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albo (white) +‎ verde (green)


albiverde (plural albiverdes)

  1. Of or relating to a number of sports teams having a white and green strip
    1. Laureles Fútbol Club, a soccer team from Uruguay
    2. Club Deportivo Nacional, a soccer team from Guadalajara, Mexico
    3. Deportes Temuco, a soccer team from Temuco, Colombia
    4. Centro Deportivo y Social Lord Cochrane, a sports team from Concepción, Chile
    5. Club Atlético Bella Vista, a sports team from Córdoba, Argentina
    6. Club Sportivo Estudiantes, a soccer team from San Luis, Argentina
    7. Salto Nuevo Fútbol Club, a soccer team from Salto, Uruguay


albiverde m or f (plural albiverdes)

  1. Someone connected with the above sports teams, as a fan, player, coach etc.