Alternative formsEdit


blood ‎(red) +‎ nut ‎(head)


bloodnut ‎(plural bloodnuts)

  1. (Australia, informal) A person with red hair, a redhead.
    • 2001, Tim Winton, Dirt Music, page 185,
      He was a pugnacious bloodnut with a droll wit and a rollup fag on his lip.
    • 2006, Bill Collopy, House of Given, page 13,
      “Red” his mates called him: a wild bloodnut like his father, and like his late uncles before Tobruk sands claimed them.
    • 2011, Christopher Kremmer, The Chase, unnumbered page,
      He looked younger, thinner, was pale and unshaven, the image of a man on a bender, complete with a red-haired partner in crime.
      ‘I say, Howard, your chief chemist would look ree-mahr-kable on a polo pony, don′t think?’ said the bloodnut, who reeked of alcohol and stale tobacco.

Usage notesEdit

Sometimes used, capitalised, as a nickname.


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