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cap +‎ -ology


capology (uncountable)

  1. (US, professional sports) The study or science of salary caps, the rules regulating the total amount of player compensation.
    • 2005, Walter T. Champion, Sports Law: Cases, Documents, and Materials, page 188:
      Caps create a pseudoscience, "capology," where it seems that everyone tries to avoid it.
    • 2010, John Barnes, The law of hockey, page 403:
      The 'Team Payroll Range System" and the "upper limit" now require skilled "capology" as managers must calculate the "payroll room" available at particular times, familiarize themselves with the detailed accounting rules that deal with the averaging of payments and comply with other linits on compensation.
    • 2014, Pat Williams, Ahead of the Game: The Pat Williams Story:
      The leaders of our capology division were our president, Bob Vander Weide, who has an extremely acute financial mind, player personnel director John Gabriel, and director of finance Scott Herring.

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