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This page serves as an alphabetical index to certain past entries that were featured on the Main Page as the Word of the Day. It is no longer being updated; for a full list, see Category:Word of the day archive.

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link={{{imglink}}} This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
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aah (7.May.2006)
abalone (30.Dec.2006)
abattoir (7.Dec.2008)
abecedarian (17.Jan.2011)
abhor (4.Mar.2008)
abigeat (25.Oct.2009)
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (14.Mar.2010)
abjectly (25.May.2010)
aboulia (3.Feb.2006)
abrogate (22.Sep.2009)
absquatulate (17.Jun.2006)
abstemiously (1.Dec.2007)
a capella (22.Nov.2008)
accede (27.May.2008)
accentuate (17.Jan.2008)
accidentally on purpose (23.Feb.2011)
accinge (21.Jun.2007)
accord (2.Aug.2008)
accrete (16.Oct.2007)
accrue (10.Oct.2008)
accursed (31.Aug.2008)
ace up one's sleeve (7.Aug.2006)
acervate (13.Jan.2010)
acquiesce (9.Jan.2007)
actuate (11.Jan.2009)
adjacent (11.Feb.2009)
adventitious (20.Oct.2010)
affable (4.Jan.2009)
affectation (9.Feb.2008)
affront (5.Feb.2010)
aflutter (11.Jul.2009)
aforethought (29.Feb.2008)
agape (1.Oct.2009)
aghast (22.Jan.2011)
agley (10.Apr.2008)
agnostic (8.Jul.2007)
agon (10.Jan.2006)
aiglet (30.Jun.2009)
akimbo (2.Aug.2009)
alabaster (10.Sep.2009)
alacrity (2.May.2009)
aleatory (29.Jul.2007)
algedonic (4.Feb.2006)
alkaline (29.Mar.2009)
alluvial (20.Jun.2009)
almondine (7.Aug.2010)
alpenglow (12.Jan.2006)
altruistic (22.Dec.2009)
amanuensis (12.Mar.2006)
amative (14.Feb.2006)
ambergris (3.Apr.2006)
ambilevous (11.Feb.2010)
ambivalent (21.Mar.2008)
ameliorate (7.Sep.2006)
amnicolist (7.Sep.2010)
ample (16.Aug.2009)
amygdala (16.Jul.2010)
anachronism (11.Aug.2006)
anachronistic (11.Jul.2006)
anadromous (15.Oct.2010)
analgesic (8.Oct.2010)
anaphora (27.Feb.2006)
anathema (8.Oct.2006)
ancillary (31.Dec.2009)
anguine (28.Oct.2006)
anhedonia (18.Jul.2008)
anile (25.Feb.2011)
animadversion (7.Dec.2009)
ankh (19.Apr.2009)
annular (26.May.2007)
anodyne (8.May.2011)
anomaly (26.Sep.2008)
antepenultimate (13.Jan.2011)
anthropomorphic (25.Feb.2006)
antidisestablishmentarianism (29.Mar.2006)
antihero (26.Oct.2010)
antimacassar (4.Aug.2007)
antœci (10.Feb.2011)
antsy (2.Apr.2010)
apiary (4.Apr.2008)
apocryphal (10.Oct.2007)
apoplectic (12.Jun.2007)
apostrophe (13.Feb.2007)
apothecary (3.Jun.2010)
apotheosis (11.Nov.2007)
apply oneself (20.Aug.2006)
approbative (7.Jun.2010)
apraxia (13.Mar.2006)
apropos (9.Sep.2008)
aprosdoketon (5.Nov.2006)
aquiline (11.Nov.2006)
arachnidism (3.Aug.2006)
arbitrary (4.Dec.2006)
ardor (18.Sep.2006)
armigerous (21.Mar.2010)
articulation (31.Aug.2009)
ascribe (14.Dec.2009)
askance (18.Jun.2008)
asinine (9.Jan.2008)
asseveration (8.Jan.2010)
assimilate (25.Jul.2008)
assuage (29.Sep.2006)
asterism (14.Apr.2010)
asthenia (22.Sep.2007)
astrobleme (28.Nov.2009)
astronomical (17.Aug.2007)
atavistic (3.Nov.2009)
at loggerheads (24.Jan.2010)
atone (19.Feb.2009)
at the feet of (5.Feb.2011)
augment (3.Mar.2010)
augur (13.May.2009)
austral (20.Mar.2006)
autochthonous (5.Nov.2007)
autodidactic (28.Sep.2007)
autological (27.Jan.2008)
avarice (14.Apr.2006)
avatar (2.Jul.2010)
avolition (14.Mar.2006)
avuncular (15.May.2008)
awry (2.Oct.2008)


babble (17.Feb.2010)
badger (7.Aug.2009)
bailiwick (20.Feb.2008)
bait and switch (28.Jul.2010)
balanephagous (16.Feb.2011)
ballast (4.Oct.2007)
ballyhoo (12.Jun.2006)
balmy (6.Oct.2009)
balustrade (26.May.2009)
banjaxed (29.Nov.2008)
banter (8.Feb.2007)
banyan (23.Feb.2009)
bastion (21.Jan.2008)
bat an eyelid (25.Jul.2009)
battology (28.Apr.2008)
bawdily (25.Oct.2006)
beat around the bush (22.Oct.2007)
beget (9.Oct.2009)
behemoth (3.Jul.2006)
behest (9.May.2011)
beleaguer (25.Apr.2010)
belie (26.Jul.2007)
belittle (19.Jan.2009)
bellicose (10.Mar.2006)
belligerent (12.Oct.2008)
bellwether (27.Sep.2006)
bemuse (14.May.2008)
beneficiary (21.Jan.2010)
benthic (9.Sep.2007)
bereave (22.Sep.2010)
bereft (11.May.2011)
besmirch (3.Jun.2007)
best (27.Aug.2010)
best boy (4.Sep.2010)
bestir (30.Aug.2006)
betimes (7.Aug 2008)
between a rock and a hard place (21.Sep.2008)
bezel (5.Nov.2008)
bibulously (13.Dec.2007)
bide (15.Sep.2008)
bier (28.Jan.2010)
bilious (27.Mar.2010)
billow (2.Jun.2006)
bingo (7.Jun.2008)
biotic (5.Jun.2010)
bishopric (5.Oct.2008)
bistro (29.Jul.2009)
bivouac (20.Aug.2008)
blarney (17.Mar.2006)
blasted (20.Nov.2008)
blet (4.Sep.2009)
Blind Freddy (30.Jan.2006)
blithely (8.Nov.2007)
blivit (17.Dec.2008)
bloviate (30.Apr.2006)
bludgeon (15.Aug.2008)
blurt (21.Jul.2006)
bluster (20.Mar.2009)
bodybuilder (20.Aug.2007)
boggle (24.Jun.2009)
bogus (5.May.2010)
bombastic (3.Jan.2008)
bona fide (20.Apr.2007)
bone of contention (16.Mar.2007)
bookish (16.Dec.2009)
boondoggle (16.May.2006)
bougainvillea (9.Mar.2009)
bourgeois (15.Mar.2008)
boustrophedon (13.Feb.2006)
bovine (9.May.2008)
braai (2.Jul.2008)
brachyuran (27.Jun.2010)
brandish (25.Jan.2007)
brazen-faced (1.Sep.2006)
breviary (1.Mar.2009)
brigand (15.Jan.2009)
bring owls to Athens (3.May.2007)
brobdingnagian (2.Mar.2006)
brocard (18.Jun.2007)
brogue (20.Dec.2006)
bromide (24.Apr.2009)
bronze (21.Feb.2010)
brouhaha (19.Feb.2011)
browbeat (12.Jan.2008)
brume (18.Jan.2006)
burgage (17.Jan.2006)
bucolic (24.May.2007; 21.Apr.2008)
bulwark (19.May.2009)
burdensome (7.Oct.2010)
burgeon (24.Feb.2008)
burgundy (30.Aug.2009)
bursiform (7.Jul.2010)
butterfly (23.Jan.2006; 22.Feb.2006)
buttress (18.Nov.2009)
buxom (20.Aug.2010)
Byzantine (24.Nov.2006)


