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bio- +‎ organism.



bioorganism (plural bioorganisms)

  1. A biological organism.
    • 1967, Norman V. Steere, Safety in the chemical laboratory, volume 4, page 146:
      Mr. Hawkes' last statement may be true for relatively small mercury-water systems but extrapolate a bit and place one "intelligent bioorganism exhaling carbon dioxide" (presumably human) in a closed room with a fan blowing recirculating air over the surface of a 500 ft2 tank of mercury covered with a foot of water.
    • 1998, Ryan Henry, The Information Revolution and International Security, page 160:
      Larger and more powerful regional and global nodes could inherit the attributes of this base node, thus enabling the growth of a Global Infosphere in a way quite analogous to the growth of a bioorganism.
    • 2012, Charles G. Gebelein, Bioactive Polymeric Systems: An Overview[1], page 670:
      A second mechanism involves the active participation of the bioorganism.