assassin +‎ -ee


assassinee (plural assassinees)

  1. (nonstandard, humorous) One who is assassinated.
    • 1941, The Spectator - Volumes 166-167, page 228:
      The general rule, I suppose, is that if the assassinee is deep enough sunk in turpitude the assassin may secure an honourable place in history.
    • 1962, Abbott Joseph Liebling, The Jollity Building - Volume 278, page 157:
      On entering the city room, I was met by the managing editor, who asked me if I knew that the assassinee's brother-in-law owned the money behind the paper.
    • 2007, Robert George Cooper, Thailand Beyond the Fringe, →ISBN, page 25:
      On the even brighter side, if the rubbed-out would-be reader were a person of some note, the assassination might merit some free widespread publicity resulting in a rush to buy and read what was so thoughtfully tucked under the armpit of the assassinee at the moment the fatal bullet struck home.
    • 2010, Graham Greene, Our Man In Havana, →ISBN, page 120:
      'Who was it?' 'They haven't caught him yet.' 'I mean the — the assassinee.'