cachinnate (26.Aug.2007)
cacophony (24.May.2006)
cacuminous (21.Jul.2010)
cadre (9.Jul.2009)
caesura (4.Sep.2006)
calced (1.Nov.2008)
caldera (23.Feb.2010)
calipers (5.Aug.2009)
calligram (4.Jan.2007)
calliope (12.Jul.2007)
callipygous (14.Feb.2009)
caltrop (31.Jan.2011)
calque (1.Aug.2007)
calumniate (16.Feb.2007)
camber (8.Jan.2009)
candor (12.Mar.2008)
cant (9.May.2007)
cantankerous (1.Mar.2007)
capitulate (9.Apr.2007)
capoeira (18.Dec.2006)
caprice (25.Jan.2006)
cardinal (11.Jun.2006)
careen (26.Nov.2006)
carry the message to Garcia (2.Dec.2007)
cartographic (24.Sep.2010)
casanova (29.Oct.2007)
cascade (6.Sep.2007)
castigate (17.Feb.2008)
cartouche (3.Feb.2007)
catafalque (24.Feb.2006)
catalyst (30.Oct.2010)
catawampus (7.Sep.2009)
catechumen (16.Oct.2009)
caterwaul (28.Mar.2008)
catharsis (17.Jan.2007)
cavalcade (17.Oct.2006)
cavil (20.Jul.2009)
cavort (7.Sep.2008)
celerity (22.Jul.2006)
cenotaph (12.Jul.2008)
centiday (8.Jan.2011)
cerebral (15.Nov.2009)
cerulean (21.Dec.2008)
chagrin (25.May.2009)
charabanc (9.Nov.2009)
cheval de frise (23.Aug.2007)
chicanery (3.Jun.2008)
chiliasm (25.Dec.2009)
chocolate (23.Dec.2006)
chortle (5.Apr.2006)
chrestomathy (24.Jun.2006)
chromatid (17.Aug.2006)
chunter (13.Jun.2009)
churlish (19.Oct.2007)
chutzpah (23.Jun.2008)
cicatrise (18.Apr.2010)
circuitous (30.Jan.2007)
circumbendibus (6.Jan.2011)
circumlocutionary (1.May.2007)
circumnavigate (27.Jan.2009)
circumscribe (10.Aug.2008)
circumspect (11.Oct.2009)
cistern (17.Aug.2008)
clairvoyant (18.Mar.2009)
clamor (29.Apr.2008)
clandestine (14.Sep.2006)
claptrap (24.Nov.2009)
cloister (15.Sep.2007)
coagulate (9.Jul.2010)
coalesce (3.Apr.2009)
coda (14.Dec.2008)
cogent (2.May.2010)
cognoscente (27.Nov.2008)
collage (10.Aug.2010)
colliery (18.Jun.2009)
colossal (15.Apr.2006)
commodious (15.Jun.2007)
co-mother-in-law (1.Sep.2009)
complicit (17.Sep.2008)
comport (9.Dec.2009)
comprehensive (27.Aug.2009)
concatenation (14.Jan.2006)
concomitant (12.Apr.2008)
concupiscent (13.Feb.2008)
conflagration (8.Apr.2006)
conflate (5.May.2008)
congeries (12.Mar.2007)
conjecture (26.Jun.2007)
conniption (21.Jan.2009)
connote (3.Nov.2007)
consequently (21.Oct.2007)
consternation (5.Dec.2009)
consummate (30.Sep.2008)
contemn (20.Mar.2007)
contemporaneously (22.Apr.2007)
contemptuously (1.Feb.2010)
contentious (6.Mar.2010)
conterminous (26.Mar.2009)
contiguous (19.Dec.2009)
contraption (18.Mar.2008)
contretemps (2.Jan.2008)
contrite (30.May.2006)
contumacious (16.Jan.2008)
contumelious (2.Jan.2010)
conundrum (20.Nov.2007)
convolute (9.Jul.2006)
copacetic (25.Jan.2010)
coquetry (12.Apr.2007)
corbie step (19.Jul.2007)
cordial (22.Aug.2008)
corkscrew (13.Sep.2009)
cornucopia (25.May.2008)
corrigendum (14.Oct.2010)
corsair (25.Jul.2006)
cortical (22.Apr.2010)
coruscate (3.Mar.2006)
cosmopolitan (1.Oct.2006)
couch potato (23.Mar.2010)
countenance (7.May.2009)
counterplot (20.Jun.2010)
couple-close (12.May.2010)
coy (15.Jul.2007)
craggy (24.Jul.2008)
crapulous (15.Jan.2006)
craquelure (13.Nov.2008)
creek (18.Oct.2008)
crenellation (28.Apr.2010)
crepuscular (27.Apr.2007)
crescendo (31.Mar.2009)
crestfallen (3.Nov.2006)
cricket (16.May.2008)
crocodile tears (19.Sep.2009)
crotchety (29.Apr.2009)
crux (21.Aug.2009)
crwth (23.Jan.2008)
crystallize (8.Nov.2006)
ctenophile (20.May.2006)
cumberground (6.Aug.2008)
cunctation (2.Feb.2009)
cupidity (8.Jun.2009)
curdle (22.Jun.2008)
curfew (3.Oct.2009)
curmudgeon (7.May.2007)
curtail (30.Aug.2007)
cutaneous (9.Feb.2011)
cwm (23.Jul.2010)
cynosure (16.Mar.2010)


dactylology (20.Nov.2006)
dado (26.Jan.2007)
dalliance (17.Jun.2010)
dally (3.Oct.2008)
damask (15.Jan.2010)
dandelion (12.Oct.2007)
daub (27.Mar.2009)
dearheart (14.Feb.2011)
dearth (3.Mar.2008)
deasil (11.Sep.2006)
debacle (6.Sep.2008)
debunk (15.Apr.2010)
deciduous (24.Aug.2010)
defatigable (15.Aug.2006)
defenestrate (28.Feb.2006)
deicide (7.May.2010)
deify (19.Aug.2007)
deleterious (13.Nov.2007)
deltiology (10.Jun.2010)
delude (26.Oct.2007)
deluge (19.May.2008)
delve (17.May.2007)
demesne (1.Mar.2011)
demure (12.Jan.2009)
denigrate (28.Jun.2009)
denizen (30.Jun.2008)
dénouement (14.May.2011)
denounce (2.Jul.2007)
de novo (20.Feb.2011)
derail (13.Jan.2007)
derisive (2.May.2008)
derring-do (20.Jan.2011)
desecrate (5.Jan.2008)
despotic (16.Mar.2009)
desultory (7.Feb.2009)
dexterously (31.May.2006)
diacritic (6.Mar.2006)
diaphanous (5.Aug.2007)
diatribe (29.Jan.2006)
dichotomous (30.Jan.2008)
didactic (26.Apr.2010)
didgeridoo (23.Feb.2008)
dielectric (22.Jul.2008)
differentiate (30.Apr.2007)
diffidently (24.Jun.2010)
digress (14.Mar.2007)
dilapidate (31.Jan.2009)
dilettante (25.Jul.2010)
diminutive (8.Apr.2009)
ding-dong ditch (26.Jan.2011)
dingle (25.Aug.2006)
diphthong (17.Sep.2006)
disavow (6.Oct.2006)
disco ball (31.Dec.2007)
discombobulate (9.May.2006)
discrepancy (6.Aug.2006)
discursion (7.Feb.2011)
discus (13.Sep.2008)
disdain (19.Jan.2010)
dishearten (14.Jul.2008)
disingenuous (11.Jun.2008)
disparate (2.Jul.2006)
disquietude (9.Feb.2010)
dissemble (6.Mar.2007)
dissociate (13.Mar.2010)
ditto (9.Jun.2007)
diurnal (2.Dec.2008)
divan (30.Dec.2008)
divest (13.Jul.2010)
dividual (12.Oct.2010)
djinn (23.Apr.2007)
docile (31.Jul.2006; 11.Feb.2007)
doctored (22.Oct.2006)
dodecahedron (14.Dec.2007)
doge (17.May.2010)
dogma (13.Feb.2009)
dogsbody (24.Nov.2008)
domesticate (19.May.2006)
don't look a gift horse in the mouth (17.Dec.2009)
don't shoot the messenger (21.May.2010)
doodle (6.Nov.2009)
doppelganger (15.Jul.2009)
dot the i's and cross the t's (12.Dec.2007)
double act (25.Mar.2010)
double entendre (27.Oct.2008)
draconian (16.May.2009)
dragon (14.May.2007)
dramaturgic (18.Aug.2009)
drastic (24.Jun.2007)
drygulch (9.Sep.2010)
dubious (5.Sep.2010)
dubitation (27.Jan.2011)
ductile (16.Sep.2009)
dulcet (26.Jul.2009)
dulse (23.Dec.2009)
dumbfound (21.Oct.2009)
dumbledore (6.Mar.2008)
dungarees (23.Jun.2009)
duplicitous (7.Jul.2007)
Dutch wife (6.Apr.2008)
duteous (17.Jun.2009)
dwindle (12.Dec.2008)
dyed-in-the-wool (26.Apr.2008)
dynamic (29.May.2007)
dyscalculia (27.Sep.2007)
dyspeptic (5.Feb.2008)
dysphoria (19.Jan.2011)
dystrophy (24.Feb.2011)


