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Word of the day
for November 22
clarion v (rare)
  1. (transitive)
    1. To announce or herald (something) using a clarion (noun sense 1).
      1. (figuratively) To announce or herald (something) clearly, especially so as to stir or unite people.
    2. (also figuratively) Of a thing: to cause (a place) to echo with a sound like that of a clarion.
  2. (intransitive) To sound a clarion; also, to make a high-pitched, piercing sound like that of a clarion.

clarion n

  1. (music, historical or poetic) A medieval brass instrument chiefly used as a battle signal; related to the trumpet, it had a narrow, straight pipe and a high-pitched, piercing sound.
  2. (by extension)
    1. (poetic) The sound of a clarion (sense 1), or any sound resembling the loud, high-pitched note of a clarion.
    2. (music) An organ stop consisting of pipes with reeds giving a high-pitched note like that of a clarion (sense 1).
  3. (heraldry) A charge thought to represent a type of wind instrument, a keyboard instrument like a spinet, or perhaps a rest used by a knight to support a lance during jousting.

clarion adj

  1. Of a sound, a voice, a message, etc.: brilliantly clear.

PointingHand.svg For some Christian churches, today is the feast day of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.

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