Wiktionary:Translations to be checked

The category Category:Translations to be checked supersedes Category:Check translations. See Wiktionary:Cleanup and deletion elements.

Sometimes, translations are believed to be out of date, not verified or possibly incorrect. This typically happens because definitions have been reordered or reworded, or because new senses have been added but translations do not correspond anymore. Such translations get tagged "to be checked" and end up in the appropriate categories, ordered by language.

Pick your language of choice at Category:Translations to be checked to find all translations that need checking.

Note: not all languages are listed in Category:Translations to be checked. Specifically, languages that have only one remaining translation are removed from that category (and the sub-category page is usually marked for deletion). This keeps the above category mostly manageable, when supplemented by this page.

Please read Wiktionary:Translations to find our policies on translations.

Pages that have translations to be checked contain the template {{checktrans}} and are in Category:Check translations, which is not ordered by language.

How to check translationsEdit

See instructions at Wiktionary:How to check translations.

Super high volume languages (1000+)Edit

High-volume languages (500 to 999 words)Edit

100 to 499 wordsEdit

50 to 99 wordsEdit

10 to 49 wordsEdit

The following languages have between 10 and 49 words in need of checking.

Fewer than 10 wordsEdit

The following languages have less than 10 words in need of checking (but see also the category for languages with only one word in need of checking).

Single- or zero wordEdit

Requests for lower protectionEdit

Due to a variety of factors, some articles end up semi-protected or completely protected from editing. If that causes a translation to be delayed, request protection lowering here.