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From be- (on, over, about) +‎ spend.


bespend (third-person singular simple present bespends, present participle bespending, simple past and past participle bespent)

  1. (transitive) To expend; bestow; employ.
    • 1910, Frederick William Bussell, Marcus Aurelius and the Later Stoics - Page 297:
      Do those who bring into the world two or three brats with ugly noses to take their place,— do these help mankind more than the missionaries who oversee all men according to their power, what they do, how they bespend their lives, what, contrary to their duty, they neglect?”
    • 1932, California Poets: An Anthology of 244 Contemporaries - Page 606:
      Over their sleep, convalescent of old woes, The native, barren grandeur of the wind, Schooled of the granite, salt, and sea, bespends A roaming testimony to their thoughts While tons of heavy waves oppress cold rocks.