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breath +‎ -less


breathless (comparative more breathless, superlative most breathless)

  1. Having difficulty breathing; gasping.
  2. That makes one hold one's breath (with excitement etc.).
    • 2017 March 14, Stuart James, “Leicester stun Sevilla to reach last eight after Kasper Schmeichel save”, in the Guardian[1]:
      By that stage Sevilla were down to 10 men and Jorge Sampaoli, their manager, had been sent to the stands as a breathless encounter started to spiral out of control.
    • 1934, Frank Richards, The Magnet, The Mystery of the Vaults
      The plane buzzed on at a breathless speed. Bob had been in a plane before, and he had no fear. Indeed, but for the strange circumstances, he would have enjoyed that breathless rush through space.
  3. Not breathing; dead or apparently so.
  4. Having no wind; still, calm or airless.

Derived termsEdit