eager beaver (26.Jan.2009)
eat humble pie (26.Feb.2006)
eavesdrop (14.Aug.2009)
ebony (12.Mar.2010)
eccentric (8.Jul.2006)
ecchymosis (7.Mar.2009)
ecdysiast (1.Feb.2008)
ecky thump (25.Sep.2009)
eclectic (15.Sep.2010)
ecumenical (13.Apr.2009)
eddy (9.Apr.2010)
edelweiss (31.May.2008)
edentulous (18.Nov.2008)
effectually (3.Dec.2007)
effervescent (6.Oct.2007)
egalitarian (24.May.2010)
egregious (28.Jun.2007)
egress (8.Aug.2006)
eidolon (22.Feb.2007)
ekstasis (13.Jan.2006)
eldritch (15.Mar.2007)
elliptical (6.Jul.2008)
eleemosynary (16.Mar.2006)
emaciated (8.Dec.2006)
eminently (12.May.2006)
emollient (26.Aug.2008)
empyreal (11.May.2009)
emvowel (13.Jun.2010)
enamor (17.Aug.2010)
enchorial (12.Nov.2009)
encomium (26.Feb.2009)
encompass (22.Aug.2006)
endeavour (27.Feb.2011)
endemic (31.Mar.2008)
enfleurage (26.Jun.2008)
engender (25.Feb.2010)
engross (22.Oct.2010)
ennui (10.Jan.2007)
ensconce (19.Oct.2006)
enticing (24.Sep.2007)
entourage (18.Oct.2009)
eon (21.Jan.2006)
epenthesis (15.Jan.2008)
ephemeral (24.Aug.2007)
epicede (6.Jun.2007)
epigenetics (24.Jan.2006)
epigram (28.Nov.2007)
epiphany (22.Mar.2008)
epitome (19.Sep.2010)
eponym (18.Nov.2006)
equable (21.Jul.2008)
equipage (28.Jun.2010)
equipoise (10.Jun.2006)
eradicate (18.Jul.2007)
erinaceous (15.Feb.2008)
errhine (17.Jan.2009)
ersatz (12.Oct.2006)
erstwhile (11.Jun.2009)
erudite (14.Jun.2006)
eschar (5.Feb.2006)
eschew (28.Mar.2006)
escritoire (16.Jul.2007)
esoteric (22.May.2009)
espalier (19.Apr.2008)
esprit de corps (3.Mar.2009)
ethereal (9.Mar.2007)
euphoria (12.Jul.2010)
even Homer nods (31.Mar.2010)
evoke (10.May.2010)
excise (19.Aug.2008)
excoriate (3.Jul.2009)
excrescence (1.Mar.2006)
excruciating (24.Jan.2007)
exigent (6.Jan.2010)
exiguous (25.Sep.2006)
expectorate (22.Sep.2006)
expiate (27.Sep.2008)
expurgate (1.Aug.2006)
extemporise (11.Dec.2006)
extirpate (14.Nov.2007)
extraneous (22.Nov.2007)
extrapolate (22.Oct.2008)
exuberant (28.Aug.2010)
exuviate (15.Feb.2009)


faceplant (3.Sep.2010)
facetiously (26.Nov.2007)
factotum (18.Apr.2009)
falciform (21.Sep.2010)
false friend (4.May.2007)
fanatic (3.Feb.2008)
fascicle (29.Jun.2006)
fastidious (3.Dec.2006)
fatuously (15.Dec.2007)
faubourg (13.May.2011)
favicon (7.May.2011)
febrile (4.Oct.2006)
feckless (15.Apr.2008)
fecund (30.Jul.2009)
fermata (13.Sep.2006)
fescennine (8.Feb.2011)
festinate (15.Jun.2008)
festoon (16.Sep.2010)
fetch (31.Oct.2009)
fetish (8.Oct.2008)
fey (14.Apr.2007)
fiasco (9.Nov.2007)
fiddle (28.Dec.2009)
fidget (8.Aug.2010)
fiduciary (12.Jan.2011)
figment (8.Jul.2010)
filial (12.Aug.2008)
filigree (9.Mar.2010)
finagle (12.Feb.2010)
firebrand (7.Oct.2009)
fishmonger (3.Oct.2010)
fissiparous (18.Jun.2006)
fisticuffs (8.Sep.2008)
fizzle (10.Aug.2009)
flabbergasted (30.Oct.2006)
flabellum (13.Apr.2007)
flagrant (8.Mar.2008)
flagship (14.Nov.2006)
flail (5.Jan.2007)
flaneur (3.Dec.2009)
flange (28.Sep.2009)
flaunt (28.Jun.2008)
flibbertigibbet (5.Feb.2007)
flocculent (18.May.2006)
flourish (4.May.2010)
flyblown (21.Jun.2010)
foible (11.Aug.2007)
foist (13.Oct.2008)
foment (25.Jun.2007)
foolscap (1.Apr.2010)
for crying out loud (29.Oct.2006)
forbear (28.Jul.2008)
forensic (3.Sep.2008)
forevermore (8.May.2008)
fortnight (6.Feb.2009)
foster (30.Jul.2007)
fractal (18.Oct.2010)
fraternize (6.Jul.2006)
frenetic (19.Nov.2009)
Freudian slip (20.Dec.2008)
friable (18.Mar.2010)
frisson (2.Nov.2009)
frivolous (11.Apr.2010)
frog in one's throat (4.Feb.2008)
frolic (2.Oct.2007)
front (2.Sep.2009)
froward (10.Dec.2008)
frowst (21.Dec.2009)
frugal (24.Mar.2007)
frumpy (12.Mar.2009)
fubsy (2.Jan.2009)
fulgurous (20.May.2007)
funambulate (8.Sep.2006)
fungible (27.Jun.2009)
furcate (26.Jan.2010)
furlough (23.Mar.2009)


gallivant (1.Jun.2009)
galvanise (10.Sep.2006)
gangly (22.Aug.2009)
gargoyle (24.Apr.2010)
garner (30.Apr.2008)
garrulous (21.Jul.2007)
gauche (20.Apr.2006)
gelid (26.Feb.2008)
genuflect (22.Jan.2008)
germane (15.Apr.2007)
geronimo (21.Dec.2006)
gerontic (4.Jun.2008)
gerrymander (23.Jul.2006)
gestalt (23.Nov.2009)
gesticulate (2.Feb.2007)
gild the lily (16.Oct.2006)
gimcrack (7.Feb.2006)
gird (2.Sep.2010)
glaucous (16.Feb.2010)
gleek (21.Oct.2010)
glib (10.Aug.2007)
gloaming (14.Jan.2007)
glimmer (30.Nov.2006)
glyph (20.Jun.2007)
gnash (18.Mar.2007)
go hand in hand (14.Jan.2011)
go the extra mile (13.Jan.2009)
golden (19.Feb.2010)
goober (23.Jul.2007)
googol (23.Jan.2009)
Gordian knot (14.Jul.2006)
gorged (10.Jun.2007)
gormless (7.Jan.2007)
gossamer (19.Jan.2006)
gourmand (2.Mar.2010)
grandiloquent (7.Nov.2007)
gratuitously (14.Oct.2009)
gravitas (17.Nov.2007)
gravlax (18.Feb.2011)
great unwashed (10.Jan.2008)
gregarious (28.Oct.2008)
grimalkin (4.Dec.2007)
grommet (22.Feb.2010)
grotesque (15.Jul.2008)
grotto (23.Apr.2009)
grudging (14.Sep.2009)
grue (14.May.2009)
gruelling (4.Aug.2009)
gubernatorial (14.May.2010)
guerdon (14.Mar.2009)
guffaw (17.May.2006)
guillemet (26.Sep.2009)
gullet (4.May.2009)
gumshoe (16.Aug.2010)
gurgitator (4.Jul.2008)
gurgle (6.Jul.2009)


