian [missing]
sco-smi Middle Scots [missing]
ta-mid Middle Tamil [missing]
bsg-min Minabi [missing]
he-mis Mishnaic Hebrew [missing]
inc-mit Mitanni [missing]
dv-mul Mulaku Dhivehi Mulaku Divehi, Mulaku Bas [missing]
bsh-mum Mumviri Mumvíri [missing]
arc-nab Nabataean Aramaic [missing]
ncb-nan Nancowry Nankwari [missing]
xme-nar Naraqi [missing]
xme-nas Nashalji [missing]
ntz, xme-nat Natanzi [missing]
nyq, xme-nay Nayini [missing]
akk-nas Neo-Assyrian [missing]
akk-nbb Neo-Babylonian [missing]
elx-neo Neo-Elamite [missing]
egy-nmi Neo-Middle Egyptian Égyptien de tradition, Traditional Egyptian [missing]
NL., la-new New Latin Modern Latin [missing]
sa-neo New Sanskrit [missing]
fuv Nigerian Fulfulde [missing]
esi North Alaskan Inupiatun [missing]
en-NNN North American English [missing]
ps-nea Northeastern Pashto [missing]
en-GB-NIR Northern Irish English [missing]
enm-nor Northern Middle English Northumbrian Middle English [missing]
sco-nor Northern Scots [missing]
tly-nor Northern Talysh [missing]
xme-ttc-nor Northern Tati [missing]
ang-nor Northumbrian Old English [missing]
esk Northwest Alaskan Inupiatun [missing]
ps-nwe Northwestern Pashto [missing]
sc-nuo Nuorese Nuorese Sardinian [missing]
xme-nus Nushabadi [missing]
pra-odr Odri Odri Prakrit [missing]
akk-old Old Akkadian [missing]
arc-old Old Aramaic [missing]
akk-oas Old Assyrian [missing]
ae-old Old Avestan Gathic Avestan [missing]
awa-old Old Awadhi [missing]
xme-azr Old Azari Old Azeri, Azari, Azeri, Āḏarī, Adari, Adhari [missing]
akk-obb Old Babylonian [missing]
zle-obe Old Belarusian [missing]
bra-old Old Braj [missing]
cop-old Old Coptic [missing]
non-oen Old East Norse [missing]
egy-old Old Egyptian [missing]
elx-old Old Elamite [missing]
it-oit, roa-oit Old Italian [missing]
fay-kzo Old Kazeruni [missing]
kho-old Old Khotanese [missing]
otk-kir Old Kirghiz [missing]
kok-old Old Konkani Early Konkani [missing]
itc-ola Old Latin [missing]
ms-old Old Malay [missing]
iro-omo Old Mohawk [missing]
fro-nor Old Northern French Old Norman, Old Norman French [missing]
iro-oon Old Onondaga [missing]
oc-pro-old Old Provençal [missing]
fay-sho Old Shirazi [missing]
tl-old Old Tagalog [missing]
zle-ouk Old Ukrainian [missing]
iro-ohu Old Wendat [missing]
non-own Old West Norse [missing]
hsn-old Old Xiang Lou-Shao [missing]
loc-opu Opuntian Locrian [missing]
mn-ord Ordos Mongolian Ordos [missing]
orc Orma [missing]
sgh-oro Oroshori Roshorvi [missing]
cop-oxy Oxyrhynchite Coptic Oxyrhynchite, Mesokemic Coptic, Mesokemic, Middle Egyptian Coptic [missing]
loc-ozo Ozolian Locrian [missing]
pra-pai Paisaci Prakrit Paisaci, Paisachi [missing]
pfl Palatine German Pfälzisch, Pälzisch, Palatinate German [missing]
cmn-palladius Palladius Palladius system [missing]
arc-pal Palmyrene Aramaic Western Aramaic family
grc-pam Pamphylian Greek [missing]
el-pap Paphian Greek [missing]
fay-pap Papuni [missing]
nan-pen Penang Hokkien [missing]
ps-pes Peshawari [missing]
nan-ph Philippine Hokkien [missing]
fro-pic Picard Old French [missing]
zhx-pin Pinghua [missing]
pld Polari [missing]
pra-pra Pracya Pracya Prakrit [missing]
okz-pre Pre-Angkorian Old Khmer [missing]
qsb-grc Pre-Greek substrate family
bat-pro Proto-Baltic [missing]
urj-fpr-pro Proto-Finno-Permic [missing]
fiu-pro Proto-Finno-Ugric [missing]
cop-ply Proto-Lycopolitan Coptic Coptic Dialect i, Proto-Lyco-Diospolitan Coptic [missing]
trk-ogz-pro Proto-Oghuz Southwestern Common Turkic [missing]
tbq-pro Proto-Tibeto-Burman [missing]
oc-pro, prv Provençal Provencal [missing]
es-PR Puerto Rican Spanish [missing]
fuc Pulaar [missing]
fuf Pular [missing]
ko-pyo Pyongan Korean Northwestern Korean [missing]
