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  1. The future.


Alternative formsEdit


From Old Portuguese aynda, from a- + inda, from Latin inde (thenceforth).



ainda (not comparable)

  1. still, yet (up to a time)
    Ainda não almocei.
    I didn’t have lunch yet.
    Falta ler um livro ainda.
    A book still needs to be read.
  2. even (emphasises a comparative)
    O Canadá é ainda mais frio que os Estados Unidos.
    Canada is even colder than the United States.
  3. someday (at some time in the future)
    Andorinhas ainda conseguirão carregar cocos.
    Someday swallows will be able to carry coconuts.
  4. only (as recently as)
    Ainda há dez minutos falávamos de ti.
    We were talking about you only ten minutes ago.
  5. at least
    Ainda se tivesse tempo, teria estudado.
    If I had at least had time, I would have studied.
  6. even (implying an extreme example in the case mentioned)
    Já viajaram à França, Alemanha e ainda à Itália.
    They already travelled to France, Germany and even to Italy.
  7. still; nevertheless (in spite of what preceded)
    Perdeste todo teu dinheiro mas ainda apostas.
    You lost all your money but you still gamble?
  8. besides

Derived termsEdit