couté m ‎(feminine singular coutée, masculine plural coutés, feminine plural coutées)

  1. past participle of couter


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From Old French coutel, from Latin cultellus, diminutive of culter ‎(knife, blade of a plough).


  • (file)


couté m ‎(plural coutchieaux)

  1. (Jersey) knife
    • 2013 March 1, Geraint Jennings, “Mar martello”[1], The Town Crier, page 20:
      Trop d'couques gâtent la soupe sans doute, et ché s'sait mus d'penser coumme tchi agrandi la pâte ou affêtchi la soupe au run d'hèrtchîngni tréjous pouor la manniéthe d'la cop'thie, ou la manniéthe dé couté ou d'dréch'rêsse.
      Too many cooks no doubt spoil the broth, and it'd be better to think about how to make the pie bigger or thicken the soup instead of always arguing over how to carry out the cutting or what type of knife or ladle to use.

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