xme-qal Qalhari [missing]
qxq Qashqai Qaşqay, Qashqayi, Kashkai, Kashkay [missing]
xme-qoh Qohrudi [missing]
nan-qz Quanzhou Hokkien [missing]
RL., la-ren Renaissance Latin [missing]
es-AR Rioplatense Spanish [missing]
sgh-ros Roshani Rushani, Rōšāni [missing]
sgh-rsx Roshani-Khufi [missing]
rdb-rud Rudbari [missing]
pra-sab Sabari Sabari Prakrit [missing]
tks-sag Sagzabadi [missing]
cop-sah Sahidic Coptic Sahidic, Saidic Coptic, Saidic, Thebaic Coptic, Thebaic [missing]
ht-sdm Saint Dominican Creole French [missing]
pra-sak Sakari Sakari Prakrit [missing]
fay-sam Samghani [missing]
osc-sam Samnite [missing]
pra-sau Sauraseni Prakrit Sauraseni, Shauraseni [missing]
en-GB-SCT Scottish English [missing]
xme-sed Sedehi [missing]
tly-san Shandarmani [missing]
wuu-sha Shanghainese [missing]
tai-shz Shangsi Zhuang [missing]
ps-ser Sher [missing]
fay-shr Shirazi [missing]
oc-jud Shuadit Chouhadite, Chouhadit, Chouadite, Chouadit, Shuhadit, Judeo-Occitan, Judæo-Occitan, Judaeo-Occitan, Judeo-Provençal, Judæo-Provençal, Judaeo-Provençal, Judeo-Provencal, Judaeo-Provencal, Judeo-Comtadin, Judæo-Comtadin, Judaeo-Comtadin [missing]
cmn-sic Sichuanese [missing]
sli Silesian East Central German Silesian [missing]
soj, xme-soi Soi Sohi [missing]
fay-sor Sorkhi [missing]
sco-sou South Scots Southern Scots, Borders Scots [missing]
ps-sea Southeastern Pashto [missing]
bal-sou, bcc Southern Balochi Southern Baluchi [missing]
tly-sou Southern Talysh [missing]
xme-ttc-sou Southern Tati [missing]
ps-swe Southwestern Pashto [missing]
akk-stb Standard Babylonian [missing]
gem-sue Suevic Suebian [missing]
fr-CH Switzerland French [missing]
de-CH Switzerland German Schweizer Hochdeutsch, Swiss Standard German, Swiss High German [missing]
it-CH Switzerland Italian [missing]
tks-tak Takestani [missing]
tly-tal Taleshdulabi [missing]
thv Tamahaq [missing]
taq Tamasheq [missing]
xme-trh Tarehi [missing]
xme-tar Tari [missing]
ttq Tawellemmet [missing]
thz Tayert [missing]
grc-ths Thessalian Greek [missing]
cmn-tongyong Tongyong Pinyin [missing]
sh-tor Torlakian Serbo-Croatian Torlak [missing]
als Tosk Albanian Tosk [missing]
xtg Transalpine Gaulish [missing]
tsk Tseku [missing]
tly-tul Tularudi [missing]
und-tdt Turdetani [missing]
und-tdl Turduli [missing]
tw Twi Akan Twi [missing]
en-uls Ulster English [missing]
sco-uls Ulster Scots [missing]
es-US United States Spanish US Spanish [missing]
sxu Upper Saxon German [missing]
vaf, xme-vaf Vafsi [missing]
ca-val Valencian [missing]
xme-val Valujerdi [missing]
xme-var Varani [missing]
xme-vrz Varzenehi [missing]
sa-ved Vedic Sanskrit [missing]
de-AT-vie Viennese German [missing]
oc-viv Vivaro-Alpine [missing]
xme-von Vonishuni [missing]
VL., la-vul Vulgar Latin [missing]
ssn Waata [missing]
cmn-wadegile Wade–Giles Wade-Giles, Wade Giles [missing]
wae Walser German [missing]
ps-waz Waziri [missing]
en-GB-WLS Welsh English [missing]
bal-wes, bgn Western Balochi Western Baluchi [missing]
fuh Western Niger Fulfulde [missing]
xme-ttc-wes Western Tati [missing]
woy Weyto [missing]
und-xnu Xiongnu [missing]
xme-yar Yarandi [missing]
xme-yaz Yazdi [missing]
ae-yng Younger Avestan Young Avestan [missing]
ko-yuk Yukjin Korean Yukchin Korean, Ryukjin Korean, Ryukchin Korean [missing]
xme-zef Zefrehi [missing]
nan-zz Zhangzhou Hokkien [missing]
xme-zor Zori [missing]
gbz, xme-dar Zoroastrian Dari Behdināni, Gabri, Gavrŭni, Gabrōni [missing]
qsb-ibe a pre-Roman substrate of Iberia substrate family
qsb-bal a pre-Roman substrate of the Balkans substrate family
qsb-pyg a substrate language originally spoken by the Pygmies substrate family
mul-tax taxonomic name [missing]
qsb-bma the BMAC substrate substrate family