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Jamaican Creole edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From English another.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /aˈnɛda/
  • Hyphenation: a‧ne‧dda

Determiner edit


  1. another
    Serve me anedda rum.
    Pour me another rum.
    • 2006, Ras Dennis Jabari Reynolds, Jabari: Authentic Jamaican Dictionary of the Jamic Language - Featuring Jamaican Patwa and Rasta Iyaric Pronunciations and Definitions (in English), →ISBN, page 2:
      anedda (a-né-dah): pron. - someone or something else; another; (see, anadda)”
    • 2018, Shelley Sykes-Coley, Chat ’Bout!: An Anthology of Jamaican Conversations, →ISBN:
      “Tenkyu, Jezas, fi mek mi see anedda day. Fi mi family an' fren dem, Jezas, mi pray. ”
      Thank you, Jesus for allowing me to see another day. I pray for my family and my friends, Jesus.