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asthmatic +‎ -ally


asthmatically (comparative more asthmatically, superlative most asthmatically)

  1. In an asthmatic manner.
    • 1922, P. G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves[1]:
      He came in and stood breathing asthmatically.
    • 1915, William J. Locke, Jaffery[2]:
      The Chinese Puffhard excelled herself, and though she choked asthmatically did not really stop once until we were half way up the drive, when I abandoned her to the gardeners, who later on harnessed the donkey to her and pulled her into the motor-house.
    • 1864, John Hanning Speke, The Discovery of the Source of the Nile[3]:
      He was not an old man, though he affected to be so--walking very slowly and deliberately, coughing asthmatically, glimmering with his eyes, and mumbling like a witch.