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Alternative formsEdit


bang on (comparative more bang on, superlative most bang on)

  1. Precisely accurate; exactly appropriate or fitting; spot on.
    • 2005, June A. Valladares, Ideate with June A. Valladares[1], page 77:
      So I can truly say that God's Perfect Timing is more bang-on than GMT or IST or EST or any other manmade time —He is never too early and He is never too late!
    • 2009, Steven Manners, Valley of Fire[2], page 22:
      [] A case of gambling addiction — what could be more bang on in a place like Las Vegas?”



bang on

  1. (idiomatic, Britain, Australia) Exactly at
    I managed to arrive bang on five o’clock.
    She’s bang on the dot, as usual.


bang on (third-person singular simple present bangs on, present participle banging on, simple past and past participle banged on)

  1. (idiomatic, Britain, Australia) To constantly talk about, usually used in a pejorative sense.
    I started recycling, just so she’d stop banging on about it to me.