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Etymology 1Edit

Generally attributed to whitewater kayaking aficionados in the eastern United States in the mid- to late 1970s. The term derives from the onomatopoetic sound that a kayak makes when it lands on the water after “ski jumping” the waterfall forming the backwash.


boof (plural boofs)

  1. A “jump” over hydraulic backwash in a high-gradient mountain river, an action analogous to a skier jumping a cliff.


boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed)

  1. To make a jump like this when whitewater kayaking.

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Etymology 2Edit


boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed)

  1. (transitive, slang) To have anal sex with someone, usually as the penetrative partner (possibly with negative connotations).
    • 2000 December 3, The Big Stick, “Re: haiku”, in rec.music.phish, Usenet[1]:
      not at a party
      but i'd just like to once say
      i boofed your mother
    • 2001 November 27, Man...An Ancient Race, “midnight express and hashish and turkish prison and our butts”, in rec.arts.movies.past-films, Usenet[2]:
      is american prison any better than a turkish prison? is being boofed by bubba everyday better than being knocked hither and thither by fatbody turks?
    • 2005 March 9, A Total Moron's Guide to Cinema, “if you were gay, would you rather boof or be boofed?”, in rec.music.gdead, Usenet[3]:
    • 2005 May 9, herr blob, rec.arts.movies.past-films, Usenet[4]:
      for instance, if you wanna be boofed by a gayboy, it doesn't mean you want your mother to be boofed by a gayboy. this has nothing to do with morality.
    • 2005 June 5, Everybody's Gonna Be Happy, “Re: The Most Off-Topic Poster?”, in alt.vacation.las-vegas, Usenet[5]:
      Sort of like posting about how damaged you are when someone accuses you of porking your daughter Danni [] And all of them increase the alleged damage by reminding readers that you are suing someone because he said you boofed your kid!
    • 2011 November 12, pest films, “Were you guys ever boofed in the ass?”, in rec.arts.movies.past-films, Usenet[6]:
    • 2015 September 30, danie...@gmail.com, “Re: The Pro-Life position might perhaps be unrealistic”, in alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic, Usenet[7]:
      Boofed means that I grabbed her from behind her around the waste and pressed her buttocks against my groinal region. My wiener got hard and as she moved the rubbing caused me to ejaculate. All of this while both of us wore clothes.
    • 2015, Graham Guy, Savage Skies, page 62:
      Yeah, but not everybody's mother is a prostitute. [] For as long as I can remember she'd bring blokes home and make me stay in the bed and watch while she boofed 'em. [] One time she even made me do it to her. [] Jesus, man! You boofed your own mother?
  2. (transitive, prison, slang) To conceal (a prohibited item) in one's rectum.
    • 2011, Gary L. Heyward, Corruption Officer, page 82 and 156:
      He was attempting to commit an act called boofing. Boofing is when an inmate secretes a hidden item inside his rectum.
      "No, Gee, seriously though, my man saw him boofing this on the visit." He raises his hand, showing me a ball of something wrapped in plastic with a little shit on it.
  3. (transitive, slang) To consume (drugs) anally.
    • 2009 September 22, Ryan Dombal, "Devendra Banhart Rambles About Selling Out, Beck, New Album", Pitchfork.
      DB: What do you mean, like, having a brewsky? Or boofing?
    • 2017 September 26, Herbert Fuego, "Ask a Stoner: Can I Boof My Weed?", Denver Westword.
      Don’t boof your buds to get high, dude. Don’t boof anything, for that matter.
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Etymology 3Edit




  1. (colloquial) The sound of a blow or collision; wham.
    • 2011, Paul Theroux, Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town:
      The barman vaulted over the bar and hauled him off and went boof! – right in the Boer's chest, and down he went. As he settled on the floor we ran upstairs.


boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed)

  1. To make this sound.

Etymology 4Edit


boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed)

  1. To get something wrong or make a mistake.
    • 2000 March 15, KrazieHase, “Sword Of The Bezerk - EB confuses me again...”, in rec.games.video.sega, Usenet[8]:
      Did they attempt to put DOA2 on the recently released list and boofed?
    • 2001 January 7, Timberwoof, rec.motorcycles, Usenet[9]:
      Grey Wolf, I apologize... I majorly boofed who said what, and tried -- really tried -- to cancel this article right after I wrote it.
    • 2002 October 7, SimRacer, “Re: Hendrick engines, they should patent them!”, in rec.autos.sport.nascar, Usenet[10]:
      Something either got into their parts supply OR they simply tried to run them too lean OR they boofed on the corrected alitittude and jetted them too lean by accident.
    • 2007 June 20, Rob B., “Nuvi 660 Shows Two Drives”, in alt.satellite.gps.garmin, Usenet[11]:
      I just took this thing out of the box yesterday, so don't know if I boofed something up while exploring the options and directories.
    • 2018 January 11, Teresita, alt.atheism, Usenet[12]:
      So if Jesus knew, but didn't want to show his divinity and boofed the date of the Second Coming, then he deliberately lied.

Etymology 5Edit

(This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium. Particularly: “Presumably from bouffe: isn't it just a misspelling of that word?”)


boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed)

  1. (of hair) To puff out in a voluminous way.
    • 2002 October 31, Morgana, “Chorus line gals”, in alt.collecting.topper-dawn, Usenet[13]:
      When I took the band off, her hair boofed out and just looks stunning!
    • 2003 August 31, TammyM, “Re: OT: Penis Casino; free Viagra!”, in alt.support.stop-smoking, Usenet[14]:
      In fact, I just saw the movie Shirley Valentine (for the umpteenth time!), and couldn't even look at the adult Marjorie Majors without seeing Patsy and her boofed up hair and red lipstick and long cigarette holder.
    • 2009 October 17, cdddraftsman, “Re: Zapruder Symposium videos on YouTube so far”, in alt.conspiracy.jfk, Usenet[15]:
      I see you featured the creatent 'Healy of Dealey' who's boofed hairdo * is as over blown as the innuendo , contradictions and mistakes of the WR .

      Keynote * : After hearing the comment : "You only have to look at his head to see that he has a small brain" , Healy immediately went to Mae Brussels 'Hairdo's and Do-Do's R Us' for a complete top heavy make over .
    • 2011, Ellie Lofaro, Bonding with the Blonde Women, page 29:
      Having one's "hair done" means so many things these days. Not too long ago, it entailed a wash, a trim, and a boofing up.