haggard (7.Sep.2007)
haggle (25.Sep.2010)
hagiography (23.Mar.2006)
haiku (23.Oct.2009)
halcyon (2.May.2006)
Hanukkah (25.Dec.2006)
haphazard (16.Jul.2009)
harangue (10.Oct.2006)
harbinger (26.Mar.2007)
haricot (2.Apr.2009)
harridan (6.Aug.2010)
has-been (28.Oct.2010)
hassle (20.Aug.2009)
haunch (4.Aug.2006)
haywire (1.May.2006)
heartfelt (13.Jun.2007)
hebetude (1.Dec.2009)
hedonism (2.Sep.2006)
hegemony (17.Feb.2007)
heinous (16.Jan.2010)
heirloom (12.Jul.2009)
hello (19.Nov.2007)
hematophagy (21.Mar.2009)
henpeck (30.May.2010)
hermeneutics (17.Jul.2006)
herptile (20.Feb.2009)
heterographic (2.Oct.2009)
heteronym (21.Nov.2008)
heterophenomenology (19.Feb.2006)
heuristic (24.May.2009)
hiatus (27.May.2006)
hierarchical (27.Jul.2007)
higgledy-piggledy (9.Nov.2006)
highfalutin (15.Oct.2008)
hightail (7.Jul.2008)
hinder (8.Jan.2008)
hirsute (2.Mar.2009)
histrionics (11.Oct.2010)
hoary (19.Jun.2008)
Hobson-Jobson (8.Sep.2009)
hogan (29.Dec.2007)
hogshead (13.Oct.2019)
hoi polloi (19.Dec.2006)
hoity-toitily (7.Feb.2010)
hollow leg (15.Jun.2010)
holystone (4.Jun.2009)
homograph (14.Oct.2007)
hoo-ha (7.Jan.2011)
horde (6.Aug.2007)
hornswoggle (28.Apr.2009)
horseshoe (10.Jun.2009)
hortative (30.Jun.2007)
hostler (13.Jan.2008)
howbeit (10.May.2009)
hubris (30.Jul.2006)
huggable (14.Feb.2010)
hullabaloo (4.Apr.2006)
humble (10.Sep.2007)
humdrum (28.Jan.2009)
hunker (10.Mar.2008)
hurdy-gurdy (16.Apr.2008)
hydroplane (5.Jun.2006)
hymnody (18.Dec.2007)
hyperbole (5.May.2006)
hypercorrection (8.Aug.2009)
hypercube (13.May.2008)
hypernatremic (11.Mar.2010)
hypertrophy (4.Mar.2006)
hypochondriac (7.Apr.2007)
hypotrochoid (6.Dec.2008)


icily (21.Aug.2010)
iconoclast (20.Oct.2006)
ideogram (12.Dec.2009)
idiolect (22.Feb.2011)
idiomatic (17.Nov.2009)
idiosyncrasy (17.Sep.2009)
idyllic (27.Oct.2006)
ignominious (15.May.2006)
ilk (8.Jun.2006)
illuminate (4.Nov.2006)
impart (24.Mar.2008)
impecunious (19.Jan.2008)
impel (13.Apr.2008)
imperious (24.Oct.2007)
impetuous (29.Dec.2009)
implicit (13.Aug.2007; 31.May.2009)
imprecation (3.Feb.2010)
imprimatur (19.Nov.2008)
imprint (6.Oct.2008)
impugn (27.Apr.2006)
impute (30.Mar.2007)
inalienable (4.Jul.2009)
inane (22.Jan.2010)
incandescent (24.Feb.2010)
incendiary (25.Mar.2009)
incessantly (1.Jul.2010)
inchoate (10.Dec.2006)
incipient (1.Nov.2007)
inclement (24.Apr.2008)
incombustible (23.Aug.2006)
incubus (27.May.2010)
inculcate (14.Jul.2009)
incunabulum (6.Jan.2008)
incur (24.Aug.2008)
indecisive (25.Aug.2009)
indefatigable (7.Jun.2009)
indelible (26.Jan.2006)
indemnify (11.Sep.2009)
indigenous (4.Oct.2010)
indign (30.Jan.2011)
indolent (18.Dec.2008)
indubitably (16.Sep.2008)
inebriated (15.Nov.2006)
ineffable (7.Feb.2008)
ineluctable (30.Nov.2008)
inevitably (5.Dec.2007)
inexorably (27.Dec.2009)
infallible (4.Mar.2010)
infelicitous (7.Apr.2010)
infix (2.Aug.2006)
inflect (13.May.2007)
ingenue (17.Sep.2007)
ingratiate (7.Jun.2007)
inimical (7.Feb.2007)
innocuous (29.Aug.2007)
inquinate (17.May.2011)
inscrutable (12.Feb.2011)
insignia (12.Jan.2010)
insinuate (30.Nov.2007)
insipid (18.Jul.2010)
insofar as (16.May.2010)
instill (16.Nov.2008)
insurgent (3.Mar.2011)
integument (7.Apr.2009)
intempestivity (10.Dec.2009)
intercalary (26.Mar.2008)
interject (6.Jan.2009)
internecine (20.Sep.2006)
interpose (2.Jun.2010)
in the swim (9.Jan.2010)
intransigent (19.Apr.2006)
inundate (20.May.2008)
inure (5.Oct.2009)
inveigle (30.Mar.2009)
invidious (11.Jul.2007)
iota (4.Jun.2008)
irascible (8.Aug.2008)
irksome (19.Aug.2006)
irony (28.Feb.2008)
irrefutable (26.Jul.2010)
Ishikawa diagram (17.Feb.2009)
isomer (3.May.2008)
isometric (8.Jun.2010)
it's all Greek to me (18.Jan.2007)
iterative (5.Jul.2006)
ivory tower (7.Nov.2006)


jack-o'-lantern (31.Oct.2007)
jactitation (29.Mar.2007)
jaded (11.Oct.2007)
jauntily (11.Aug.2010)
jaywalk (27.May.2007)
jejune (6.Nov.2008)
jeremiad (29.Jan.2008)
jerkwater (20.Apr.2010)
jettison (6.Apr.2007)
Jezebel (20.Nov.2009)
jiggery-pokery (22.Mar.2010)
jingoism (2.Feb.2006)
jinx (27.Apr.2010)
jocular (26.Jun.2006)
John Lennon glasses (8.Dec.2009)
johnnycake (22.Apr.2008)
Johnny-come-lately (28.Jan.2007)
jostle (12.Apr.2009)
jovial (11.May.2008)
joyride (13.Aug.2009)
jubilantly (30.Dec.2007)
judder (3.Jan.2010)
juggernaut (29.Dec.2006)
jugular (26.Jul.2008)
junket (28.Sep.2010)
junta (27.Jul.2009)
jury-rig (19.Oct.2009)
just in case (17.Dec.2007)
juxtapose (27.Jul.2006)


kabuki (22.Dec.2006)
kaftan (12.Jun.2008)
kaleidoscopic (11.May.2007)
karst (18.Jan.2010)
kedge (17.Apr.2008)
keepsake (4.Jul.2007)
keratinization (6.Feb.2006)
kerfuffle (11.Feb.2008)
kibitz (26.Aug.2010)
kick the bucket (6.Dec.2007)
kindle (3.Oct.2006)
kinematic (20.May.2010)
kinesthesia (24.Mar.2006)
kink (21.Apr.2007)
kinkajou (19.Sep.2007)
kiosk (23.May.2009)
kismet (23.Nov.2007)
kitsch (19.Sep.2008)
klatch (5.Nov.2009)
knackered (17.Oct.2010)
knell (17.Apr.2009)
knock on wood (13.Dec.2006)
koan (23.Sep.2010)
kowtow (23.Nov.2006)
kreska (5.Mar.2006)
kudos (17.Mar.2008)
kwassa kwassa (23.Oct.2008)


