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allo- +‎ theistic


allotheistic (comparative more allotheistic, superlative most allotheistic)

  1. Of or relating to allotheism.
    • 1977, John B. Sanford, View from This Wilderness: American Literature As History, page 45:
      And he inveighed against Candle-mas as an allotheistic thing, a burning of tapers to Februa; and he indicted the vanity of Shrove-tide, with its cock-scaling in honor not of Christ but Themistocles...
    • 2000, Rick Moody, Demonology: Stories, page 221:
      Wearers of sheets prepared for a migration across the river. Down into the river they went, allotheistic teens, shawls wrapped snugly around them, to ford the river called Tokeneke, rock by rock.