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codi m (plural codis)

  1. code

Derived termsEdit



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codi (first-person singular present codaf) (transitive, intransitive)

  1. to get up, rise, ascend
    Mi gododd hi o'r gwely'n gynnar ddoe.
    She got up out of bed early yesterday.
  2. to raise, lift, arouse, start
    Dan ni'n methu codi y blwch yma.
    We can't lift this box.
  3. to increase
    Bydd prisiau tanwydd yn codi y flwyddyn nesa.
    Fuel prices will increase next year.
  4. to rear, raise
    Mi ges i fy nghodi gan fy nain.
    I was raised by my grandmother.
  5. to grow
    Mae fy nhad yn codi tomatos yn yr ardd.
    My father grows tomatoes in the garden.
  6. to build
    Mae'r gorsaf newydd yn cael ei godi ym Mangor.
    The new station is being built in Bangor.
  7. to withdraw
    Dw i angen codi arian o'r banc heddiw.
    I need to withdraw money from the bank today.


Derived termsEdit

  • codiad m (rise, erection; advancement; rising, insurrection; institution, origin; nurture, growth; swelling; hillock, eminence; resurrection; conjugation)
  • codiant


Welsh mutation
radical soft nasal aspirate
codi godi nghodi chodi
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.


  • codaf, cyfodaf”, in Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru Online (in Welsh), University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies, 2014