labefaction (29.May.2009)
lachrymose (20.Jul.2006)
lackadaisical (24.Jan.2008)
laconic (31.Mar.2007)
lacuna (30.Jul.2008)
lager (29.Jun.2009)
lahar (24.Jul.2009)
laissez faire (13.Jul.2008)
lambaste (14.Jun.2007)
lambent (16.Dec.2007)
lament (6.Feb.2010)
landlubber (19.Aug.2009)
languish (29.Nov.2009)
laud (27.Feb.2010)
launder (5.Oct.2007)
lavish (14.Feb.2007)
lax (6.May.2009)
leaven (22.Nov.2009)
lebensraum (30.Apr.2010)
leer (29.May.2008)
legerdemain (26.Mar.2006)
legwork (19.Jul.2009)
leitmotif (28.Jul.2007)
lenticular (18.Jun.2010)
let the cat out of the bag (6.Jun.2009)
lexeme (3.Apr.2007)
lexicon (12.Dec.2006)
libidinous (29.Apr.2006)
libration (14.Aug.2010)
libretto (14.Jul.2010)
licit (18.Aug.2008)
lickspittle (10.Oct.2009)
life of Riley (29.May.2010)
lignify (15.Jul.2006)
lilliputian (19.Mar.2006)
limbate (26.Nov.2009)
limerick (17.Mar.2007)
limpid (1.Jun.2006)
Linnaean (23.May.2007)
lionize (8.Aug.2007)
listen (24.Dec.2008)
livery (9.Feb.2009)
living impaired (6.Feb.2011)
logodaedaly (11.Nov.2008)
logogram (12.Nov.2006)
logological (24.Oct.2010)
logomachy (11.Oct.2008)
lollipop (1.Aug.2008)
lollygag (24.Apr.2006)
long in the tooth (17.Sep.2010)
lope (24.Feb.2009)
lopsided (29.Aug.2010)
loquacious (11.Jan.2007)
lorem ipsum (23.Mar.2008)
loricate (24.Sep.2009)
Lovecraftian (26.May.2006)
lozenge (11.Feb.2011)
lucubrate (15.Dec.2008)
Luddite (9.Jan.2009)
ludicrous (19.Feb.2008)
lugubrious (6.Dec.2006)
lunacy (1.Jun.2008)
lunette (11.Nov.2009)
lunge (12.Feb.2007)
lurid (19.Nov.2006)
luthier (12.Jun.2010)
luxate (29.Dec.2008)
lyonnaise (22.Apr.2009)


macabre (31.Oct.2010)
macaronic (23.May.2010)
MacGuffin (30.Mar.2008)
Machiavellian (16.Jun.2008)
machination (21.Aug.2007)
mad as a hatter (22.Jun.2007)
madarotic (22.Dec.2008)
made in the shade (26.Feb.2011)
madeleine (6.May.2008)
magnanimous (5.May.2007)
majordomo (12.Jun.2009)
make a mountain out of a molehill (29.Aug.2006)
Makemake (23.Jul.2008)
malapropism (10.Feb.2007)
malevolence (12.Aug.2006)
malfeasance (9.May.2009)
malfunction (7.Mar.2008)
malinger (22.Jul.2007)
mallemaroking (28.Apr.2006)
malodorous (11.Jan.2008)
mandarin (19.Mar.2009)
manitou (23.Jul.2009)
mansuetude (30.Jan.2009)
mantle (5.Aug.2010)
manumit (24.Jan.2011)
mardy (29.Apr.2007)
masochism (11.Sep.2010)
mastermind (3.Aug.2009)
masticate (4.May.2006)
matrilocal (7.Apr.2008)
matter-of-factly (7.Dec.2007)
maudlin (6.Dec.2009)
maugre (12.Feb.2009)
maunder (24.Oct.2006)
mauve (3.May.2006)
maxim (13.Nov.2009)
mayday (1.May.2010)
meal ticket (1.Oct.2010)
meh (1.Apr.2009)
meidan (10.Jan.2010)
melange (1.Dec.2008)
mellifluous (28.Jul.2006)
memento (20.Sep.2007)
menagerie (5.Jul.2010)
mendaciously (8.Jun.2007)
mendicant (11.Jul.2008)
meniscus (20.Jul.2008)
meretricious (2.Aug.2007)
mete (15.Sep.2006)
metonymic (16.Apr.2010)
metrology (1.Jul.2009)
mettle (5.Jan.2010)
miasma (31.Jan.2007)
misanthropic (15.Mar.2010)
miscreant (27.Apr.2009)
misogyny (28.May.2008)
mitigate (16.Nov.2006)
mizzenmast (1.May.2009)
mollycoddle (5.Feb.2009)
mollify (19.Jun.2006)
mondegreen (30.Jun.2006)
moniker (22.Feb.2009)
monochrome (30.Dec.2009)
monophthongal (7.Nov.2009)
monotone (12.Sep.2007)
moonraker (5.Mar.2010)
moot (25.Aug.2008)
moratorium (12.Apr.2010)
morbid (30.Oct.2009)
moribund (28.Oct.2007)
moronic (4.Oct.2008)
mortmain (15.Jun.2009)
mosey (5.Mar.2009)
mountebank (11.Oct.2006)
mouton enragé (23.Aug.2008)
mudra (23.Oct.2007)
mummer (16.Mar.2008)
mumpsimus (1.Apr.2007)
muse (27.Feb.2008)
muster (19.Oct.2008)
mutter (11.Mar.2007)
myriad (5.Sep.2009)
myrmecology (7.Mar.2006)


nadir (23.Sep.2006)
namby-pamby (11.Mar.2006)
name (6.May.2006)
namesake (1.Oct.2007)
narwhal (1.Feb.2011)
napiform (29.Apr.2010)
nascent (27.Mar.2008)
nativity (25.Dec.2007)
ne'er-do-well (31.May.2007)
nebulously (19.Dec.2007)
necrophagous (16.Jul.2008)
needle (20.Sep.2009)
nefarious (23.Feb.2006)
negawatt (30.Aug.2008)
negligibly (28.Mar.2007)
negotiate (21.Feb.2007)
neither (11.May.2010)
neither fish, flesh, nor good red herring (9.Jan.2011)
nemorous (5.Sep.2006)
Neolithic (5.Jun.2008)
neoplasm (31.Aug.2006)
nephric (7.Jan.2009)
nepotism (26.Jan.2008)
ness (18.Aug.2010)
nestle (15.Aug.2007)
nether (27.Oct.2010)
newel (1.Jan.2009)
newfangled (8.Oct.2009)
niche (10.Jul.2006)
nickel and dime (21.Nov.2007)
nidify (24.Mar.2010)
nidorous (5.Dec.2008)
nief (30.Jul.2010)
nimbus (1.Dec.2006)
nincompoop (23.Jan.2011)
nip in the bud (18.May.2009)
nirvana (21.Jun.2006)
nitpick (17.Jun.2007)
nix (26.Nov.2008)
noema (21.Feb.2006)
noesis (20.Feb.2006)
noetic (6.Apr.2009)
non sequitur (3.Jul.2007)
nonchalant (10.Mar.2009)
noria (17.Nov.2008)
normalize (28.May.2006)
nostrify (28.Jul.2009)
nostrum (9.Jun.2010)
not in Kansas anymore (10.Aug.2006)
notwithstanding (8.Oct.2007)
nougat (30.Aug.2010)
nth (18.Oct.2006)
nuance (1.Feb.2007)
nucleus (26.Aug.2006)
nugatory (21.Apr.2006)
numismatist (6.Apr.2006)
nuncupative (24.Oct.2008)
nuptial (22.May.2008)
nycthemeron (7.Nov.2008)


