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Hi, and welcome to the Spanish Translation page. This page is dedicated to working on Wiktionary and translating words from English to Spanish, and vice versa.

We are currently searching for:
*Contributors of any knowledge level.
*Programmers or anyone else with a knowledge of how the wiki software works.
*Bot operators willing to learn to use (or other approved framework)

Currently there are quite a few tasks needing to be done:


Every Spanish word needs to be categorized to help with the other sections of this project. An example of this would be borrar. This would be categorized as a verb, and an -ar verb. Use of the standard part of speech templates will not only make articles look the same but add the correct categories (see [[Category:Spanish templates]]). For hand-adding categories see the full list at [[Category:Spanish language]].


Since Spanish noun, verbs, and adjectives all have ways that they change with number, gender, or tense, their lemma entries should show these changes. Lemma entries for verbs are the infinitives, for adjectives the singular masculine forms, and nouns the singular (and if possible masculine) forms.

  • Verbs should should have a Conjugation header nested below the Verb header. Use these templates for regular verbs: {{es-conj-ar}}, {{es-conj-er}}, {{es-conj-ir}}. For example comer uses {{es-conj-er|com}}. For irregular verbs, you'll need to add more information, which can be found at Module:es-conj.
  • Nouns should show how they change with number and gender using {{es-noun}}
  • Adjectives also need to show how they change with number and gender. Use {{es-adj}}.

Word TranslationEdit

Each English word needs to have its Spanish translation put under the right definition. Note: Only English words have a "Translations" section. Translations for Spanish words into other languages (not English) should be entered in the Spanish Wiktionary. Requests for phrases to be translated should be left here Two currently running tasks are:

English words needing Spanish translationsEdit

User:Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV/missing translations/es. A list of the entries in Wiktionary with the most foreign-language translations without a Spanish translation.

Indirect linksEdit

Some words have meanings in other languages, and the links could be fixed. For example, links to the entry for the Spanish word marcha should be coded as this:

Section Code Output
Translations: * Spanish: {{t|es|marcha|f}}
Etymologies and usage notes: From {{term|marcha|lang=es}} + ... From marcha + ...
Synonyms and other lists: * {{sense|march}} {{l|es|marcha}}

Spanish templates should also use language-specific links. Of those left to be converted are verb inflection line templates ({{es-conj-ar}}, {{es-conj-er}}, {{es-conj-ir}}), and any of the full conjugation templates ([[Category:Spanish verb inflection-table templates]]) that link all conjugated forms (most importantly {{es-conj-ar}}, {{es-conj-er}}, {{es-conj-ir}}).

Create Needed EntriesEdit

There are several lists that can guide editors to making needed articles.

Other cleanupEdit

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