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belieber (plural beliebers)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of believer.
    • 1850 April, James V. Watson [ed., contrib.], “Incident in Itenerancy — The Eloquent Negro’s Sermon” in The Family Favorite and Temperance Journal, volume 1, № 4, page 93:
      But brederen, de joy ob de belieber in Jesus be set forth in a figerative manner in de text.
    • 1857 March, Mace Sloper, “The Observations of Mace Sloper, Esq.: Familiarly Narrated by Himself; Number Fourteen” in The Knickerbocker, volume 49, page 276:
      Dem's de sort dat you neber see split into kinlins, fur it's de kind dat de true beliebers is made uf, and de righteous shill florish like de pam tree, he shill grow like de cedar in Libinum.
    • 2007, Lawrence W. Levine, Black Culture and Black Consciousness: Afro-American Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom (30th annotated reprint edition; Oxford University Press; →ISBN, 9780195305692), page 38:
      “The fascination of the music and the swaying motion of the dance is so great that one can hardly refrain from joining the magic circle in response to the invitation of the enthusiastic clappers, ‘Now, brudder!’ ‘Shout, sister!’ ‘Come, belieber!’ ‘Mauma Rosa kin shout!’ ‘Uncle Danyel!’ ‘Join, shouters!’ ”²⁷
  2. Alternative form of Belieber