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From be- (about, all over) +‎ gladden.


begladden (third-person singular simple present begladdens, present participle begladdening, simple past and past participle begladdened)

  1. (transitive) To gladden about or all over; make glad; overjoy.
    • 2005, Gregory Claeys, Owenite Socialism: 1832-1837:
      Such a hope would begladden the heart of the most insipid.
    • 2008, Richard F. Burton, Arabian Nights:
      So acquaint me with the facts of the case for naught shall befal thee save that which shall begladden thee; and, when thou shalt have spoken sooth, fear not harm shall betide thee.
    • 2012, The Footladder of Notes Divine - Book 3 (2002) - Clover,
      Ruler of night and day begladdens thee with songs of rapture enclosed