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From be- (around, about) +‎ cringe.


becringe (third-person singular simple present becringes, present participle becringing, simple past and past participle becringed)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To cringe around or about; cringe in response to (someone, something, etc.); cause to cringe.
    • Poetry,
      He clumbled for his fametold sword, Fear becringing on his thoughts, And steadened by the curtain cord, He breaged against the ghosten slaught.
    • 1969, The New York times book review:
      Over in the hills of Jamaica, William Melvin Kelley is finishing a bodacious novel in an idiom calculated to becringe the critics.
    • 2009, brain bunnies,
      [...] of that ilk, or in general. pops made some becringing remark which often slops out of smug male mouths: "girls just weren't as funny.