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Betta splendens


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Etymology 1Edit

From the genus name.


betta (plural bettas)

  1. Any fish of the genus Betta, especially Betta splendens (the Siamese fighting fish).
    • 2005, Russell A. Powell, Introduction to Learning and Behavior[1], page 245:
      Rather than simply waiting for a clockwise turn and then presenting the mirror, past experience with another betta suggested that the turning behavior could be established more rapidly using a shaping procedure.
    • 2006, Kasey Michaels, Everything's Coming Up Rosie[2], page 82:
      "Do you know that Siamese fighting fish—bettas—excrete ammonia in their waste, and that ammonia is toxic to fish? Twenty-four hours flapping their little gills in the same, unfiltered water, and they're history. [] "
    • 2010, Nicole M. Jenkins, Glass Rock[3], page 163:
      I had previously bought a bright red betta fish from the Chinese spiritual store, which I also sense had been sent for Aurayah.
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Etymology 2Edit



  1. Pronunciation spelling of better (comparative of good).
    • 1894, Robert Louis Stevenson, The Ebb-Tide, 2001, page 69,
      'I think no savvy. This one mo' betta,' he added, pointing to the house where the drunken captain slumbered: 'Take-a-sun all-e-time.'
    • 2008, Sandra Snowden, The New Plantation[4], page 316:
      I pray dat dey he'p us liv' a betta lif ' den dey had.
    • 2009, Jack Freeze, chapter IC, in They Shall Be Remembered: A Great American Saga from the War of 1812 to World War I[5], page 56:
      Joshua shyly looks down at his feet but then glances over at Harriet and says - “Miss Harriet, a beautiful form is betta dan a beautiful face, and a beautiful behavior is betta dan a beautiful form, it gives mo pleasure than statues or pictures. [] "



  1. Pronunciation spelling of better (comparative of well).
    • 2003, William Jackson, And the Sea Shall Hide Them, 2005, page 202,
      “Now she be lookin' betta,” one of the women said. “Like she has a chance to make it.”
    • 2003, Karen Williams, chapter IC, in Passion and Pain[6], page 268:
      Now you even know the dope game betta than me, look how much money you save fo me when I went to jail.
    • 2008, Sarah Deckard, Tapestry of Tales: Classic Fairy Tales Retold[7], page 181:
      “I see she's feelin' betta’,” he said in a muffled voice.
    • 2010, Kathy R. Jackson, My Box of Jewels[8], page 237:
      Other than the omnipotent one, who betta to ask to help us pray for God's mercy and grace than Jesus' mother, the ev'a bless'd Virgin Mary.
  2. (slang) Pronunciation spelling of better (had better).
    • 2007, Gwendolyn Pless, chapter IC, in Praying Hearts and Labor of Love[9], page 72:
      “Boy, if I done told you once, I done told you a thousand times, you betta leave them white girls alone before one of their boyfriends or husbands roll up on you, and put a hurtin on yo lil behind.”
    • 2010, Deborah Wofford, Pour Me Out A Blessing Ministries: Presents Lyrical Bliss[10], page 25:
      You betta praise the Lord that's all I can say.
    • 2010, Kenya K. Watkins, chapter IC, in The Life You Choose[11], page 58:
      If I had a lil sister, she betta be scared to screw and be about gettin that paper.





  1. bitter



From Old Norse biti.


betta m

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