chickling vetch


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Nativized spelling of chichling vetch or chickling +‎ vetch first nativizing chickling from chichling then compounding.


chickling vetch (uncountable)

  1. A plant with edible seeds similar to peas and chickpeas, Lathyrus sativus, used as a famine food but causing lathyrism if eaten in large amounts or over a long time.
    • 2007, Ken Albala, “Oddballs and Villains”, in Beans: A History, Berg, →ISBN:
      Lathyrus is known in English as the chickling vetch or grass pea and can be bought in very specialized Italian grocery stores as cicerchia, which fascinatingly enough have been revived in Slow Food circles as a traditional Umbrian food in danger of disappearance. They look something like chickpeas, but smaller.



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