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creitem f

  1. verbal noun of creitid
  2. (religion) believing, coming to believe, being converted
  3. (religion) belief, faith
    • c. 800, Würzburg Glosses on the Pauline Epistles, published in Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus (reprinted 1987, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), edited and with translations by Whitley Stokes and John Strachan, vol. I, pp. 499–712, Wb. 3c2
      tri chretim i n-Ísu ꝉ isin beothu i táa Ísu iar n-esséirgu
      through belief in Jesus or in the life in which Jesus is after resurrection
  4. (Christianity) (Christian) religion
  5. credit, credibility, good standing


Feminine ā-stem
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative creitemL
Vocative creitemL
Accusative creitimN
Genitive creitmeH
Dative creitimL
Initial mutations of a following adjective:
  • H = triggers aspiration
  • L = triggers lenition
  • N = triggers nasalization




Old Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Nasalization
creitem chreitem creitem
pronounced with /ɡ(ʲ)-/
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

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