obdurate (27.Aug.2007)
obfuscate (6.Jul.2007)
oblation (8.Dec.2007)
obliquity (4.Mar.2011)
obrogate (24.Jul.2010)
obsequious (30.May.2008)
obstinate (29.Aug.2008)
obstreperous (18.Feb.2007)
obtund (24.Sep.2008)
occult (14.Jan.2010)
occur (5.Aug.2008)
ochlocracy (25.Sep.2007)
ochre (3.Aug.2010)
octothorpe (15.Oct.2007)
ocularly (10.Jul.2010)
odious (7.Oct.2006)
oeuvre (7.Jun.2006)
oftentimes (19.Jul.2010)
of that ilk (13.Aug.2006)
ogive (19.Mar.2007)
ogonek (28.Dec.2006)
ogre (11.Apr.2009)
oilskin (8.Jul.2009)
oleaginous (3.Feb.2009)
olfactory (10.Nov.2008)
ombudsman (25.Nov.2007)
omnific (27.Nov.2006)
omphaloskeptic (9.Apr.2008)
one fell swoop (29.Mar.2010)
oneirocritic (20.Feb.2007)
oniochalasia (27.Jan.2006)
oniomania (5.Jan.2011)
onomasticon (16.Jun.2007)
onomatopoeia (10.Apr.2006)
onychophagist (25.Apr.2007)
ooh (3.Jul.2008)
open relationship (3.May.2011)
opine (10.Nov.2009)
opportunely (10.Mar.2010)
optimize (9.Dec.2006)
oracular (28.Oct.2009)
orate (13.Oct.2010)
orbicular (6.Sep.2010)
ornithopter (29.Sep.2010)
orrery (8.Mar.2006)
orthoepy (3.Mar.2007)
orthogonal (25.Apr.2006)
ortolan (22.Jun.2010)
osculation (14.Feb.2008)
ossify (1.Sep.2008)
ostensibly (5.Apr.2007)
ostrobogulous (27.Jun.2007)
otaku (20.Jun.2008)
otiose (20.Jan.2007)
overshadow (21.Feb.2008)
overshorten (8.May.2010)
overstate (24.Jan.2009)
over the top (2.Jun.2009)
oxymoron (12.Jul.2006)


paddy (16.Dec.2006)
paedomorphic (9.Jul.2008)
palanquin (27.Mar.2006)
palatable (22.Oct.2009)
palaver (13.Oct.2009)
palimpsest (17.Oct.2007)
palliate (16.Jun.2010)
palpable (4.May.2008)
panacea (15.Nov.2007)
panache (16.Feb.2008)
pandemonium (25.Aug.2007)
pander (18.Jul.2006)
pandiculate (8.Dec.2008)
panegyrically (2.Mar.2011)
pangram (18.Sep.2010)
panjandrum (22.Jun.2009)
pannier (5.Jan.2009)
paradiddle (17.Apr.2006)
paradigm (13.Jun.2006)
paradiorthosis (23.Sep.2007)
paraleipsis (25.Apr.2008)
parataxis (17.Jan.2010)
pareidolia (17.Feb.2011)
pariah (26.Dec.2006)
parkour (3.Dec.2008)
parlance (29.Sep.2008)
parochial (9.Aug.2007)
parol (25.Dec.2008)
partisan (4.Mar.2009)
parvenu (4.Aug.2008)
Paschal Lamb (5.Apr.2010)
passim (2.Jan.2007)
passively (30.Sep.2010)
pastiche (6.Sep.2009)
pavonine (15.Aug.2010)
pectinate (14.Dec.2006)
pedagogic (2.Mar.2008)
pedantic (31.Mar.2006)
pemmican (23.Jan.2007)
penalize (21.Apr.2010)
penny for your thoughts (27.Feb.2009)
pensive (15.Dec.2009)
penultimate (29.Nov.2006)
pepo (30.Mar.2010)
percept (6.May.2011)
percolate (10.Nov.2006)
peregrinate (1.Feb.2006; 25.Mar.2006)
peremptory (11.Jun.2010)
perforce (9.Jun.2008)
perfunctory (21.Feb.2009)
peripatetic (18.Jan.2008)
periphrastic (10.Feb.2010)
peristalsis (5.Oct.2010)
persiflage (14.Apr.2008)
perspicacious (7.Jan.2008)
peruse (22.Sep.2008)
pertinaciously (9.Jul.2007)
pervasive (29.Mar.2008)
petrichor (10.May.2011)
pettifogger (31.Jul.2007)
phantasmagoria (9.Sep.2006)
phlegmatic (17.Jul.2007)
Philistine (16.Jan.2009)
phobosophy (21.Jan.2011)
photogenic (14.Jan.2009)
phylogenetics (9.Mar.2006)
picaroon (16.May.2007)
piecemeal (26.Dec.2007)
piffle (4.Dec.2009)
pilfer (24.May.2008)
pillage (16.Aug.2008)
pinch and a punch for the first of the month (1.Apr.2006)
piping hot (20.Dec.2007)
pirouette (6.Feb.2007)
placate (16.Jan.2007)
platitude (8.Jan.2007)
pleased as Punch (15.May.2010)
plebeian (7.Oct.2008)
plenary (25.Feb.2009)
plenipotentiary (25.Feb.2008)
plethora (26.Apr.2006)
plicate (21.Nov.2009)
plutocracy (17.Apr.2007)
pococurante (23.Feb.2007)
poignant (20.Mar.2008)
pollard (29.Jun.2008)
poltroon (18.Dec.2009)
polymath (1.Mar.2008)
polyptoton (8.May.2009)
polysemous (2.Feb.2008)
pontificate (12.Sep.2006)
poobah (15.Jun.2006)
pootle (18.Apr.2007)
porous (9.Aug.2006)
portmanteau (8.Mar.2007)
posthaste (22.Jun.2006)
postprandial (13.May.2006)
postulate (18.Sep.2008)
pot calling the kettle black (8.Apr.2007)
potentate (3.Apr.2010)
practicum (17.May.2009)
pragmatic (24.Jul.2006)
precipitate (29.Nov.2007)
precocious (1.Sep.2007)
predilection (8.Sep.2007)
prehensile (25.Jan.2008)
prerogative (31.Jul.2008)
prestidigitation (4.Jun.2007)
preternatural (9.Aug.2008)
pretzel (18.Aug.2007)
prevaricate (5.Dec.2006)
procrastinate (21.May.2007)
procrustean (30.Sep.2007)
procure (22.Mar.2007)
prodigy (10.Jan.2011)
profligate (13.Oct.2007; 11.Jul.2010)
progenitor (5.Jul.2009)
prognosticate (22.Apr.2006)
prolix (25.Jun.2009)
promiscuous (16.May.2011)
propel (21.May.2009)
propinquity (11.Aug.2009)
proprioception (26.Aug.2009)
prorogue (8.Apr.2008)
prosaic (16.Apr.2009)
proscenium (4.Oct.2009)
proselytize (18.Sep.2009)
prosody (12.May.2008)
protean (22.Mar.2009)
prurient (18.Nov.2007)
psephology (12.May.2011)
pseudonym (5.Oct.2006)
pshaw (18.Apr.2006)
psychosomatic (8.Nov.2009)
puckish (26.Apr.2007)
puerile (9.Feb.2007)
puissant (9.Apr.2006)
pulchritudinous (2.Apr.2006)
pullulate (3.Nov.2008)
pulsate (8.Mar.2009)
pundit (15.Nov.2008)
purport (10.Jul.2009)
pusillanimous (25.Mar.2007)
pussyfoot (2.Oct.2010)
putative (7.Mar.2010)
putsch (28.Jan.2011)
pyrotechnics (4.Jul.2010)
Pyrrhic victory (5.Jul.2007)


quacksalver (25.Jan.2011)
quaff (11.Apr.2006)
quandary (17.Apr.2010)
quango (19.Jun.2010)
quaquaversal (24.Sep.2006)
quarantine (21.Apr.2009)
quasar (12.May.2009)
quaternary (7.Apr.2006)
quay (24.Jun.2008)
quell (27.May.2009)
querulously (28.Dec.2007)
question the question (20.Mar.2010)
quethe (12.Aug.2010)
queue (28.Aug.2008)
quidnunc (20.Apr.2008)
quid pro quo (17.Aug.2009)
quintessentially (19.Feb.2007)
quixotic (28.Nov.2006)
quorum (25.Oct.2007)


