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  1. present participle and gerund of caulk

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caulking (usually uncountable, plural caulkings)

  1. A sealing material used to seal joints between heterogeneous materials in many kinds of construction and manufacture.
    Oakum was used for the caulking of the hulls of wooden ships.
    • 2001, Middle Age: A Romance, Joyce Carol Oates (Fourth Estate, paperback edition, 17)
      Marina's bedroom was a small charming room with small charming windows of aged glass, dating to the mid-1800s, windowpanes badly in need of caulking, overlooking St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church with its heraldic spire floating on the night sky, and its ancient bumpy churchyard.
    • 2016, Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea, spoken by Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck):
      It might just be the caulking. This whole tub needs to be re-caulked. Did you take a bath or shower in the last couple of hours?

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