Wiktionary:Word of the day/2022/June 23

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Word of the day
for June 23
prepossess v (transitive)
  1. Chiefly followed by by or with: to preoccupy (someone) in an emotional or mental way, so as to preclude other things.
  2. (by extension) To cause (someone) to have a previous inclination against, for, or to something; to bias or prejudice; specifically, to induce in (someone) a favourable opinion beforehand, or at the outset.
  3. (obsolete)
    1. To cause (someone) to think a certain way.
    2. To occupy or possess (something) beforehand.
    3. (reflexive, chiefly passive) Chiefly followed by of or with: to cause (oneself) to obtain possession of something beforehand, or ahead of someone else.
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