raccoon (23.Jun.2010)
raconteur (4.Feb.2009)
ragamuffin (1.Jul.2006)
Ragnarok (31.Oct.2008)
rain on someone's parade (27.Sep.2009)
ramshackle (2.Jun.2007)
rankle (6.Feb.2008)
rapacious (14.Aug.2008)
rarity (1.Oct.2008)
rasorial (16.Dec.2008)
raspy (24.Oct.2009)
ratify (14.Jul.2007)
ratiocinative (27.Jan.2010)
rational (20.Jan.2009)
rax (3.May.2010)
razzmatazz (13.Jun.2008)
realm (11.Sep.2008)
recidivous (3.Jun.2009)
reconnoiter (19.Sep.2006)
rectitude (13.Sep.2010)
redolent (20.Jan.2008)
redound (6.Jun.2010)
redshirt (27.Aug.2006)
refractory (28.Sep.2008)
refulgent (8.May.2007)
refute (24.Nov.2007)
regale (30.May.2007)
reify (22.Aug.2007)
reiterate (1.Jan.2008)
reminisce (3.Jan.2009)
remonstrate (2.Mar.2007)
renege (21.Oct.2006)
repechage (15.May.2009)
repercussion (15.Feb.2010)
replete (10.May.2006)
reproach (10.Feb.2009)
reprobate (26.Jun.2010)
repudiate (16.Nov.2007)
requiem (29.Aug.2009)
resile (3.May.2009)
resoundingly (9.Dec.2007)
rest on one's laurels (15.Aug.2009)
reticent (15.Oct.2006)
retinue (27.Oct.2007)
retroactive (17.Jul.2008)
retroflex (5.Apr.2008)
revanchist (8.Feb.2009)
reveille (22.May.2010)
rhabdomancy (18.Feb.2008)
rhabdomyolysis (31.Aug.2010)
rhetorical (26.Feb.2007)
rhonchus (16.Nov.2009)
rhythmic (22.May.2006)
ribald (9.Aug.2009)
rictus (11.Jan.2011)
ridibund (26.Sep.2010)
rife (7.May.2008)
right as rain (13.Jul.2009)
rigmarole (6.Jan.2007)
riptide (21.May.2008)
risible (15.May.2007)
rive (15.Mar.2009)
roborant (27.Jan.2007)
robot (17.Dec.2006)
rodomontade (2.Nov.2006)
rogation (24.Mar.2009)
roil (1.Aug.2010)
roriferous (19.Apr.2010)
rorqual (27.Jun.2006)
rosette (16.Jun.2009)
rostrum (25.Mar.2008)
rubric (27.Jul.2008)
ruction (26.Apr.2009)
ruddy (3.Oct.2007)
rugose (11.Apr.2007)
ruminate (21.Nov.2006)
Ruritanian (19.May.2010)
rustic (4.Jun.2006)
ruthlessly (19.Mar.2010)


sack (20.Sep.2008)
salient (13.Apr.2006)
salivate (28.Aug.2006)
salmagundi (2.Nov.2008)
salubrious (16.Jul.2006)
sanctify (1.Nov.2009)
sanctimonious (4.Feb.2010)
sanguine (30.Mar.2006)
sans (31.May.2010)
Sapphic (11.Jan.2010)
sardonic (24.Apr.2007)
sarong (23.Aug.2010)
sartorial (30.Nov.2009)
satay (28.Mar.2009)
saturnalia (1.Jan.2007)
satyriasis (15.Feb.2006)
saucy (30.Oct.2008)
scamper (22.Jan.2007)
scapegoat (1.May.2008)
schadenfreude (11.Aug.2008)
schism (28.Apr.2007)
schmooze (19.Jul.2008)
scion (30.Apr.2009)
scoff (14.Mar.2008)
score off (4.Feb.2011)
scot-free (8.Sep.2010)
scrupulously (12.May.2007)
scrutinize (24.Aug.2009)
scupper (9.Sep.2009)
seam allowance (26.Mar.2010)
sectarian (4.Apr.2007)
sedition (31.Jan.2010)
segue (7.Dec.2006)
seiche (11.Mar.2009)
sejunct (5.May.2011)
selcouth (4.Jan.2010)
selenology (17.Jul.2010)
semese (14.Jun.2010)
semiotics (11.Sep.2007)
sempiternal (5.Sep.2008)
sententious (2.Dec.2009)
sentience (6.Nov.2007)
septempartite (18.Jan.2011)
sequester (9.Oct.2008)
serendipity (16.Sep.2007)
serpentine (24.Jul.2007)
sesquicentennial (6.Jun.2006)
sesquipedalian (9.Oct.2006)
sesquiquadrate (3.Feb.2011)
shadda (23.Nov.2008)
shako (15.Dec.2006)
shamrock (17.Mar.2009)
shanghai (23.Apr.2008)
sheepishly (21.Dec.2007)
sheer (1.Jul.2007)
shekel (22.Nov.2006)
sherpa (15.Feb.2011)
shibboleth (22.Jul.2009)
shill (25.Nov.2009)
shoehorn (11.Apr.2008)
shufti (5.Jun.2009)
shutterbug (12.Jan.2007)
sibilant (10.Jan.2009)
sidereal (6.Sep.2006)
sigmoid (19.May.2007)
simian (29.Jul.2008)
simony (23.Apr.2010)
simper (23.May.2006)
sinecure (1.Jun.2010)
sinister (31.Oct.2006)
Sisyphean (15.Jan.2007)
sithence (31.Dec.2008)
skedaddle (28.Jan.2008)
skimp (26.Oct.2009)
slapdash (4.Feb.2007)
sleiveen (17.Mar.2010)
slipshod (21.Aug.2008)
sliver (20.Feb.2010)
smarmy (22.Feb.2008)
smudge (7.Jan.2010)
snipe hunt (1.Apr.2008)
snickersnee (1.Jul.2008)
snowclone (27.Dec.2007)
snuggle (11.Jun.2007)
sobriquet (16.Feb.2009)
soffit (13.Feb.2010)
soigné (5.Apr.2009)
solace (13.Mar.2007)
solecism (14.Oct.2006)
solicit (9.Jun.2006)
soliloquy (25.May.2007)
somnolent (19.Jun.2007)
sonorous (24.Feb.2007)
sophistry (6.May.2007)
soporific (30.Jun.2010)
southpaw (30.Sep.2006)
spackle (6.Aug.2009)
spadassinicide (9.Nov.2008)
spallation (6.Apr.2010)
spasmodic (22.Jul.2010)
spearhead (10.May.2008)
specious (31.Aug.2007)
sphericon (1.Aug.2009)
spinet (21.Jun.2009)
spirit away (27.Mar.2007)
splinter (1.Feb.2009)
spoilsport (2.Sep.2008)
spoonerism (20.Jun.2006)
spuria (29.Jan.2011)
spurious (27.Nov.2007)
spurn (29.Jul.2010)
squamous (20.Sep.2010)
squirm (2.Jun.2008)
stage whisper (20.Oct.2009)
statism (20.Jan.2006)
statutory (25.Jan.2009)
steerageway (4.Jan.2008)
stellify (6.Jul.2010)
stemmatics (12.Sep.2010)
stentorian (10.Mar.2007)
sternutatory (10.Feb.2008)
stertorously (20.Dec.2009)
stick in the mud (2.Apr.2008)
stochastic (6.Nov.2006)
Stockholm syndrome (28.Feb.2011)
stolid (14.Jun.2009)
stultify (2.Apr.2007)
stupefy (6.Oct.2010)
stygian (5.May.2009)
sublimate (3.Sep.2006)
subsequently (26.May.2008)
subterfuge (29.May.2006)
subtlety (16.Apr.2007)
suffice (16.Oct.2008)
suffuse (18.Oct.2007)
summarily (21.Feb.2011)
superadd (8.Mar.2010)
supercilious (21.Mar.2007)
superfluous (5.Jun.2007)
superlative (11.Mar.2008)
supernal (26.Dec.2009)
supinate (21.Mar.2006)
supplant (8.Feb.2010)
supple (30.Oct.2007)
suppliant (28.Feb.2007)
surfeit (20.Jul.2007)
surreptitiously (26.Jul.2006)
susurrus (17.Jul.2009)
swabby (31.Jan.2006)
swagger (29.Sep.2009)
swan song (22.Mar.2006)
swelter (1.Sep.2010)
sybarite (11.Jan.2006)
sycophant (7.Jul.2006)
sylph (1.Jun.2007)
symbiotic (25.Jun.2008)
synchronize (2.Oct.2006)
synecdoche (26.Sep.2006)
synopsis (14.Aug.2007)
syzygy (28.Jan.2006)


