Galician edit

Etymology edit

From Spanish alboroque, from Ladino ברוך (baruh, blessed), from Hebrew בָּרוּךְ (bārūḵ, blessed; congratulations!) used by Jewish merchants to congratulate for a bargain, compare Arabic مَبْرُوك (mabrūk, blessed; congratulations!).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /albaˈɾɔke/ [ɑl.β̞aˈɾɔ.kɪ]
  • Rhymes: -ɔke
  • Hyphenation: al‧ba‧ro‧que

Noun edit

albaroque m (plural albaroques)

  1. meal or feast held as corroboration of a deal
    Synonym: robra
  2. meal or feast held after a communal, usually unpaid, work
    Synonym: robra
  3. meal or feast offered to a group of hired workers after finishing the work
    Synonym: gueste

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