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Etymology 1Edit

Alteration of bloody.



bally (not comparable)

  1. (Britain, dated, euphemistic) Bloody (used as a mild intensifier).
    He's just a bally idiot.
    • 1960, P[elham] G[renville] Wodehouse, “VII, VIII, and XV”, in Jeeves in the Offing, London: Herbert Jenkins, OCLC 1227855:
      However, be that as it may and whether you liked the bally thing or didn't, the point was that it had vanished [...] It amazed me that I could have allowed myself to be let in for a binge of this description simply because a woman wished it. Too bally chivalrous for our own good, we Woosters, and always have been. [...] “When you hear me burst into song, you'll know there's peril afoot and you'll have plenty of time to nip out of the window.” “And break my bally neck?” [...] “Nothing can possibly go wrong.” “Just as you say, sir. But I still have that feeling.” The blood of the Woosters is hot, and I was about to tell him in set terms what I thought of his bally feeling, when I suddenly spotted what it was that was making him crab the act.


bally (not comparable)

  1. (Britain, dated, euphemistic) Very.
    That was a bally foolish thing to do, old chap!
Usage notesEdit


Etymology 2Edit

Clipping of balaclava +‎ -y.


bally (plural ballies)

  1. (MLE) A balaclava.
    • 2017 July 1, “2Ls”, performed by Y.AM of 410:
      With SB, no sideman
      Bally on my face like darg I’m silent (…)
      3 up Silent and Violent
      Bally on my face, fuck Trident
    • 2017 August 2, “Call It”, performed by Bis of Harlem Spartans:
      Always I got my bally
      But sometimes I'm like fuck bally
      Cah long time I ain’t seen Savy
      And long time I ain’t seen Smarkz
    • 2017 October 6, “50 Cali”, in Wamp 2 Dem, performed by Giggs of SN1:
      I’ma get that iron, go and get the bally
    • 2018 April 29, “Missing”, performed by Headie One:
      Now her pussy just dripping, when she sees the guys on stage
      Just like the old days, I’ll cause another tidal wave
      Just know that could’ve been you when you see me put one of the licence plate
      Bad B come to the Niz, shawty wanna do it like Diddy and Cassie
      Only if she knew I was rolling down ballies, still with a skeng on my lap in the backseat