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bi- +‎ genic


bigenic (not comparable)

  1. Doubly transgenic
    • 2015 October 29, “Transcriptomic Changes Due to Cytoplasmic TDP-43 Expression Reveal Dysregulation of Histone Transcripts and Nuclear Chromatin”, in PLOS ONE[1], DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0141836:
      Briefly, a Camk2α promoter was used to drive expression of the tetracycline transactivator protein (Camk2α-tTa), and a tetracycline responsive promoter was used to drive ΔNLS-hTDP-43 expression (tetO-ΔNLS-hTDP-43) such that ΔNLS-hTDP-43 protein expression was inhibited by doxycycline in bigenic mice (Camk2a-tTa x tetO-ΔNLS-hTDP-43).