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From Middle English beberken, biberken, equivalent to be- +‎ bark.


bebark (third-person singular simple present bebarks, present participle bebarking, simple past bebarked or (obsolete) bebork, past participle bebarked or (obsolete) beborken)

  1. (transitive) To bark about; bark around; bark at.
    • 1906, Charles Montagu Doughty, The dawn in Britain:
      The remnant, he accounts Dust, base world's dross; even who divinest spirits; Aye, and every lofty work of theirs bebarks, Presumption, still, with his hot carrion breath.
    • 1954, Peter Russell, Nine:
      With Morris such lapses are a rare exception, with Doughty fatally common and disastrous, as when certain gentlemen, audibly cavilling at some project, are said to 'bebark' it. Imagine Achilles bebarking a plan of Agamemnon's!