tabiya (10.Apr.2009)
tachygraphy (12.Apr.2006)
taciturn (12.Nov.2007)
take by storm (3.Aug.2007)
talisman (25.Feb.2007)
tandoor (23.Oct.2010)
tangential (4.Aug.2010)
tantalize (28.Jun.2006)
tantamount (18.Apr.2008)
taper (2.May.2007)
tar (22.May.2007)
tarantella (23.Apr.2006)
tare (12.Sep.2008)
taupe (25.Sep.2008)
technobabble (26.Oct.2006)
tectiform (7.Jul.2009)
tectum (11.May.2006)
tedious (26.Feb.2010)
temerity (28.Aug.2007)
tenacious (28.Mar.2010)
tepid (14.Sep.2010)
teratoid (14.Jan.2008)
tergiversate (19.Dec.2008)
terpsichorean (25.Nov.2008)
tetchily (18.Feb.2010)
tetromino (4.Mar.2007)
thalweg (23.Sep.2009)
thaumaturgy (21.Sep.2006)
theosophic (9.May.2010)
the other way round (8.Jul.2008)
thenceforth (29.Jan.2007)
thrall (17.Jun.2008)
threnody (27.Jun.2008)
thunderstruck (10.Dec.2007)
tight as a tick (12.Sep.2009)
tilde (25.Jul.2007)
timber (16.Aug.2006)
tin-pot (13.Mar.2008)
tintinnabulation (18.Mar.2006)
tió de Nadal (23.Dec.2008)
tipple (29.Jun.2010)
titivate (13.Apr.2010)
tittle (30.May.2009)
titubant (12.Aug.2009)
tmesis (2.Nov.2007)
toboggan (23.May.2008)
to death (13.Feb.2011)
toggle (16.Oct.2010)
Tom Jones (28.Feb.2009)
tomnoddy (26.Oct.2008)
toodeloo (10.Sep.2010)
topography (22.Jan.2006)
torporific (21.Aug.2006)
torrential (10.Oct.2010)
Torschlusspanik (9.Dec.2008)
torus (10.Apr.2007)
toucan (23.Jun.2007)
tourniquet (17.May.2008)
tout (22.Jan.2009)
tractable (15.Jul.2010)
traduce (4.Jun.2010)
traipse (14.Nov.2009)
tranquil (17.Oct.2009)
transfenestrate (15.Jan.2011)
transmogrify (19.Jan.2007)
transmontane (20.Jan.2010)
treacle (14.Oct.2008)
tremulous (17.Nov.2006)
trepidation (9.Mar.2008)
trifecta (10.May.2007)
trimester (31.Jul.2010)
triskaidekaphobia (13.Oct.2006)
troglodyte (19.Apr.2007)
trompe-l'oeil (15.May.2011)
truculent (3.Jan.2007)
trudge (25.May.2006)
truss (19.Jun.2009)
tryst (29.Jul.2006)
tsuris (23.Jan.2010)
tulgey (17.Oct.2008)
tundra (24.Dec.2006)
turgid (12.Aug.2007)
turncoat (13.May.2010)
turquoise (5.Sep.2007)
turtle (10.Apr.2010)
tussock (13.Dec.2009)
twenty-five/eight (16.Jan.2011)
typecast (12.Feb.2008)
typhoon (23.Aug.2009)
typify (9.Oct.2007)


ubiquitous (16.Jun.2006)
Ucalegon (6.Jun.2008)
ugly duckling (27.Oct.2009)
uilleann pipes (15.Apr.2009)
ukase (1.May.2011)
ululate (4.Jul.2006)
umbrage (13.Jul.2007)
umlaut (12.Nov.2008)
umpteenth (6.May.2010)
unabashed (14.Sep.2008)
unanimous (18.May.2008)
unblouse (19.Aug.2010)
unbosom (18.Jul.2009)
undergrounder (27.Aug.2008)
underpin (13.Mar.2009)
undownable (11.Dec.2009)
unfettered (8.May.2006)
unfurl (28.Aug.2009)
unguent (25.Jun.2006)
unnecessary (3.Aug.2008)
unobtrusively (24.Dec.2009)
uplift (9.Oct.2010)
unsung (28.May.2009)
untoward (21.Jul.2009)
upbraid (7.Mar.2007)
upstage (13.Nov.2006)
uraeus (21.Sep.2009)
urbanity (26.Jun.2009)
usher (29.Jan.2010)
ursine (22.Dec.2007)
uvula (4.Nov.2008)
uxoricide (19.Jul.2006)


vacillate (10.Jul.2007)
vade mecum (16.Jan.2006)
vainglorious (11.Dec.2008)
valediction (2.Feb.2011)
valetudinarian (21.Sep.2007)
variegated (27.Apr.2008)
vault (4.Dec.2008)
vaunt (19.Mar.2008)
vector (3.Jun.2006)
vehemence (16.Aug.2007)
venerate (29.Jun.2007)
ventriloquist (10.Sep.2008)
verandah (15.Oct.2009)
verbatim (11.Dec.2007)
Verfremdungseffekt (15.Mar.2006)
verily (25.Oct.2010)
verisimilitude (16.Apr.2006)
vernacular (1.Mar.2010)
vestiary (4.May.2011)
vex (13.Jul.2006)
vicarious (16.Sep.2006)
vignette (31.Jan.2008)
vilify (27.Feb.2007)
vindictive (8.Apr.2010)
viraginous (20.Apr.2009)
virgule (18.Jan.2009)
vis-à-vis (14.Nov.2008)
viscous (5.Mar.2008)
vitiate (20.Jul.2010)
vituperative (4.Nov.2007)
vivacious (7.Aug.2007)
vocalize (21.Jun.2008)
vociferation (1.Jan.2010)
voluble (20.May.2009)
volumize (9.Jun.2009)
vomer (9.Aug.2010)
voracious (21.Jan.2007)
vortex (24.Aug.2006)
vote with one's feet (28.May.2010)
vouchsafe (10.Nov.2007)
vulnerary (6.Mar.2009)


waddle (29.Jan.2009)
wallflower (27.Nov.2009)
walrus (25.Aug.2010)
wane (4.Sep.2008)
wanton (3.Sep.2009)
warble (14.May.2006)
warp and woof (29.Oct.2009)
waspish (4.Nov.2009)
watchword (25.Nov.2006)
wax (3.Apr.2008)
wear one's heart on one's sleeve (14.Aug.2006)
weird (5.Mar.2007)
whangdoodle (19.Oct.2010)
what with (17.Aug.2006)
wheedle (8.Nov.2008)
wherewithal (15.Sep.2009)
whippersnapper (5.Aug.2006)
whirligig (10.Jul.2008)
whodunit (2.Jul.2009)
whosoever (21.May.2006)
widdershins (13.Dec.2008)
wiki (31.Dec.2006)
windmill (18.May.2010)
winnow (1.Nov.2006)
wishy-washy (3.Jul.2010)
with bated breath (23.Dec.2007)
withhold (29.Oct.2008)
witness (4.Apr.2010)
wonky (25.Apr.2009)
workshop (24.Dec.2007)
wormily (20.Oct.2008)
worrywart (13.Aug.2008)
worsted (29.Oct.2010)
wreak (10.Jun.2008)
wroth (28.Sep.2006)
wunderkind (7.Oct.2007)


xanthous (18.Feb.2009)
xenial (15.Feb.2007)
xenobiology (28.May.2007)
xenodochial (13.Aug.2010)
xenogenetic (29.Sep.2007)
xeriscape (8.Feb.2008)
xylograph (4.Apr.2009)


yammer (14.Jun.2008)
yarmulke (23.Sep.2008)
yarn (20.Oct.2007)
yellow-bellied (27.Jul.2010)
yeoman (30.Sep.2009)
yin-yang (18.May.2007)
yob (2.Aug.2010)
yodel (9.Apr.2009)
yomp (2.Feb.2010)
yonder (2.Dec.2006)
you-know-who (26.May.2010)


zeitgeist (23.Oct.2006)
zenith (28.Nov.2008)
zero (27.Dec.2006)
zetetic (14.Apr.2009)
zeugma (26.Sep.2007)
zilch (31.Jul.2009)
zoinks (25.Oct.2008)
zoochory (22.Aug.2010)
zugzwang (23.Mar.2007)
zygodactylous (23.Jun.2006)