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Etymology 1Edit

From Vulgar Latin *cloccāre, from Latin glocīre, glociāre (to cluck).


chocar (first-person singular present indicative choco, past participle chocado)

  1. (transitive) to brood (to keep an egg warm until it hatches)
  2. (of an egg, intransitive) to hatch (to break open when a young animal emerges from it)
  3. (of a creature, intransitive) to hatch (to emerge from its egg)
  4. (figuratively, transitive) to hatch (to ponder an idea slowly and deliberately)
  5. (slang, intransitive) to linger (to spend a long time not moving or doing anything)
  6. (informal, of a drink, intransitive) to become foul due to heat

Etymology 2Edit

From choque +‎ -ar.


chocar (first-person singular present indicative choco, past participle chocado)

  1. (takes a reflexive pronoun) to collide (to hit one another violently)
    As aeronaves se chocaram logo depois de decolarem.
    The aircrafts collided soon after they took off.
  2. (usually takes a reflexive pronoun, transitive with em or contra or com) to collide with; to crash against (to hit violently)
    Só um esquiador na história conseguiu descer esta ladeira sem se chocar em nenhuma árvore.
    Only one skier in history was able to go down this hill without hitting any tree.
  3. (transitive) to shock (to evoke a very negative emotional response)
    Os vídeos de decapitação do Estado Islâmico chocaram o mundo.
    The Islamic State’s decapitation videos shocked the world.
  4. (takes a reflexive pronoun, transitive with com) to clash with (not to work well together with)
    Os imigrantes serão bem aceitos porque seus valores não se chocam com os nossos.
    The immigrants will be accepted because their values do not clash with ours.



Onomatopoeic, or from French choquer.



chocar (first-person singular present choco, first-person singular preterite choqué, past participle chocado)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) to crash
    Synonym: estrellar
  2. (intransitive) to collide (with)
  3. (intransitive) to shock, scandalize

Usage notesEdit

  • Chocar is a false friend, and does not mean "to choke". The word for "to choke", in the sense of "to choke someone", in Spanish is estrangular.


  • c becomes qu before e.

Related termsEdit