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carrot cruncher (plural carrot crunchers)

  1. (Britain, slang, derogatory) Someone from a rural background.
    • 2006 Will Self, The Book of Dave
      Symun Devush, the carrot-cruncher, the hick from the sticks, who, when he'd arrived at the gaol, had no more conception of the city he found himself in than a worm does of the apple ...
    • 2008 Sally Worboyes, Handbags And Gladrags
      'Me having an up to date style even though I've turned into a carrot cruncher. A country bumpkin.' Nathan giggled. 'Country bumpkin? I don't think so.'
    • 2010 Cameron Addicott, The Interceptor
      At least I come from a part of the world that has got a football team; you're a friggn'[sic] carrot cruncher and you support the bloody scally's[sic].