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believe one's eyes

  1. (idiomatic) To believe that something which one directly sees is truly the case.
    • 1884, Edward Payson Roe, chapter 59, in Nature's Serial Story:
      [H]e could scarcely believe his eyes as she appeared on the floor unsurpassed in beauty and grace, her favor sought by all. Was that the simple girl who [] had leaned against his shoulder?
    • 1914, Zane Grey, Light of the Western Stars, ch. 3:
      She was so amazed at the change in him that she could not believe her eyes.
    • 2004 July 5, "Charisteas: We are the Best in Europe," Sofia News Agency (Bulgaria) (retrieved 27 August 2013):
      Millions of Greeks worldwide erupted in joyful celebration, hardly believing their eyes after Greece beat hosts Portugal in the Euro 2004 finals.

Usage notesEdit

  • Usually used in the negative form, e.g. I couldn't believe my eyes.

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