English edit

Etymology edit

cover +‎ tape

Noun edit

covertape (plural covertapes)

  1. (historical) A cassette tape offered as a covermount, containing music or computer software.
    Coordinate term: coverdisk
    • 1996, Adie Nunn, “bands wanted for fanzine covertape”, in alt.music.uk (Usenet):
      In a couple of months I'll be putting a covertape, featuring several bands, on my fanzine 'Blind Youth'. I'm currently looking for unsigned bands/artists []
    • 2003, Weetomuncher, “Earth Shaker (YS Covertape)”, in comp.sys.sinclair (Usenet):
      This game was an amazing Boulderdash clone/ripoff which was released on a YS [Your Sinclair] covertape in about 1991 []