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Word of the day for August 9
impeachment n
  1. (countable) The act of calling into question or challenging the accuracy or propriety of something.
    1. (countable, law) A demonstration in a court of law, or before another finder of fact, that a witness was ingenuine before, and is therefore less likely to tell the truth now.
    2. (countable, law, Britain) An accusation that a person has committed a crime against the state, such as treason.
    3. (countable, law, chiefly US) The act of impeaching or charging a public official with misconduct, especially if serious, often with the aim of having the official dismissed from office.
  2. (uncountable) The state of being impeached.
  3. (uncountable, archaic) Hindrance; impediment; obstruction.

PointingHand.svg On this day 45 years ago in 1974, the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, resigned before impeachment proceedings started against him by the House of Representatives were completed.

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